Livin’A’Simmin’Life (ISBI Legacy)

For this story, I am following an ISBI (I’m Surrounded By Idi*ts) Challenge. I will only control my Simself throughout the course of the story.

Disclaimer: Many details, to the best of my ability, have been changed to protect identities of real life individuals created by myself. I also have changed appearances, ages, genders, personality traits, and other life circumstances and added characters for the sake of identity protection, story line, and game integrity. Featured Sims, submitted by other gamers, are not expected to be like their real world counterparts.

Livin’ A Simmin’ Life is a long term 10 generation story, so I decided to move it out of the Active Stories slot and into its own slot to make navigation easier. Enjoy!

Part Three – Parenthood

part 3 gen 1 lasl
Raising a family is no simple thing, especially when you have triplets and adopted a child too. For Lizzie and Joseph, life is no picnic in the park, but they’ve weathered the storms that have come their way. It’s not all temper tantrums and testy quirks and teen rebellion. There’s tickle fights and tea parties, trust and teachable moments in there too. Sometimes you just have to embrace where you’re standing and dance in the rain. Will Lizzie and Joseph be able to manage two careers, four kids, two pets, under one roof in San Myshuno and keep the romance alive?
Goal #3 – Raise 4 kids successfully 
  • Whims: Follow whims as much as possible.
  • Emotions: Remain relatively positive with emotions.
  • Traits: Do one related trait activity on a semi-regular basis.
  • Skills: Mid level (5-6) parenting skill (Maxing the parenting skill will add bonuses). Super Parent Reward trait adds bonuses! Learn a new skill.
  • Aspiration: Complete an aspiration.
  • Living: Keep up with rent. Befriend landlord. Meet all neighbors.
  • Career: Max career level.
  • Friendships: Make a new parenting friend. Visit all the parents you know at least once.
  • Romance: Maintain positive relationship with spouse. Do a date night at least 3 times.
  • City Living: Attend a festival with the family. Explore each neighborhood.
  • Parenthood: Master at least 1/2 skills with each toddler before aging up. Each child needs 2 positive values before aging up. At least 1 parent needs to help with a school project. At least 1 child needs to complete a childhood aspiration. At least 1 child should be a scout. Teens need to get a part-time job. When kids/teens need to make decisions, roll at random (flip a coin) to make a decision (or when the other parent a.k.a. Joseph needs to make a decision, use the same method). Go on a family vacation. Buy new items for the kids.

Part Two – City Livin’

gen 1 part 2 lasl
After a series of ups and downs with family life, mishaps, and adventures, Lizzie Green seems to finally have things straightened out. Now she’s moving to the city of San Myshuno to follow her new boyfriend and pursue her dream career as a writer. She hopes to make many new friends and take part in all the city has to offer. But will the city be everything she hopes for? What new challenges will she face? Will she finally settle into the life she always wanted? Follow this her blog to find out. You can download Lizzie here.
Goal #2 – Move into the city and take part in city livin’.  
  • Whims: Follow whims as much as possible  ✔ (I did it, even if it killed me a little inside) 
  • Emotions: Remain relatively positive with emotions X (next to impossible with all the drama) 
  • Traits: Do trait-related activities on a semi-regular basis X (that kinda went out the window too) 
  • Skills: Max at least one skill level. Learn a new skill never before attempted.  ✔ (dancing and mixology) 
  • Aspiration: Complete an aspiration. (not quite. Lizzie’s up there at level 8 for writing). 
  • Living: Keep up with rent in city apartment. Upgrade to a new apartment by this part’s end. Befriend landlord.  ✔ (befriended Geeta Rasoya, landlady, did manage to pay rent, and you’ll see the new place I have picked out for Lizzie and Joseph) 
  • Career: Be promoted to level 7 of a career and maintain good work performance.  ✔ (level 8) 
  • Friendships: Make as many friends as possible in the city. Get to know your neighbors. Throw a house party.  ✔ (Made so many new friends. Met all neighbors. Had a Christmastide party) 
  • Romance: Maintain a positive relationship with boyfriend. Get engaged and married.  ✔? (so they got engaged and married right away… but the positive relationship thing was so up and down). 
  • City Life: Unique game rules for City Living… Attend at least one of each type of festival. ✔Participate in as many festival activities as possible.  ✔ Explore every neighborhood to the fullest. X (not quite) Perform on the street.  X Level up the karaoke/singing skill.  ✔Collect festival trinkets and souvenirs. ✔
  • Children: Babies are NOT allowed until marriage… unless both Sims roll a whim. 😉  ✔

Part One – Family tIES

Part 1 Gen 1 LASL
Meet Elizabeth “Lizzie” Green – bookworm, geek, and lazy muser (who is sometimes a klutz). A recent college grad, Lizzie is excited to start her new life after university. Like any self-respecting millennial, she is moving back home in order to save some Simoleons and get on her feet. The catch? Her sisters live at home too. Three young adult Sims under one roof with their parents. What could go wrong? She hopes to write the next great SimNation novel, enjoy new adventures, find “true” love, and move into a place she can call her own. To help make ends meet, Lizzie will be starting a blog called “Life with a Splash of Whimsy,” A Life of Whimsy, documenting her experiences living at home, plans for the future, and musings about life.
Goal #1: Move out of her parent’s home 

Rules: In order to move out, Lizzie needs to…

  • Follow whims as much as possible ✔
  • Emotions: Remain relatively positive with emotions (well, a few relational mishaps made that a bit tricky)
  • Make money doing odd jobs the first week or until career whim pops up
  • (a.k.a. skills work OR at gamemaster’s discretion and imagination)✔
  • Must do one activity or interaction per day related to each trait (honestly, this was the hardest to accomplish, but I did make sure Lizzie read regularly)
  • Reach level 5 of at least one skill – Charisma (6), Cooking (5), Writing (6) ✔
  • Reach career level 5 – Writer – Regular Contributor or the max in a part-time job (thanks to a mod) 
  • Maintain friendships with family members ✔
  • Make and maintain three friendships outside house (Joseph Simself, Sugar Maple Bough, Rob Buckley, Cathy Tea, Teresa Spinks) ✔
  • Home: Pay “rent” (30% of her earnings will be deducted for household expenses from he family funds on Sundays – this will be either subtracted from family funds OR she can choose to purchase an item worth approximately this amount for the good of the household); if Sim is unable to pay “rent,” they can either owe “back rent” OR do twice the number of chores; must clean up messes in common areas ✔
  • Romance: Can start a romance, but must bring home to meet the parents at some point on the first date; In order to maintain romance, the “love interest” must get along with her family; Cannot have the love interest spend the night at home before dating at minimum 2 consecutive weeks Cannot have love interest stay the night unless love interest invites self over and love interest must meet all be friends with at least one of the other household members. In order to maintain romance, the “love interest” must get along with at least one member of the family (Rob – friends with Nora; Joseph – friends with Eddie, Lee, and Nora) ✔
  • Cannot have love interest stay the night unless love interest invites self over ✔
  • Children: Babies are NOT allowed until Sim moves out ✔