A Life of Whimsy (ALOW): An ISBI TS4 Challenge

Author Note: I really do not need to start another story, but I wanted an excuse to play TS4 more, and I think a challenge will help me accomplish that. I’ve been inspired by CathyTea’s Whisper ISBI, and decided to start my own, TS4-style. The official rules are HERE. I’m adding my own spin to things, of course. The cities (worlds) of TS4 do exist on my planet, Simterra, though some familiar characters have been given new names.

Rules: I am starting with the last name, Yearling, appropriate since I’ll be naming each subsequent generation after a month of the year. I’m starting with Jenara Yearling, a recent young adult. I’m not paying too close attention to scoring. It’s not really my thing, but I will be playing with strict autonomy for all Sims other than my torch bearer. I will do my best to not interfere and try to fulfill as many whims as I possibly can in each generation.

My YA founder was a tweaked character from the gallery, and the house is altered pre-made rooms that I built in game. Both are allowed in this challenge. Jenara will not have the Insane trait, but each subsequent generation will have one of her original traits. (We’ll vote on that later when it’s time for Generation 2).


Only control one Sim for the entire generation.

Cannot assume the role of the next generation until young adulthood.

Gender Equality – heirs may be of either gender.

Bloodline – heirs may be either natural or adopted.

Heirs determined by poll.

Follow the generations of the Yearling Family. 

The journey begins with Jenara Yearling (January). Raised by her elderly great aunt, Nova Yearling, Jenara has been independent and self-sufficient since the tragic death of her parents when she was seven. Now with the passing of her great aunt, Jenara has inherited the family home in Oasis Springs, Simvada. Jenara wants to start a family because she has never really had one of her own. She hopes to find love, life, and happiness in her new hometown. Will she find the partner of her dreams and have a houseful of children, providing for future generations to survive and thrive?