Colt Family Traitacy (CFT)

Author’s Note: I started this story on my Simblr, but I moved the story over to this blog. You can still read updates, see outtakes, view extras and photos from the stories, and read the original chapters there. The purpose of moving is to make this into a long-term story challenge focusing on the various traits of The Sims 3 game.

Author’s Note 2: Although the Colt Family Traitacy takes place on Simterra, my Simworld planet, in a star system far, far away from Earth, the story series takes place in an alternate universe to my other Sims stories. This is because this is a legacy-esque series and needs to span multiple generations. This just isn’t compatible with my other Sims stories. Many of the cultural and historical references might be similar, and characters from this series may appear in alternate form in other stories of mine. 

Read my official traitacy challenge rules here.


December 2016
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Generation 1.5 Coming Soon!!