Colt Family Traitacy (CFT)

Author’s Note: I started this story on my Simblr, but I moved the story over to this blog. You can still read updates, see outtakes, view extras and photos from the stories, and read the original chapters there. The purpose of moving is to make this into a long-term story challenge focusing on the various traits of The Sims 3 game.

Author’s Note 2**: I know I wrote that CFT takes place in an alternate timeline, but I changed my mind when I had an idea for an awesome crossover with My Life With Criminals and From Riverview With Love. CFT is back in the same universe.  

Read my official traitacy challenge rules here.

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Meet Rachel Colt. The future matriarch of the Colt Family. After moving to Twinbrook, Rachel found herself entangled with the Racket family. Now she is stuck in a bizarre marriage, trying to raise a daughter, and trying to pursue her career in politics. Rachel hopes to eventually be Governor of Louisimana, maybe even Leader of the Free World. How far is she willing to go to make sure her dreams come true? What compromises is she willing to make to achieve her goals?

Generation 1.5 Thick As Thieves 

Six unlikely people team up to bring down the Mob. Each has their own agenda. All they need to do is stick together for nine months to achieve the dream. What’s a little mischief and mayhem, hi-jinks and hacking, conning and theft along the way? Is it really a crime when you’re taking down the bad guys?