Generation One-and-a-Half: Thick As Thieves (TAT)

Six unlikely people team up to bring down the Mob. Each has their own agenda. All they need to do is stick together for nine months to achieve the dream. What’s a little mischief and mayhem, hi-jinks and hacking, conning and theft along the way? Is it really a crime when you’re taking down the bad guys?

With epic crossovers from My Life With Criminals (MLWC), From Riverview, With Love (FRWL), Colt Family Traitacy (CFT), and Interludes & Solitude (I&S), Thick As Thieves (TAT) picks up where FRWL leaves off and a few years after the end of CFT: Price of Aspirations, interweaving the other stories in along the way.

Introducing Thick As Thieves

Part 5: Prelude to Danger 


Hidden Springs