Generation One: The Price of Ambitions


Meet Rachel Colt. The future matriarch of the Colt Family. After moving to Twinbrook, Rachel found herself entangled with the Racket family. Now she is stuck in a bizarre marriage, trying to raise a daughter, and trying to pursue her career in politics. Rachel hopes to eventually be Governor of Louisimana, maybe even Leader of the Free World. How far is she willing to go to make sure her dreams come true? What compromises is she willing to make to achieve her goals? 

Generation 1: Rachel Colt 

| Highlighted Trait: Ambitious |

Part 1: New in Town (on Simblr)

Part 2: The Price of Ambitions (on Livin’A’Simmin’Life) 

Part 3: Brighter Futures and Bigger Problems 

Part 4: Matters of Life and Death 

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