Home for the Holidays

Welcome to Hollidaysburg, where the spirit of Christmas lasts year-round. May your days here be festive and bright!

Hollidaysburg is a festive place to live. It’s Christmas 24/7 – and the beautiful snow-covered city could not be a more perfect place to be for showcasing your holiday spirit. The town is now recruiting shopkeepers for its storefronts. Each position comes with a modest salary and living accommodations available for rent or purchase, typically above the store. There will also be other businesses around town for other Sims to own, rent, or patronize. See the cast


The First Day (Sugar)

The Second Day, Part 1 (Page)

The Second Day, Part 2 (Page)

The Third Day (Jasper)

The Fourth Day, Pt. 1 (Elle)

The Fourth Day, Pt. 2 (Elle)