Home for the holidays Characters 

Merry Bright
Merry Bright is the elder of the Bright twins. A single gal, she took over the family business, All Things Bright and Beautiful Bakery. She’s never really traveled, living her whole life in Hollidaysburg.  It’s been a little lonely. Her twenties have come and gone, and many of her friends have married and have kids or have moved away. She stays focused on her work, enjoying baking sweets, eating a good meal, and watching cooking shows. She’s cheerful by nature, and loves to spread joy and happiness when she can. Her clumsiness occasionally leads to a kitchen mishap or a slip in the snow on her way to work, but she manages. Merry hopes to be a master the culinary arts and try her hand at other kinds of cooking. Maybe her sister’s return will free up some time to take cooking classes or find love. Occupation: Baker and Co-Owner of All Things Bright and Beautiful Bakery      Residence: Bright Cottage
Holly Bright
Holly Bright is the younger of the Bright twins by one minute and forty-seven seconds. When she was nineteen, she married a military colonel twice her age. After three years of bliss and traveling, they were stationed on Luna in Forgotten Grotto. Her husband was killed in a battle with the Xekzoi (green aliens) on the front lines. A young widow, Holly struggled to relate to her peers, choosing to travel the globe as a freelance photographer with Clock Magazine rather than return home. Now she wants to settle down again and make amends with her twin sister, returning to Hollidaysburg after nearly fifteen years. Holly shares her sister’s love of food and baking skills, though she much prefers to dance the night away, meet new people, and throw epic parties. With the family bakery struggling financially, she hopes to put her photography and people skills to good use and build a solid marketing campaign, and maybe brave the dating world again.                                                                                                                      Occupation: Baker and Co-Owner of All              Things Bright and Beautiful Bakery   Residence: Bright Cottage
Sugar Maple Bough – Let’s just say, if it’s an aspiration or a skill, chances are, I’ve completed it. But my real goal is LIFE: to experience living in a variety of situations with a variety of people.
What can I contribute to a shop? I’m organized, friendly, outgoing, and assertive. I love to make people feel welcome and appreciated, and, at the same time, I’m not afraid to plum mean behavior in the bud. This makes me an ideal candidate for a position dealing with customers, staff, and suppliers.
My philosophy? There’s no such thing as a “bad day,” for every day offers a chance to breathe, learn, and explore together what it means to be alive.  Occupation: Produce Specialist at The Corner Market Residence: Corner Market Studio Submitted by: CathyTea
Isabelle Garland dreams of living a airy tale live but so far the only fairytales in her live so far are the vacationing Elsa and Anna from the neighboring country of Arendelle. Perhaps she’ll find a fairy tale among the bookstore patrons.
Occupation: Bookshop Clerk at Silver Bells Books
Residence: Christmas Lodge Submitted by: MadameLee
Ebenezer Snow
Ebenezer Snow is passionate about the arts (in particular painting). As passionate as he is about painting, he is equally passionate in a different way about is hating of the winter holidays (particularly Christmas). There are quite a few reasons why. First of all, everything about him from his demeanor to his favorite music to his love of horror films, monsters, and the occult suggests that he would be more at home in a town that celebrates Halloween the way Hollidaysburg is for Christmas. Second is that most everyone treats him like garbage around the holidays because he doesn’t like Christmas, even outright insulting him and threatening him (irony that their violent reactions to Ebenezer seems to reinforce his negative views of this holiday season). Yet the biggest reason he hates Christmas is that it reminds him of his past in that Ebenezer Snow is the illegitimate son of Santa Claus. Santa had a fling about 26 years ago that led to Ebenezer being born out of wedlock. On top of all of this, Father Winter was a deadbeat dad that refused to even acknowledge Ebenezer’s existence (meaning that growing up he was the one kid that never got a present from Santa). His mom also killed herself when he was five on Christmas morning (or so it seems) making him a ward of the foster care system and oh boy did Ebenezer have some terrible abusive foster homes he lived in. When not dwelling on the most heinous time of the year in his eyes, this grinchy schrooge of a man’s passions include Painting, Photography, making bar drinks, watching horror films, and listening to Metal music (those bands have way better songs about winter weather anyways). Occupation: Bartender at Partridge in the Pear Tree     Residence: Goth Christmas Loft Submitted by: VanPelt81 
Suzume Nakamura
Suzume Nakamura – I’ve cooked in over fifty different restaurants in seven different countries. Don’t believe the lies you hear about knives being thrown at head chefs, or customers for that matter… okay, that did happen once… maybe twice… okay, a lot. Look, I’m really talented and I take my job seriously, I can’t help it if people don’t appreciate my epic awesomeness… Or my funny pranks. I love toys too; I’m a kid at heart. Occupation: Chef at Cafe Yule Residence: Christmas Lodge Submitted by: Munterbacon
Kris and Noelle Jingle
Kris and Noelle Jingle have left the RV park behind to move to Hollidaysburg to work at Tinsel Toys. Kris is self-assured, outgoing and a goofball and has Friend of the World as his aspiration. Noelle is a foodie, neat and family-oriented and has Big Happy Family as her aspiration. Occupation: Toy Shop Clerks at Tinsel Toys Residence: Tinseltown Studio Apartments Submitted by: Soulgal7
Santa Claus
Santa Claus is a jolly old man visiting each house on Christmas Eve and the early hours of Christmas morning to bring gifts to all the well-behaved children. He also has his own toy factory with several elven workers, which gets looked at by his dearly beloved wife in his absence. He has eight reindeer that pull his sleigh when he delivers presents. He seems to be a lovely old fellow, but even he has a few skeletons in his closet. On top of that, he has to deal with his rebellious teenage daughter, Holly. Will he go through his usual routine this year and have a merry Christmas or will the Ghost of his Christmas Past come to haunt him?                   Occupation: Toymaker at Reindeer Games, Inc. Residence: Casa de Santa Claus Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Mrs. Mary Clause
Mrs. Mary Clause, Santa’s wife, is a very cheerful, good-natured old lady who takes care of Santa’s workshop in his absence and bakes cookies for all the well-behaved children. She loves helping others out and seeing smiles on everyone’s faces. For hundreds of years, Mr. and Mrs. Claus tried to have a baby, but never succeeded. The whole world was shocked when Mrs. Claus announced that she was expecting a little girl, some 16 years ago. She is a very good wife to Santa and mother to their teenage daughter Holly, but she has a bit of a rebellious side to her, making things difficult for Mrs. Claus. While she tries to deal with her daughter’s moods, she spends time with her beloved cat, Snowball. Occupation: Shopkeeper at Reindeer Games, Inc. Residence: North Pole Pad Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Page Turner
Page Turner loves reading, writing and dreams of becoming a bestselling author one day. She isn’t so young anymore, though, and needs to get those unpublished books out there already! She is an expert on vampire lore and could just be the one to help cure Spencer Goode! Though she doesn’t look or act like it, she’s currently having money problems and doesn’t want to risk getting her books out there and having nobody who wants to read them, so she settles for being a librarian first. It still gives her the chance to be around everything she loves! Occupation: Librarian at Llama Memorial Library Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Margarita Mixer loves mixing drinks…she’s a natural! She grew up around party animals and quickly perfected the art of mixology. Recently divorced from her husband, whose family owns a big restaurant (where she previously worked as a bartender), and leaving their grown kids behind, she’s looking for some fun in a new town with different faces! She is good at listening to customers and always gets huge tips, especially from her male customers!And yes, her favorite drink is a Margarita! Occupation: Bartender at The Noggin’ Nutcracker Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Stacy Strongman grew up around a family who loves working out. They are all famous bodybuilder-athletes, going back to her deceased grandfather, who died from over-exertion. Before she becomes a famous athlete, though, she wants to gain some experience first. If you can look past her muscular build and bro-ish personality, you’ll find that she’s actually a very feminine young lady! She loves being around people, especially if they share her interests and would be the perfect Sim for a fitness instructor or gym attendant! Occupation: Fitness Instructor at Festive Fitness Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Everly Zen is half-Simpanese, so she started learning everything about yoga, meditation and massages at a young age. She loves pleasing other people and leaving them completely relaxed and spiritually fulfilled. She wants to be a massage therapist, so everyone can be as Zen as she is! Occupation: Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor at Festive Fitness Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Arnold Armstrong is a gym freak and wants to become a famous bodybuilder someday, but things aren’t looking up for him lately. His father (who was also his employer) recently passed away, leaving him as the last member of his family and household. His father was the owner of the company where he previously worked, but the company became bankrupt when Arnold took over, leaving him unemployed. He just didn’t fit into the corporate world and has to start looking for a new job immediately. He’s good at working with people and loves anything fitness-related, so he’ll be the perfect candidate for a gym attendant or lifeguard! There are some rumors that he has an eye for Stacy Strongman… Occupation: Gym attendant at Festive Fitness and Lifeguard at Polar Bear Pool Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home Submitted by: divanthesimmer

Gerald Goode – Gerald is a Peteran shepherd who wants to move to a place where he can share his knowledge and spread some joy into other people’s lives. He is happily married and has two kids. His daughter, Gracie, is a little angel… she always wants to help out where she can and turns frowns upside down with her generous personality. His teenage son, though, is a whole different story. Ever since he became a teen, he started hanging out with trouble-makers and they influenced him to be rebellious…dress Gothic, listen to metal and go against all of society’s rules. To make things worse, the vampire community in Forgotten Hollow noticed him and decided he would be a perfect member of their society. Now, he’s a vampire and only gets out of his room at night to feed on unsuspecting Sims or perform his songs at the lounge. Luckily, Hollidaysburg is far away from Forgotten Hollow and Gerald wants nothing more than to cure his son this Christmas. Can that be accomplished? Occupation: Peteran shepherd at St. Nicholas Chapel

Carol is Gerald’s good-natured wife and the mother of Spencer and Gracie. She’s always ready with a plate of food…not only for her family, but also for those less fortunate than them. She regularly donates money to charities and always makes sure the Chapel stays clean. She also brews herbal remedies for the ill. Apart from her daily duties, she just wants to be the best parent she can be, but it seems like she’s failing at that lately. Her son is a monster and she can barely stand his presence anymore. Can their relationship ever be salvaged? Occupation: Part-time singer and shepherd’s wife.

Spencer is the son of shepherds and was always expected to look and behave in a way that fits that description. Throughout his child life, he managed to keep up this appearance, but when he entered high school, everything changed. He started hanging out with the rebels in his school and they influenced him to be rebellious as well. A vampire from Forgotten Hollow noticed him and when he went home one night after hanging out with friends, this vampire bit and changed him. He doesn’t see himself as a bad person…sure, he dresses differently from everyone else…sure, he loves metal music and sure, he’s a vampire..but he never asked to be the creature that he’s become! All he wants is to be left alone during the day, so he can jam on his guitar and quench his thirst at night. He also likes to perform his songs at the lounge on some nights. He wants to desperately change his name to Spike Rox, become a famous musician and get as far away from his “pretentious” family as possible. Maybe he’ll seek a cure, too…

Gracie is a little angel, truly sent to her parents from above. She just wants to make them proud of her and make the world a happier place. She likes to pretend she’s an elf and would love to work for Santa someday. He’s one of her most favorite Sims in the world. She doesn’t get along with her elder brother, though…in fact, he’s a living nightmare! She tries to avoid him whenever she can and make other friends outside of her home…one of them must surely know how to cure him, right?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Residence: St. Nicholas Parish Submitted by: divanthesimmer

Christian Holiday III, better known as Chris, comes from a prominent family. He is a trust fund kid who keeps himself in shape and is a fitness instructor. His favorite time of the year is the winter holiday season. between the gifts, the food, and the good cheer that comes once a year, Chris can’t think of a better time of the year to celebrate with family & friends. The one thing that upsets Chris during the Winter Holiday season are those that despise it. As a result it’s his mission to force Holiday cheer onto people, forcing them to conform to his belief over the holiday season (in that it’s the best time of the year). Chris will be outright hostile towards those who hate the winter holiday season who he will call heretics among other things (something Ebenezer Snow knows about all too well). Occupation: Independent Business Consultant at Holliday Sauce, LLC. Residence: Victorian Christmas Manor Submitted by: VanPelt81
Sophie “Jingle” Bells loves to sing. She aspires to be a famous singer and/or actress. While working on that dream, Sophie works as a bartender in a Christmas themed bar where she can at least belt out some tunes while dispensing drinks to carolers. She is also looking for a man that will see her as Sophie and not just the bar maiden that the drunks call “Jingle Bells.” Occupation: Bartender and Part-Owner of Prancer’s Pub Residence: Little Home in Snow Submitted by: VanPelt81
Divan Lampright is a starving artist who recently moved out of his parents’ house. They kept telling him to get a move on with his life, so one day, he just packed his bags and left. Maybe a new town and a fresh start is just what he needs. He took some money with him to pay for his art classes at the university. He’s good at sketching, but he would like to learn how to paint portraits really well. He also likes video gaming and programming, so he’s considering taking courses in that area as well. He could ultimately combine his artistic and programming skills to create a video game. Although he likes being by himself, he is starting to miss his family with it being the Holiday Season. Perhaps he’ll decide to move back after all… D.J. is Divan’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier and BFF. He’s very friendly and loves getting attention. Divan’s mom hated him (because he always peed on everything and barked a lot), so Divan took him with when he moved out. Occupation: Artist-in-residence at Carol of the Bells Cathedral Residence: Carol of the Bells Cathedral Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Jasper McCumber Occupation: Professor at University of Hollidaysburg Residence: A Little Christmas Carol Cottage Submitted by: CathyTea
Cathy Tea Occupation: Professor at University of Hollidaysburg Residence: Tea House above Partridge in a Pear Tree Pub Submitted by: CathyTea
Vega LeStrange is a retired scientist who now wants to share her knowledge with others. She wants to become a professor at the Hollidaysburg University. She could teach a variety of subjects, like gardening, flower arranging and logic, but she primarily teaches science. She is a bit strange…why does she have a robo-dog and how did she even create him? Why does she talk to herself and her plants? Why is she so mind-blowingly intelligent and why does she glow when her mood changes? She simply says that anything is possible if you believe in your own abilities and there’s nothing you can’t do. Other Sims think there’s more to the story, though… Rus-T is Vega LeStrange’s latest scientific creation. He behaves exactly like a real dog, only he is much smarter and not furry at all – he’s made out of metal! Vega always keeps a close eye on her pet, out of fear that someone could steal him. Why wouldn’t they?! Occupation: Science professor at University of Hollidaysburg Residence: Christmas Lodge Submitted by: divanthesimmer
This dude’s as cool as ice, but as hot as fire! Blaise Winter is the son of firefighters and is great at extinguishing fires, but he’s also pretty good at mixing drinks and socializing with other Sims. One day, he wants to honor his parents by becoming a firefighter himself. He studies Mixology (if there’s no such class, he could study Physical Fitness or/and Culinary) part time at the university. He’s always the first to extinguish any kitchen fires his chef-cousin, Ginger causes. She often falls asleep on the job and then he has to come to her rescue, but he’s sick of doing it and he hates being associated with her. She gets in the way of his bartending job, where he can meet attractive single ladies. He isn’t looking for anything serious, though…it’ll take a special girl to tame this badboy! Will he ever realize that family is more important than one-night stands and that blood is thicker than water? Or ice, for that matter. Occupation: Bartender at  Ice Lounge Residence:  Christmas Tudor Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Ginger ‘Gigi’ Baker loves the Holiday Season – not only does she get many gifts and spend time with her loved ones, she gets to eat anything she wants and as much as she wants – without feeling guilty! She attends Culinary classes at the university when she’s not working as a chef at the Gingerbread House. She prefers to be called Gigi, because other Sims mock her real name – is it really so funny to be a ginger-haired Sim named Ginger Baker, who bakes gingerbread cookies at a restaurant called Gingerbread House? Don’t even answer that question. She loves food so much that she has begun secretly stealing some of the food that’s supposed to go to customers! She also regularly falls asleep on the job, causing a fire in the kitchen, but luckily she has a cousin who always comes to her rescue. Her luck is starting to run out, though – her cousin is tired of sticking up for her and she’s running out of excuses as to why there’s never enough food for hungry customers. Will she get caught and get fired? Will her cousin ultimately write her off? What will she do then? Occupation: Baker at The Gingerbread House Residence: Christmas Tudor Submitted by: divanthesimmer
Carlie Small is a they/them nonbinary individual barista at Java and Joy. They live in the Little Hill Cottage. Carlie’s dream is to share their holidays with a new person, no matter how unexpected the person or what kind of relationship it winds up being. Whether a special friend or a special someone, Carlie wants to share traditions, share memories, and make some new traditions and memories to carry along with them! Occupation: Barista at Java & Joy Residence: Little Hill Cottage Submitted by: Xantheanmar
Elizzabeth “Elle” Green is stuck in Massimchusetts for the winter break, desperately trying to take a credit or two to ensure she is a sophomore next year, and maintains her scholarship. Student housing fell though and she needs a place to stay. Thankfully, a professor from the University of Hollidaysburg graciously opened up her home. Now Elle literally lives above a bar with an eccentric, but kind professor and what’s up with the goth barkeep? She will try and talk his ear off if she can get him to cheer up for the holidays. She also waits tables at one of the restaurants in town to make a little extra dough to make rent and tuition. A communications major, she hopes to use her degree and skills to make the world a better place to live. (Note: This is not the same “Lizzie” as in LASL. After debating whether this was younger Uni Lizzie or just a doppelganger. I went with the latter, so I’m breaking my own rules.) Occupation: Part-time student at University of Hollidaysburg and part-time waitress at The Gingerbread House Residence: Partridge in a Pear Tree Pub – in the Tea House
Sasha Pierce – I’m a very active sim and I love striving for the best. I enjoy morning runs and afternoon swims. Generally staying active. My dream is to have my own family someday. I’ve previously worked as a waitress on skates, it was a really fun job! But I would love to work with kids, or people that need inspiration on getting in shape. Anything I can do to help others be happy makes me happy! Occupation: Waitress at Gingerbread House Cafe Residence: Winter Wonderland Home Submitted by: Shadami
Goober Nerdstrom – You may know him from his escapades in San Myshuno, but he’s really a good guy at heart. Women seem to find him attractive on the outside, but once they get to know him, they see the geek on the inside and don’t want to go out with him. Can Goob find someone who will love him for who he is inside and out? Will Hollidaysburg be the place to find true love? Occupation: Librarian at Llama Memorial Library Residence: Christmas Lodge Included with permission by: LegacySims2017
Holly Claus is Santa and his wife’s teenage daughter. She was a miracle baby, but because they never allowed her to leave the house, she became very rebellious and now wants to hook up with everyone. She is also very festive and despite her mischievous nature, she is a good Sim. Submitted by: divanthesimmer Occupation: Part-time waitress at The Gingerbread House Residence: North Pole Pad

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