Characters (WIP)

Casting Call

I am looking for 8-9 families (or individuals or couples) for Willow Creek.

If interested…

  • Tell me your Gallery ID so I can find and download Sims
  • I only have the base game so I can’t accept Sims with stuff packs/expansion content and I would prefer no CC.
  • Share with me your Sim(s) names and a brief back story (and any other information you’d like me to have for the sake of my story)
  • Please include at least one negative trait – I like a little realism for my Sims stories.
  • Let me know if you have a “World” preference
  • Let me know if you are specifically creating a “love interest” for Lizzie
  • Let me know if you’re okay with small alterations for the sake of the story. Once in game, I’ll leave things up to game free will.

Eddie Green. Loving Husband. Doting Dad. Foodie. Goof-ball. Gregarious. Self-assured. Musician and Comedian. Doing well for himself in Oasis Springs.
Essie Green. A stay-at-home wife and mother (for now). Art lover. Creative. Domestic. Snob. She loves having her girls all under one roof.
Emily Green, but everyone calls her ‘Lee.’ The older sister. Foodie. Music Lover. Non-committal. Quick Learner. Moved back home at the beginning of the year after a failed long-term relationship.
Nora Green. The kid sister. Gregarious. Materialistic. Romantic. Self-Assured. Not sure what to do with her life yet, so she’s taking time off between high school and college.


Disclaimer: I do not own the following characters. I have merely uploaded them with permission from the original owners. Also, from herein, I will not be editing or controlling any of the Sims as this is an ISBI challenge. With that said, all characters are “fictitious,” as I will strive to stay as true to their in-game personas as possible, meaning what you are about to read is not meant to be an accurate representative of true life. 

The Smith Household – Desert mUSE
Meet Angela Smith. Alluring. Clumsy. Good. Jealous. Angela always dreamed of her Prince Charming, but her jealousy and clumsiness cost her many early attempts at long-lasting romantic relationships. But fairy tales ‘do’ occasionally come true as she met and married John. Now the couple is honeymooning in Oasis Springs, ready to start their new life. Submitted by Zurka/Niijnoiille.
Meet John Smith. Clumsy. Family-Oriented. Domestic. Romantic… at least that’s what Angela thinks, but she might not be objective. John is newly married to his soulmate and honeymooning in Oasis Springs, hoping to start a big happy family. Submitted by Zurka/Niijnouille.
Meet Cathy Tea. Creative. Loves the Outdoors. Quick Learner. Muser. Maybe a bit of a goofball. 😉 You might catch Cathy sipping on a cup of tea like her namesake, contemplating life, or tending to her garden in Oasis Springs. Submitted by CathyTea.
Sugar Maple Bough. Music Lover. Bro. Business Savvy. Glutton. Sugar has faced down death itself without flinching. She’s physically, mentally. creatively, and socially gifted. It’s safe to say she’s resourceful in a pinch. She’s a survivor, just living another life in Oasis Springs. Submitted by CathyTea.
Meet Courtney Neon. Jealous. Romantic. Alluring. Music lover. Courtney lives in neon green. She has no idea why she can’t find this color in clothing stores so she shops in vintage, retro stores. In fact, where are all the jelly shoes…who says you can’t wear pumps with socks? I mean, totally, who ya gonna call? Courtney dreams of meeting “the one,” preferably with a mullet hair cut. Submitted by SoulGal7.
Meet Leon Squires. Self-assured. Materialistic. Hot-headed. Business savvy. Leon is a sole collector. What’s that you ask? Leon is a collector of shoes. Original Air Jordan shoes to be exact. And so he needs lots and lots of simoleons to purchase more shoes for his collection. He has lately been eyeing up a pair of the original Black/Red (supposedly banned sneaker) for a mere §7000 simoleons. He goes to a lot of auctions, and when he doesn’t win… look out! He has a bit of temper. Submitted by SoulGal7.
Meet Lewis Goldwin. Glutton. Clumsy. Goofball. Gregarious. Lewis has every 80s movie ever made. In VHS. He plays a movie every night on his retro VCR player. He aspires to be like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future movies. But for now, he is working toward being a comedian, even though he often trips over his own shoe laces. Submitted by SoulGal7.
Meet Goober Nerdstrom. Genius. Quick Learner. Geek. With a bit too much love for other people’s things. Lacking in the luck department when it comes to love, Goober has moved to Oasis Springs hoping there is some woman who will look past his good features and love him for who he is on the inside. Submitted by LegacySims2017.
Meet Joseph Simself. Ambitious. Active. Business Savvy. A bit hot-headed. With the promise of a new business opportunity, Joseph moved to Oasis Springs. Well, that and he likes the hot weather. He’s looking forward to starting this new venture in life, getting him closer to his aspiration of fabulous wealth. Submitted by LegacySims2017.
Meet Lizette Lopez. Genius. Family-oriented. Mean. Domestic.  Lizette is one of those mothers who turns every conversation back to her darling genius little girl. She’s so talented! She knows so many words… and she’s teaching her Championne and Simdish too! You know the sort. Submitted by lilypadmeulin.
Meet Tabatha Lopez. Fussy up the wazoo. This darling little girl is actually a horrible brat who always says, “Mama, says I can!” when told off for something. Heavens above! Submitted by lilypadmeulin.
Springside Friends – sULTRY sPRINGSIDE
Meet Sage Green. Outgoing. Romantic. Snob. Alluring. A party girl at heart who is well known for embellishing the truth, Sage has moved to Oasis Springs to get to know as many people as she can. She may seem shallow, but she’s ridiculously cheerful and oblivious. Submitted by Karilan.
Meet Ali. Cheerful. Creative. Dog Lover. Ali is new in town, and she happens to adore animals., and hopes to be a friend to all furry critters. Submitted by friendsfan367.
Meet Ameera. Snob. Gregarious. Good. Party animal. An ambitious self-starter who has rejected her family’s money to rooming with complete strangers to prove a point. Submitted by MINEZ.
Meet Aria. Music lover. Creative. Good. Domestic. Aria is a talented musician looking for love and is besties with Siri. Submitted by MINEZ.
Meet Julian. Loner. Hot-headed. Perfectionist. Alluring. A disowned heir to a entitled french family, he happens to be good at business. He is not so good with people, has a bit of a temper. Submitted by MINEZ.
Meet Sammy. Ambitious. Quick learner. High metabolism. Active. Materialistic. A young, but highly decorated policeman who had extra rooms. He’s like the house dad and he’s looking for love. Submitted by MINEZ.
Meet Siri. Outgoing. Cheerful. Creative. Muser. She’s the resident crazy. She also happens to be a acclaimed painter. She was invited to room with her art school bestie Aria. She’s known for her eclectic look. Submitted by MINEZ.
Meet Edwin Wymer. Husband to Bonnie. Father of six. Quick learner. Goofball. Loves outdoors. Ambitious. Edwin wants to be book smart and handy. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Bonnie Wymer. Active. Family Oriented. Slob. Domestic. Bonnie’s dream is for all six of her kids to succeed in life. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Darryl Wymer. Oldest son of Edwin and Bonnie. Goofball. High metabolism. Good. Non-committal. Daryl wants to be a body builder. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Dayle Wymer. 2nd oldest son of Edwin and Bonnie. Business Savvy. Goofball. Active. Klepto. Dayle wants his own mansion someday. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Mary Joan Wymer. Middle daughter of Edwin and Bonnie. Jealous. Romantic. Ambitious. Alluring. Mary Joan is looking for her soulmate. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Brenda Wymer. Second youngest daughter of Edwin and Bonnie. Gregarious. Glutton. Neat. Brenda wants to make as many friends as she can.
Meet Sharon Wymer. Youngest daughter of Edwin and Bonnie. Loner. Slob. Domestic. Someday when she graduates high school she wants to start a successful family. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Steve Wymer. Youngest son of Edwin and Bonnie. Gregarious. Insane. Active. Steve hopes to be a comedian with his stockpile of jokes someday. Submitted by Skcaga6.
tHE bIGGS hOUSEHOLD – Vista Quarry
Meet Brighton Biggs. Family oriented. Lazy. Alluring. Romantic. Brighton is trying to raise his daughter, Kendyl on his own and hopes to find his one true love. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Kendyl Biggs. Whiz Kid. Genius. Daughter of Brighton. Submitted by Skcaga6.
tHE bUCKLEY hOUSEHOLD – Pebble Burrow
Meet Rob Buckley. Single dad. Music lover. Mean. Romantic. Muser. Looking to be an expert musician and songwriter. Submitted by InfraGreen.
Meet Carrie Buckley. This little cutie is inquisitive. She’s the only daughter of Rob. Submitted by InfraGreen.
The Buckley family is incomplete without Marshall, their hairy, active, and friendly English sheepdog. Submitted by InfraGreen.
Meet Larry Spinks. Husband of Madeline. Father of Mitchell, Teresa, and John. Good. Geek. Domestic. Family Oriented. Larry wants to have a big happy family in the heart of Oasis Springs. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Madeline Spinks. Wife of Larry. Mother to Mitchell, Teresa, and John. Cheerful. Neat. Domestic. Family oriented. This mom wants a successful lineage. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Danny. Oldest son of Larry and Madeline. He’s a quick learner and bookworm, but he’s a bit of a loner and skittish around large crowds. He wants to be the ultimate “nerd brain.” Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Teresa. Only daughter of Larry and Madeline. She is cheerful and a social butterfly. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet John. Youngest son of Larry and Madeline. Little John is an independent tot. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Holland. Wife to Dallas and mother of four kiddos. The Chambers from the “big city” to get some quality family time. Cheerful. Bookworm. Family oriented. Muser. Holland hopes the beautiful Oasis Springs will provide the perfect palate for her painter extraordinaire dreams. Submitted by pammiechick.
Meet Dallas. Husband to Holland and father of four kiddos. Ambitious. Self-assured. Foodie. Domestic. Dallas hopes the recent move will help his dreams of a big happy family. Submitted by pammiechick.
Meet Paris. Clumsy. Quick learner. Geek. Paris wants to be the ultimate “nerd.” Submitted by pammiechick.
Meet Brooklyn. She loves the outdoors, and like her mother, she wants to be a painter extraordinaire. Submitted by pammiechick.
Meet Houston. He’s outgoing and was known in his previous town as a “Whiz Kid.” Will he be the genius in his class at his new school in Oasis Springs? Submitted by pammiechick.
Meet Austin. He’s neat and a social butterfly looking to make friends in his new hometown. Submitted by pammiechick.