Letters from Lizzie (LFL)

This story series is called Letters from Lizzie. It’s gone through several revisions…

My Simself is 9 years old when the story begins in beautiful Mayfield Springs, Pennsimvania. I’ve decided to incorporate much more of the Sims world and make it less like reality… because it’s fun! Other than appearance, personality, and some preferences, much of the story is wild fiction. And why not? I definitely take a lot of liberties so think Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

The Prologue is still the same, but I introduce Arpeggio in Prologue, Part 2: Consequences.

***All names have been changed to protect identities. I also have sometimes changed appearances, ages, genders, personality traits, and other life circumstances and added characters for the sake of identity protection, story line, and game integrity. 

Letters from Lizzie part 1

When Lizzie receives an assignment from her teacher to write to a pen pal, she would’ve never guessed her writing buddy was an alien in disguise. While the assignment was only supposed to last a year, Lizzie and ARP-0107X, whom she nicknames Arpeggio, develop and friendship throughout elementary school into their teenage years and adulthood. Arp inserts himself into a family and tries to act like a Sim. The only soul who knows the truth is Lizzie, whom he has never met face to face. Will their alien-Sim friendship stand the test of time?