Darkness May Dream (DMD)

Darkness May Dream offers insight into the other aliens of my version of the SimVerse. The story is told entirely on my Simblr and you can follow here via the hashtag #darkness may dreamDarkness May Dream has many NSFW chapters (and those are labeled) and the story is intended for a mature audience.

Malakai “Mal” Superbia takes his third wife from the “puny” planet of Simterra back to his homeworld. He is what Simterrans call the Grim Reaper, a member of an ancient polygamous vampiric race known as Kr’viots. Cora Mae Glory tells her tempestuous love affair, raising her family on this strange new world, and tolerating her husband’s other wives, their children, and the strange customs of this people.

Generation One Founders


Meet Malakai ‘Mal‘ of the House of Superbia*. He is the king of the Kr’v**. Mal is the third leader of his race, his father and grandfather being the prior two leaders. Mal is emerging for the first time in one hundred years, leaving his home planet and returning to Simterra to “claim” a bride, plunder the planets, or engage in other chaotic activities. Read more here.

Meet Cora Mae Glory of the House of Superbia. She is the third wife of Malakai Reaper, and the story is mostly told from her perspective. Cora Mae was “taken,” albeit willingly, from Bridgeport, Pennsimvania where she leaves behind unknown family. She has been living on Kr’v as the “favored” bride of Mal, and is the mother of quadruplets, Melania, Megara, Mirzande, and Malekto. She has struggled to adapt to the strange way of life of the “reapers.” Read more here.



The Race 

The Kr’v**an ancient and powerful alien race, the parent race of the vampire-Sim hybrids found on Simterra. Learn more.


The Planet 

The Kr’v home planet is also called Kr’v (a.k.a. the lovely horror world created by Quailhogs called Wraith found here). Read more here.