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The Quakesword Family Legacy 


I created the Quakesword family, a play on William Shakespeare, and I’m planning to name each baby after a Shakespearean character. My founder will be male (as this is far more plausible in my humble opinion) and his story will be told through his eyes and from his oldest daughter’s perspective, Willamina ‘Mina’ Quakesword.

Rainbow of Wishes: Golden Wishes 

Wishacy Intro

Krysantha Golden just wants to be happy. Tragedy and greed tore her family apart and she’s hoping for a fresh start in life. Does Isla Paradiso hold everything she hopes for? Can she to forget her dark past and become her own woman? Will she be able to pursue her dreams of music and a family of her own?

Mayfield Moments 

I’ve decided to explore the custom created town of Mayfield Springs by Ryph. The world is beautiful and large with pre-made families. I’m planning to play as different families to get a feel for the town, including my own custom characters.