Forgotten Identity Series: Night Blooming Jasmine (NBJ)

Night Blooming Jasmine: Generation One?

Jessica ‘Jess’ Rossum knew from childhood that she wasn’t like the others. She was different. From childhood to adulthood, she walked a lonely path, ignored at best, ridiculed at worst. She is tormented by never-ending questions about where she came from and who she really is. When a mysterious stranger offers a bizarre proposition, Jess decides to take the opportunity to relocate and achieve her dream.

As strangers share space, inspired by their love of music, impaired by their tumultuous histories, strong wills cross swords and long-lasting lies implode. Jess becomes aware of how little she really knows about life, love, and the world around her. Compelled to know the truths of the universe and uncover the secrets of her lineage, Jess sets off on the journey of a dozen lifetimes, accompanied by an undying soul. When you find out you aren’t who you think you are, even Darkness looks like an angel. 

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