Letters from Lizzie (LFL)

Site News: As of 8/19/17, I have decided to discontinue this series. I have many other stories I would like to give time to, and frankly, I’ve lost momentum and inspiration for this story. However, I do plan to write something about my Simself adventures again in the future. 

Letters from Lizzie part 1

When Lizzie receives an assignment from her teacher to write to a pen pal, she would’ve never guessed her writing buddy was an alien in disguise. While the assignment was only supposed to last a year, Lizzie and ARP-0107X, whom she nicknames Arpeggio, develop and friendship throughout elementary school into their teenage years and adulthood. Arp inserts himself into a family and tries to act like a Sim. The only soul who knows the truth is Lizzie, whom he has never met face to face. Will their alien-Sim friendship stand the test of time?