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1.1 On My Own (MLC)

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When I was in my early twenties, if you had told me that I would become a successful politician, a wife, and a mother, I would’ve been thrilled. However, life is rarely as easy as one expects. There are always sacrifices. When I was younger, there were sacrifices I was willing to make to achieve my dreams, things I was willing to do to attain power, compromises I was willing to make to secure stability. Now these sacrifices and things and compromises seem incomprehensible. If only I could warn my younger self… but then I wouldn’t have the life I had. It’s not all bad… but it’s not all good either. This is the story of how I became associated with the most notorious family in the South.

Here I am… fresh out of college. Questioning my fashion choices. Not my favorite grey peacoat, but my high-heeled boots in snow. It rarely snowed here, but the day I moved 1200+ miles from my university campus, the ground was covered in five inches of snow. As I stared at the beat-up rusted trash can outside my new home, I wondered if I would ever be able to find a replica of the famous Bridgeport cheesesteaks. At least the Crescent City jazz scene was only a short forty minute drive away. I was itching to hear the Bayuck steel drums live and in person.

It was January of 2404. I had just inherited my great-grandmother’s tiny cabin on stilts in the backwater swamps of the great state of Bayou. I was young, eager, ambitious, excited to make friends and connections, with a strong passion for politics. I wanted to make a difference and change the world. Doesn’t everyone in their own way?

It wasn’t until my senior year, final semester that I realized I made a critical error. I had neglected the important rite-of-passage – a political internship. Finding work post graduation had been tricky. I spent the last seven months answering phones at a temp agency and bussing tables at a bar on the wharf at night.

Ma said I could come home to the sunny beaches of Sultona. She promised me that she would find me a job through her connections to the State Assembly. But I needed to make my own way. I had vowed never to go back. I wouldn’t face my father ever again. Not without making something of myself first.

Author Notes: Welcome to the first official chapter of the re-write of Colt Family Traitacy… now known as My Life with Criminals. If you missed the context for this decision, read my ramblings here. 🙂

How the Berries Came to Be

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Hello everyone, I decided to do a berrie lore post (and yes, I spell it with an ‘e’ since it looks awesome that way). I should’ve known better than to say maybe someday… haha! I spent the past week working on this post. It was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy!

Berries have been around in the Simming community for a long while. I drew inspiration for lore and concepts from the following sources: Beginner’s Guide to Berry Simming, Sweet or Sour Berry Legacy Challenge, Tainnoodles’ Fairy Floss Universe, Berry Sweet Boutique, and the TS3 story Colourcaste.

Recently, I had a really fun (for us) conversation with my spouse about time zones, polar ice caps, and longitude and latitude and the differences between Simterra and Earth (or Old Eorthe as Sims would say). Like for example, SimNation (modeled on the US and Canada) is actually where Asia is on our map, and the Sim Union (Europe) is where the U.S. and Canada would be. Also our Northern Pole has no landmass beneath it, and the South Pole does. On Simterra, the reverse is true. The South Pole is a huge ocean and the north is comprised of ocean and continent.

That’s how the worldbuilding works for me. It happens in spurts and random conversations. I’ve slowly been building out Fae culture with a friend of mine offline, but I was missing one critical piece. How they are uniquely different from the other races and species.

Typically, worldbuilding happens organically for me. I begin crafting the world and the lore with stories… like Nilla’s story sparked this idea of berries defining the culture for my race/species of (supernatural) fairies. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip these kinds of posts. My head canon and info dump needs to go somewhere. Haha. I’m not expecting you all the geek out/nerd out over stats/details as much as me.

Brightly colored Sims in my games/stories (up to this point) are few and far between. The Kr’v, a vampiric alien species, who live in my SimVerse have a reddish-orange skin tone and a greyish-black skintone, depending on their race. The Xekzoi, a xenophobic matriarchal alien species, are naturally green-skinned, and their cousin race, the Orbix, are blue-skinned. The sim’jinn descendants of the Orbix, are also bluish. The Plantae (PlantSims) are green by nature of being plant-technology/plant-sim hybrids. Okay so I actually do have more colorful Sims than I thought. 😅

Since I recently launched my Berry Harvestables Legacy challenge, I am excited to start featuring berry/berrie Sims. That got me thinking about berry/berrie lore or “color” lore. I have read rainbowcy and berry stories before, and I like a lot of the established lore. Now I’m putting my own spin on it – bringing berries to Simterra and the Daleth System. 🙂

In my SimVerse, berries/fairies are related to an alien species, The Saturs. These aliens are inspired by the creative and colorful world Saturenorn created by a talented group of Simmers, living on their homeworld of Saturenorn.  Saturs are a nature-loving faerie species with a powerful connection to the nine elements. They primarily live on the icy world of Saturenorn, shared with the Norns, the parent race of enchanters/mages (a.k.a. witches and warlocks) and other alien species. The Saturs currently have the most active relationship with their “child race” or human-alien hybrid race, the Fae. (I’ll do a post on Saturs and Norns someday soon too). 

One last thing – how to describe the Fae quickly?? Taken directly from my handwritten notes:

The Fae are a brightly colored, diverse species living in breathtakingly beautiful plains, valleys, and mountains, with advanced manufactured and divine technology and steampunk/Victorian cultural ideals, a fierce desire to protect nature and people, and semi-zealous beliefs in their superiority.

Head on over to my Simterra Tales blog to continue reading about these berries – where they come from, how their societies work, their “technical” names based on their clans, and my real-world language inspiration for the terms. Also I recommend reading the companion piecean overview of fae terminology – just so you don’t get lost.

An Intro to Berries Lore

Berry Bountiful Harvest – a Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy

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A Stream-of-Consciousness Intro to My New Challenge

There is such an energy in SimLit now. I feel excited by all the new stories, revamped stories, and continuing stories. CathyTea really inspired me with her thought-provoking Evergreen Harbor story, her newest legacy, to write again, even if I’m busy. I did just reboot one story and start another, but those are going to be quite long.

What am I saying? All my stories are long. 😬 I’ve had so many ideas rolling around in my head recently, and this one wouldn’t stay quiet. Fair warning: this is a long post with lots of rambling because I’m in an ambling-through-writing-stream-of-consciousness-kind-of mood.

Blanche and Avalanche Winterhold

I created a brother and sister who are Fae Ministers in my Crescent Moon Conspiracy story. They turned out beautifully as snow fairies. Blanche and Avalanche Winterhold, the leaders of the Winterhold Clan, originally from the Cyclamen District in the country of Highland. The fae twins are active in the Encantar, the Alliance of Magic.

Unlike many of their peers, they spend most of their time in the overseas Fae territory of Snowdrop Shelter on the continent of Arctica. This is so they can continue their work as climatologists and snow hydrologists. Did you know that was a thing? Yes, it is. The study of snow! So cool! And yes, pun intended. That’s not a career in Sims 4. I don’t care. The fae are really into science in my world.

Blanche and Avalanche are the children of Father Winter in my game. I haven’t played them too much, but I did enjoy the hours (eek! yes hours) I spent creating them in CAS.  Then I rolled for random genetics and ended up with a third sibling.

I considered setting this third child aside for another time. I also half considered starting a Pastel Rainbowcy challenge with her character. But then my imagination ran rampant and here we are hours later with another protagonist, another story, another challenge, and another legacy. This one I’d like to actually finish. I do want to finish them all, I promise.

Berry Bountiful Harvest – A Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy

I’ve always wanted to do a Berry Sim challenge. I also like the idea of taking advantage of items/ activities/ features I haven’t tried in the Sims 4. (I am working on that with my I Have Never… story with a super Sim challenge, but this is a bit different). I have so many of the expansions, game packs, and stuff packs, but there’s a lot I haven’t tried. I had a thought about trying a “berry sim” legacy with a gardening/harvestables twist so I used the all-powerful Google to see if anyone else thought of that idea. Lo and behold there are several versions of this challenge out there.

There are probably others. These were the few I could find. I purposely didn’t read too closely before crafting my own. There’s nothing new under the sun. That’s okay. I’ll be adding my own twist to the challenge – a new world for each generation. Why?

  • I never like staying in one place. Haha. The restless Sagittarius in me.
  • In order to explore the features of all the expansions and game worlds, I would like my current heir/heiress to move to that world. Of course, there are packs without worlds so I won’t be fully exploring those features… yet. There’s a lot to work with in the available worlds.
  • Each world (or perhaps just a neighborhood) will be renamed by me and I’ll replace many of the lots. I didn’t want to risk contaminating creating too much crossover with other stories of mine, even though that’s inevitable based on my play style (and the fact that the fae twins above will appear in one of my other stories). This will free me up to rebuild/design the world and the Sims the way I want to fit the berrified challenge. If you want to do this challenge with me, and you would like to use the same names, you’re welcome to, or you can skip this portion and stick with the original names.

Gameplay Style and Mods

My Simselfie’s son, Joey Jr. playing video games. He’s so focused on leveling up in video gaming skills.

If this is your first time here on one of my blogs (or if it isn’t, this is a refresher), here’s a couple things you should know about me and the way I play the game.

  • Personally, I like the randomness of the game so I may jump around a lot. I want each generation to happen organically. I won’t pre-select a color for the generation’s spouse/partner, allowing my Sim to have the freedom to choose. However, because I do want some challenge, I will require each generation to marry/partner up with a different color “berry” than themselves (and no color repeats).
  • Like I said above, I really dislike staying in the same place for the duration of the challenge. A legacy takes a long time to complete, after all. Unlike other challenges, this one will require movement. However, like my other stories, I will restrict travel between worlds (staying in one world for the full immersive experience with a few exceptions as needed). I am considering creating a legacy lot for Sims to “retire” at once the next generation starts.
  • I take a long time to wander… more like meander at a snail’s pace… through stories. I hope you don’t mind. I eventually get around to finishing things, but I prefer the slow and steady approach.
  • I play with a lot of mods. And I mean, A LOT. It’s necessary… well, sort of, for my more fantastical stories and for a smoother, more enjoyable game. I’ll probably recommend some as I go along, but I’ll be sure to include an un-modded version of the rules for you if you choose to try this out.
  • To make the game more interesting and fun, I’m adding custom harvestables by icemumun and King Zace. I also recommend  SrslySims’ Complete Cooking Overhaul to add things like grocery shopping, more reasonable pricing for food and harvestables, cowplant milking, and more realistic recipe categorization (i.e. all baking items in the Baking category). I highly recommend LittleMsSam’s Transfer Inventory mod. This will allow you to transfer all harvestables and food in one click to the refrigerator (also books to the bookshelf, collectibles to chests, and flowers to flower arranging table or flower arrangements from the table to your inventory).
  • Also, I like some realism in my games. I’ll be instituting different rules to make gameplay more fun and challenging. You don’t need to by any means follow all the rules. Skip what you don’t want. Skip content you don’t have. This is meant to be fun. I’m not a stickler for following rules. Most of the time I throw them out the window for the sake of the story, but I do like to challenge myself and I like a place to start.
  • To try and move through the challenge quickly (ish), I’m going to try and complete each generation in a month’s time. Eeek! Let’s see if that actually happens. If I get done sooner, great! If it takes me longer, I think you’ll all be forgiving. At least, I hope you will. December/January will be my snow-berry generation. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to this because… real life is complicated. *sigh* And oh did 2020 ever throw everyone a loop, amiright?


I think I’m an awful builder. Well, maybe not awful. I seem to do well with cluttering up premade lots and shells and tweaking to my liking, but I don’t like to craft from scratch. For this reason, there are no building restrictions. Download a pre-made lot, start with a shell, or build from scratch. I say this with a few caveats…

  1. I’m planning to build a specific type of lot (from scratch) to challenge myself with each new generation. Sort of like a Build-Newcrest but without the limit of a single world.
  2. I won’t use premade lots excessively to your advantage to complete a challenge/aspiration/level of an aspiration (i.e. you can’t collect all your harvestables from a farm lot or use a lot with a perfect example of a plant you need).
  3. If there is an exceptionally rare harvestable needed to complete a challenge for a generation and you’ve exhausted all other options, I may visit a premade lot or purchase the item from store/farmer’s market/vendor as long as I follow other rules. This should help balance gameplay with fun (because if you’re like me and you restrict travel to other worlds, this might be semi-impossible otherwise).


Generation 1: Bluebell Estates (blue-violet berry) 

Generation 2: Strawberry Springs (pink-red berry) 

Generation 3: Cowberry Creek (black-and-white berry) 

Generation 4: Elderberry Falls (purple berry) 

Generation 5: Quillfruit Outpost (hot pink/orange berry)

Gen 5 Bonus or Substitute: UFO (rainbow berry) 

I’m thinking twins for this generation perhaps! 

Generation 6: Blackberry Borough (black/dark purple berry)

(they seriously look more like blueberries here) 

Generation 7: Spice City (dark green berry) 

Generation 8: Plasmafruit Hollow (pink berry) 

Generation 9: Catnip Cove (grey-green berry) 

(Real catnip has greyish-green flowers so that’s why I picked this color.)

Generation 10: Ciudad de Gutsberrie (blue berry) 

 Generation 11: Citrus Heights  (orange berry) 

(with custom orange harvestable by icemumun AND/OR custom harvestable by pbox– but you could substitute lemons)

Generation 12: Bizarrefruit Station  (bold red berry) 

Generation 13: Pineapple Paradise (yellow berry) 

Generation 14: Valerian Village (sandy brown berry) 

Generation 15: Mushroom Meadows (off-white/brown hints berry) 

Generation 16: Fizzy Harbor (hot pink with polka dots berry) 

Dragonfruit can have hot pink or bright yellow skin and black seeds. 

Generation 17: Mt. Kamomīru (snowy whites/yellow hints berry) 

Kamomīru is the Japanese word for “chamomile.” This will be a teaberry generation. 

Future Ideas:

  • Maybe a “berry” generation for the Seasons expansion. It didn’t come with a world, but it did expand gardening for us. Perhaps apple, cherry, or pear.
  • I want to do a deathflower gen, but not sure where. I do know I want to name the place – Grim’s Isle.
  • Any ideas for Batuu? We didn’t get any custom harvestables and the world/mission is pretty limited and not really related to gardening. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This would bring me up to a double length legacy (20 generations).

My Story

Vanilla “Nilla” Bliss Winterhold

If you’re interested and want to give this challenge a try with me, I’ll eventually have an official page with challenge rules. I’m finished through Gen 11 and I completed Gen 17 because, as you can see above, I’m starting with Mt. Komorebi… er… Mt. Kamomīru and a snow berry.

I don’t feel like going in any particular order so I think I may go in reverse. Start with the newest worlds released and work my way back through the others. Or I might jump around based on my Sim’s spouse’s/partner’s berry color and their child’s.

If you’ve followed this rambling until this point, cool. I may just be writing all this for my own sake, but I wanted to share with you in case you were interested. In my next post, I’ll reveal my first generation, but for now, you get a sneak peak at my protagonist above.

Casting Call… sort of!

Sweet little Dulce (submitted by LegacySims2017 for my LASL story) is chasing the sunlight. Adorbs! 💕LegacySims2017 is writing a new legacy you should definitely check out.

Oh and if you have berry Sims, you’d like to submit, please upload to the Gallery and use the hashtags #livinasimminlife, #Adamseve1231, and #berrybountifulharvest. I’d love to fill up my berrified world with your Sims. In my lore, the Fae are the berries of the SimVerse, but they’re not the only ones.

This is a low-key submission. No real restrictions or requirements. Your berry doesn’t need to be Fae, but I may weave it into their backstory. If you have a backstory for your character, cool. Create a new Sim or submit one you’ve already used elsewhere. If you have used your Sim elsewhere, let me know where and I’ll link to your story/ blog/ forums post, etc.

My first generation is in Mt. Kamomīru (a.k.a. Mt. Komorebi) and will be a snow-berry. If you want to be a potential contender for love interest, then your submitted Sim needs to be a different color than my founder above.

Let me know if you use custom skins, hair, other things, etc. and where to find them. I also may tweak a Sim just a teeny bit to add eyelashes or something like that. (It’s a pet peeve of mine in game). On that note… happy Simming!

Writing, Gaming, and Coping with Life + HUGE announcement for LASL

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I feel like I owe you all an apology. *sigh* I had all these wild and grand plans for all my Sims stories this year. Some are in need of rewrites and updates. Others are started and on indefinite hiatus. I do have plans to finish eventually. Still others I say are coming and I haven’t even started.  I feel bad because I have started and seemingly abandoned stories.

I feel bad because I’ve accepted your Sims for certain stories and hoped to feature them and I haven’t yet finished the stories. I’ve all but thrown my schedule for the year out the window. Sometimes I come up with a half-a-million new ideas with new and emerging gameplay options and spend more time working on behind-the-scenes stuff than I do on actually writing/sharing content.  And I know I probably don’t need to feel as badly as I do, but  I feel like I’m letting you all down and I’m sorry.

COVID-19 is the buzzword this year and the unfortunate scapegoat for everything wrong in my life. Providing the excuse of the Coronavirus seems  to be widely accepted, but I still don’t feel right using it. I know and you know that I have other things going on in my life outside writing.  My workload increased almost quadruple when everything shifted to online and at home (since my primary work is communications).

My work never stopped. I know how fortunate and blessed I am to keep my job while so many folks are underemployed or unemployed during this time. I know how fortunate and blessed I am to have a stable income (and my husband does too) and that we’re considered “essential.” But can I just say how burnt out I am?

Communications are needed now more than ever in nearly every aspect of our lives.   Nothing about the “new norm” is easy or simple, and requires creativity and compromise.   Projects upon projects, hours, weeks, months later… and I have little free time and when I do, I’m exhausted. It’s hard when the whole world feels like it’s on fire and I can’t have a simple conversation or buy a cup of coffee or do a task for my job without thinking about COVID-19, crafting language that is both sensitive and beneficial.   (Oh, and literal fires too –  my childhood “happy place” was victim to the wildfires out west, and my current state of residence also faced fires close to home. My heart simply aches).  It’s been a rough, hard, challenging, unhealthy, scary okay let’s be honest… a plum year – and that’s a understatement.

On a positive note, some good things – because freezer bunnies! We need some good stuff too, right?  I’m trying to focus on the good instead of dwelling on the bad, but I did need to acknowledge the genuine state of my year first. I needed to acknowledge it, understand my capacity, and be brutally honest with myself and you.

I’m thankful for my spouse, that we’ve grown closer during this extra time together (we haven’t driven each other crazy yet 😛 ). I am thankful that we both have good jobs and job security. I am thankful that we were able to buy our house several years before COVID-19 and we’re finally able to make improvements and upgrades slowly. I am grateful that my family is doing okay. I am grateful that  I can still see my best friend and that we’ve been excitedly writing Gen II of LASL (more on that below). I am grateful that my cats continue to be as adorable as ever and love on me… and yes, I’m convinced I have the world’s most affectionate cats. I am grateful that my health has been improving and I have more energy than I used to,  and that I’ve found new hobbies and a semi-normal way of life even during pandemic.

Completing the rewrite of The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright was a huge milestone for me. (I’m still making some minor worldbuilding edits, but the writing is done). It was incredible to be able to finish a story that’s been years in the making. It’s not the typical Sims 3 story, or Sims story for that matter. I never set out expecting it to gain hundreds of followers and I only have a few loyal readers there. Still, for those of you who have read the story, thank you. Kass is near and dear to my heart and represents a much earlier stage in my life where I was struggling to find and establish myself, and she will always be important to me.

As crazy as it seems, writing KCLKF, the first time (and second), playing the Sims, and finding this amazing SimLit community provided me with a much needed catalyst to make some major life changes and start getting healthy again. It’s still a struggle and I’m far from “there yet,” but I’ve made so much progress. I honestly have this game and writing these stories to partially thank for it.

Another big positive – Outlining and creating the next generation of Livin’ A Simmin’ Life with one of my best friends has been a lifesaver, providing me with the much needed social outlet that even an introvert like me needs (something to look forward to every week  and fueling my creative juices). We’re completely done with the outline (and some of the gameplay) for the first season. It’s been a joy to have someone else get excited to hear my “Sims update” every week. (Literally a few weeks ago she was counting down the hours till we were both off work so I could walk her through the finale of Season 1 and she was texting me every hour for mini spoiler updates).  I’m super excited to bring you a new (and very different) story sometime in the new future.

I’ve grown surprisingly attached to Parker. Well, it’s not that surprising. I love all my Sims creations, but there’s something particularly special about Parker to me. I can see why she won the vote, and I hope you will too once I get into the story. I’ve also grown attached to several of the other characters in ways I did not anticipate, and I love them all like they were my babies. 🙂  Maple, in particular, has become a huge part of the Season 1 cast and Parker’s constant companion, and Oliver and Hamilton make for excellent complex Sim additions to the story. Plus a few others… I’ll let it be a surprise.

The game has once again surprised me with many of my character’s decisions and personalities. I had plans for certain circumstances, inciting events, mysteries, and personas and the game had (very) different ideas. So I scrapped my original plot and ideas and started fresh.

Needless to say, subject material in Generation 2 will be a lot darker than Generation 1.  Don’t worry. There will be plenty of lighthearted scenes and comic relief, including sibling moments, best friend forever moments, naivete and sweet romance, and maybe even a scandalous love triangle… or two…  😉

However, I’m following a different path to explore the supernatural realm. There will be witches, fairies, and vampires and their culture, history, and politics. Expect the return of the Kr’v (from my Darkness May Dream story). The game (plus the imagination of my friend) has also given me excellent fodder for spells and curses, legends, intrigue,  tragedy, manipulation, violence, kidnapping, and murder.  Maybe this is a spoiler alert, but I wanted to make you aware this will be a very different kind of story than Generation 1.

Setting up the game, capturing screenshots, and writing the content is time consuming. With all my other stories (and other life activities), I haven’t been able to fully write/illustrate the story, but I have been eagerly working on outlines, plot, character and relational development, and imagery weekly for the past six months.  I can’t wait to share Generation 2.

As with all my stories, I want to “do it” right. Playing, capturing the images, editing, writing, editing some more is taking me much longer than I expected. I hope you can be patient with me.

My plans for other stories… 

  • Kass’ next story is on hiatus for now while I focus on other things. I will eventually get back around to it. As for other (connected) stories, they will also eventually get their rewrites.
  • Little Miss Daija Bleu will continue to receive sporadic updates.
  • Wright Way Travel Adventures  – unfortunately I lost this game save. 😭 When I went to update my game, I thought I had backed everything up. It became corrupted by bad CC and I fixed it, but then I went back in and realized ouch! Everything was gone. Argh! This will eventually receive an update when I feel motivated to reset everything back up. It may not be the travel series I promised. I’m so sorry.
  • Darkness May Dream will eventually find its way over from Tumblr to its new home on my Stories from the Darker Side blog. I plan to use that blog as a home for all my stories set on worlds other than Simterra.
  • I have a newfound excitement for I Have Never. I plan to use a Super Sim challenge (with an elder) to keep writing the story. As far as I know, it hasn’t been done yet in the SimLit world. Anything my protagonist doesn’t complete, I’ll continue with the next generation.
  • Sadly, I planned to resurrect the Bachelor & Bachelorette challenge story this summer and it just didn’t happen. It is on indefinite hiatus, but I will finish it someday.
  • It was my goal to do a couple Only the Good Die Young  chapters in October. That didn’t happen. I’m not sure when it will. I haven’t given up on this story though.
  • I hope to also write some Introvert’s Guide chapters this winter.
  • Expect a Home for the Holidays update in the month of December. Not sure when or what it will be.
  • Possibly another update to Return to Brindleton Bay will also happen in the winter.
  • I’ve got an idea for a story with the latest pack Snowy Escape so I might… start something, but I haven’t decided when it will be or if I’ll play around for awhile before writing anything.

Okay now onto the really BIG news. 

There’s good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news, which turned into an opportunity in disguise.

When I lost my game saves due to corruption, I also lost the adult versions of the triplets. Joey was easy to recover. Nate received a bit of an overhaul. But Parker looks very different. I wasn’t able to age her up quite the same, and after awhile, I didn’t want to as I think the new version of her is really beautiful.

The Simself Green family (I do have different skins loaded in my game, skin details enabled, alpha CC hair, and default eye replacements in case you’re wondering). Joseph Simself originally submitted by LegacySims2017.

I also lost most of the other character makeovers. Some characters will look similar. Others will look vastly different. It is what it is.

I’ve made a LOT of changes to my original story too. I don’t mean minor ones. Really BIG ones. But…. I think this story will be so much better because of it. I will be moving the story to my Stories from the Darker Side blog.

Why? Because it is a darker story and will have more adult content. Also it fits because I’ll be introducing supernatural races, alien species, magic, and other planets and that is the purpose of the other blog. If you don’t follow me there yet, you should if you want to keep up with Gen 2. I’ll also do my best to post story links here and announce chapters when I have a new one. 🙂

Without further adieu… I announce the official next story in the LASL series, following the Generation 2 heiress, Parker Green. This will be a multi-part generation/story, and the series is called The Alliance of Magic. New banner below!!!

Also Parker’s story has received an updated cover. She’s headed to the magical mountainside communities of Mirth and  Glimmerbrook. Here’s the thing. The TS4 worlds weren’t quite suiting  the story properly so I downloaded a blank save file and reworked every world in TS4 (with some minor exceptions) to better fit the story. Every “town/world” in TS4 has a new name and look and fits primarily within the mageocratic (borrowing a word from WoW – a government ruled by magicians) merchant republic  of Avalon.

Some things cannot stay in shadow… the sun, the moon, the truth.

You can visit Stories from the Darker Side blog (SDS)  to read the official reveal and exciting (at least I think so) story 1’s synopsis.

Follow me on Simblr for behind-the-scenes previews  (i.e. style choices, location lore, character reveals, etc.) between now and then.

Be sure to follow the SDS blog for exciting announcements, extra content, and of course, the chapters when they make their crash landing on our planet –  Tuesday, December 1st!! 

I feel like I owe my readers an apology…

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I feel like I owe you all an apology! I’ve been really excited to play around in Sulani that I’ve been dropping a bunch of characters into the world for fun. I made an announcement, unofficially about this concept of The Third Life of Lizzie, but…

…then I realized Merry and Holly Bright appeared in the same announcement post

…and they are featured in Home for the Holidays (H4TH) (which has an appearance by LegacySims2017‘s Goober Nerdstrom and CathyTea‘s Cathy Tea and Sugar Maple Bough

…so that means, timeline wise, it’s approximately 2426 during H4TH, and Lizzie is still alive (and fairly young still… 47)

…and if Bachelor & Bachelorette: PIP and SIS are featured a year after H4TH, that means…

…Lizzie is only 48, or if it’s summertime, about to be 48.

This wouldn’t really be her third life. I totally jumped the gate with that announcement. My amended thoughts are Lizzie and Joseph are vacationing in Sulani during B&B.

I know you probably don’t care about these details that much, but I do. It’s important to me to preserve the timeline in my stories and maintain consistency whenever I can. I also feel each of my Sims’ stories are personal, and they feel real to me, so I want to honor their history and moment in time, and portray their lifetime accurately.

Anyhoo, sorry for my over-exuberance. Thanks for your readership. I look forward to debuting Bachelor and Bachelorette: Sulani Style (B&B) – Paramours in Paradise (PIP) and Sweethearts in Sulani (SIS) soon! Sul sul!

Welcome to the LASL Neighborhood

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Hey readers, some final updates for Livin’ A Simmin’ Life before I post the first chapter tomorrow. I wanted to make mention of the newly added households. I rolled at random with the remaining unoccupied apartments I had left so I could place the new households.

Welcome to the neighborhood – Munter Bacon and his old boy, Dash, submitted by Munterbacon. Munter is the head mixologist at the Waterside Warbler, though he dreams of being a bestselling author… because where else should aspiring authors move than the exciting city of San Myshuno? 🙂 He’s a fledge linguist with an interest in cooking, gardening, fitness, and comedy.

As I already said, I rolled at random to place these newest Sims. So guess who Munter’s next door neighbor is? I guess it’s so he can keep an eye on LegacySims2017‘s Goober. 😉

More pictures of Munter and Dash. I just love this one. They autonomously decided to go to Myshuno Meadows park together. Isn’t this the sweetest? 

As I leave Munter on the end of his first day, he’s enjoying a bowl of salted peas and his amazing view of Uptown while Dash rests his head after an active afternoon in the park.

Welcome Annie Rock and her adorable cat, Ollie. I just love that little top hat, don’t you? Annie was submitted by Rockannie, and I took the liberty of naming her Annie Rock in game. I can’t have too many Simselves running around. 😉 Lol. Annie is a genius, domestic, cat lover who dreams of having one big happy family. Maybe she can find love and happiness in the city.

I rolled at random for Annie’s skills and career. Annie is a charismatic paralegal who enjoys unwinding with some karaoke, and she has an interest in logic.

Lizzie even met up with Annie for a girls night. The two sung a duet ballad while MINEZ‘ Aria watched and cheered them on.

And finally, weclome Bugsie Sims (a variation of the name) and her sweet dog, Millie. They just moved in to Medina Suites next door to the Stuck in the 80’s household. Bugsie wants to be a painter extraordinaire so I gave her an easel.

It was late when I checked in with Bugsie so she pretty much went to sleep right away, and Millie crawled up and under the bed. Shy, maybe? Bugsie is a canvas creator, rolling the highest out of five possible options for her career as a painter. She also has recently taken up an interest in baking.

That’s all for now folks. Check back tomorrow for the first official chapter of Part Two. 🙂

Announcements Triple Time

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So ya’ll I’ve had several amazing days of writing and it feels great. So great that I’m ready to reveal some chapters.

Join me on Thursday over on Stories from the Dark Side for the first official chapter of Night Blooming Jasmine to be revealed. If you don’t know about what this is, oh my goodness! I’m so excited. It’s a revamp of my reverse legacy-esque fairy tale series combined with a lovely idea I had about music and vampires and May-December friendships and so much more. Read more here about the series, and follow the blog and check out tomorrow’s post.

Stopover here on Livin’ A Simmin’ Life this upcoming Friday for the opening chapter of Part Two of my Simself story, also named like this site, Livin’ A Simmin’ Life: City Livin’. If you haven’t already, check out the awesome cast, provided primarily by wonderful Simmers in the community, and a few of my own creations, including a few new characters, most available over on my gallery page. Just search for me under the id: livinasimminlife. You may also download my Simself for your game. Find out more here.

If you don’t see your Sims listed, I’m still working on updating so I’ll hopefully have all the submitted Sims up in the next two days.

In the meantime,

  • catch up on last part/arc if you haven’t… and wanna binge read…
  • or read the Life Inside the LASL World (if you haven’t already),
  • or submit a Sim (if you haven’t already),
  • and if you’ve done all that (or even if you haven’t), share with me your predictions for season two in the comments below. 🙂  

And… the long awaited time is here… The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright Second Edition is arriving on Monday, March 12th. I am super excited to share my baby, the first Sims story I ever spent a lot of time on, and the one that’s nearest and dearest to my heart, with one of my favorite creations of all time, Kassiopeia Fullbright, of course. I hope you enjoy this revised version with new chapters, story perspectives (i.e. Gage Briody and Davis Lamar to name a few), new pictures (from previous saved but never released screenshots), and expanded content, plus some edits to clear out some of the overgrown weeds. This version won’t be quite like the original, but it’ll still have the same essence of the first edition.

You can read the official new story synopsis here. It’s pretty good if I say so myself, but it’s late, so haha! It might be llama crap. You can also learn more about my worldbuilding, cultures, the races in this part of the Verse, etc. over on my KCLKF blog.

Upcoming Planned (Ideal) Schedule for Posting: 

Looking forward to sharing these stories with you.

Happy Simming!

🙂 Lizzie

Hopes and Dreams of Pixelated Peoples: Reflections on Part One of Livin’ A Simmin’ Life

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Author Note: Massive spoilers if you aren’t caught up on this story. You’ve been warned. 

I am relatively new to TS4. My preference is still TS3 games, partly for nostalgia reasons as it was the first Sims game I tried, partly because I feel I know that game best, and partly because I feel I have so many more options available with all the mods and custom content and open world concept. However, this is the first story where I genuinely felt like I co-wrote with the game.

I am continually amazed by the TS4 Sims autonomous decisions, especially by the Sims I didn’t control, which was everyone but Lizzie. This is also the first game I’ve played where I didn’t have a script in mind when writing. I typically write Sims stories from a story-driven perspective, but this story was heavily game-driven. I didn’t have an agenda, except for Lizzie to complete her goals. Initially, I was worried I’d lose interest because the days felt super repetitive, but that’s when the Sims started surprising me.

Lizzie really knew what she wanted from the start. Every once in awhile, I’d gently direct her or nudge her, but she pretty much made up her own mind about things. I got to the point where I didn’t want to direct her because she made some pretty incredible decisions all on her own. Actually, all the Green girls did.

I spent less time following Lee around, but she immediately clicked with MINEZ‘ Sammy Sarafin, and worked her butt off to get promoted like she did, and then engaged.

Nora was bound and determined to hook MINEZ‘ Julian DeBateau, even with his loner, hot-headed, and perfectionist traits – a triple threat. Nora took this as a superb challenge, and eventually wore down the man’s defenses, boldly kissed him…

…and Julian asked her to be his girlfriend, and then Nora looked so startled… as if she didn’t expect him to ever ask. Haha.

And then there was Lizzie, who created a bit of an aggravating love triangle between herself, LegacySims2017’s Joseph Simselfand InfraGreen/Trip’s Rob Buckley. At first, it was aggravating, mostly because I wasn’t expecting it, and because it would be challenging to write. I didn’t want Lizzie to be perceived in a negative light, and I had a hard time believing I would do something like that, but then I had to remind myself that Lizzie was my Sim-self, not my actual self. Once I let myself be free of those restraints, the story really took off.

Lizzie truly fell hard for Rob, and naturally, I expected that to be her choice and her ending.

I guided gently and nudged here and there for her to make things happen, but Lizzie never forgot that she “fell for” Joseph first, and that they had instant chemistry, something Lizzie/Rob lacked.

Lizzie’s “childcare” work made it easy for her to bond with Carrie, Rob’s daughter, and she loved how he was a good dad…

…but Joseph, too, was great with the kids early on during their chapter at the Pizza Planet.

I’ll never forget Joseph’s conversation with the precocious Brooklyn when he asked her to “help a guy out.”

Lizzie and Rob bonded over music, and waxed poetic about bands and songs…

…but Joseph and Lizzie enjoyed a humorous banter and deep friendship from the start. And he won her over with coffee early on. :p

It was the fact that he made instant friends with most of Lizzie’s family and the “bookends” comment that cemented things for me that this relationship could work…

…which was why their first date, initiated by him, was so confounding. I was probably as surprised as Lizzie… had she just been friend-zoned?

That plus the reveal of his in-game, game initiated ex-girlfriend of Summer made me wonder whether Lizzie made a mistake or if we both misinterpreted things.

Then Joseph went outside before heading home and stood the trash can upright, and for some reason, this was striking to me. Here is an upset Sim who just ran into an ex-girlfriend, who didn’t get a much-desired work promotion, who just blew a date with the girl he asked out, and yet he stops and takes the time to pick up a trash can. It spoke volumes to me about his character.

And then, Lizzie went off and kissed Rob. I think, in part, she wanted Rob because of her initial failed date with Joseph. She didn’t want to feel down, and wanted to redeem the evening.

Catarina Lynx, whom I encountered in other Sims games of mine, was also a shocking reveal. She was an ex of Rob’s, and I ret-conned her as the mother of Carrie. I had reworked stories in my head with other Sims stories based on in-game aspects, but this was the first time, I was really thrown for a loop and worked hard to weave it into the narrative.

When stubborn little Carrie threw a fit and Rob didn’t respond well to Lizzie’s “confession of attraction” (all autonomous), I figured their relationship was over before it really started.

The game continued to surprise me. I was impressed by the friendships. Lizzie really worked hard to maintain her friendships.

I enjoyed meeting the delightful and imaginative Teresa Spinks by Skcaga6. I was amazed at how selfless Lizzie was in staying up all night with the little girl to keep her mind off her sick baby brother, even though Lizzie dropped over from exhaustion shortly after Teresa left.

Ali Morrison, by friendsfan367, was always making Lizzie laugh.

Cathy Tea‘s Simself shocked me with her wide range of emotional outbursts and how crazy entertaining she was.

And no one appreciated Cathy Tea‘s Sugar Maple Bough’s invite to a girls night at the Solar Flare more than Lizzie. Sugar was an amazing musician too. I wish I had video of her playing the violin. She was a good friend to Lizzie.

And Lizzie was great with the kiddos. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve also worked in childcare so it was only fitting my Simself also. However, Lizzie had such a natural way with the children. I was impressed, and a bit envious.

Lizzie also shared a sweet relationship with her sister, Nora. I appreciated how often Nora attempted to make things better for her sister, and how she worked hard to comfort Lizzie when she was sad, and just be around to be a friend. She was caring and understanding.

This is especially special for me because the sister whom Nora represents and I haven’t always had the most solid relationship, but we share a closer bond now that we’re both older. I appreciate her counsel and her friendship more than she knows, and Nora feels like an excellent tribute to this real life sister of mine.

On that note, my dad and mom are also a bit goofy like Eddie and Essie. It was inspirational to see their strong marriage in game. My own parents did not stay together, and their divorce was incredibly difficult on my sisters and I. However, I didn’t want that to be the same for my Simself and her Sim-siblings so I kept the nuclear family. I was impressed by the love displayed between the two Sims, Eddie and Essie.

…and the love between these two. They were nauseatingly happy. Haha. Okay, maybe not really. I have a tendency to write real, gritty, broken relationships in all my stories, Sims or otherwise. Maybe I’m a bit jaded, but they say write what you know, right? :/ I stepped out of this story, and didn’t have an agenda, and I was pleased with the results. Perhaps a little sweetness every once in awhile is called for… especially with…

…Lizzie and Joseph. Joseph continued to insert himself not only in my game,  but in Lizzie’s life, not as a love interest initially, but as a friend. I was pleasantly surprised by him. How he spent time with the family and frequently “invited” himself over. How he texted her on a daily basis. How he boldly flirted with her, and she boldly flirted back, and yet still chose Rob. Lizzie was way more assertive and daring than I’d ever be.

And Joseph couldn’t stop smiling around her.

Though Rob had his moments too.

One of my favorite moments was when Nora boldly gave Rob a pep-talk and not about exercising, but about Lizzie. It was so surprising in game – she immediately followed up her pep talk with a whim to talk about her sister.

What surprised me the most was Lizzie pretty much explained she was “into” Rob and broke up with Joseph even after agreeing to give their relationship a try and yet Joseph returned to the household and autonomously apologized. Again, I felt like that spoke volumes about his character.

I was amazed by the expansion, City Living, and I couldn’t get enough of San Myshuno. Lizzie immediately felt comfortable there, and was in awe of the colors, lights, festivals, and spirit of the city. She and Rob visited multiple times, which I tied into one amazing chapter. I could see Lizzie moving here in the future, and I assumed that future would be with Rob, Carrie, and Marshall. Yet Lizzie kept rolling whims to think of or get together with or kiss Joseph, even after she was dating Rob. As a writer, I was confused.  As a gamer,  I was frustrated. And Lizzie kept trying to tell me things and I didn’t understand it yet. Jogging, werewolf movies,  laundry, dancing,  pumpkins,  chocolate,  and even coffee (on occasion) put her in a sad mood. The AI here was brilliant and I lagged behind and tried desperately to keep up.  I even wrote and included the sad moments,  but I didn’t put two and two together until later.

As I look in retrospect, she kind-of idealized Rob and over-romanticized their relationship. I’m not saying it couldn’t have worked, or that what they had wasn’t real, or that it didn’t plum nearly break my heart when he broke up with her… I hated to see my pixelated Simself so unhappy. Yet somehow Lizzie knew long before I did that she was destined for Joseph.

Due to a game glitch, somehow, Carrie ended up in Catarina’s household, and almost immediately after, Rob broke up with Lizzie. I felt like this glitch was a stroke of fate, a wake up call they probably both needed, and me too. The descent into Lizzie’s despair was distressing. I was so invested in these Sims. All these Sims. It was heartbreaking to see any one of them hurting. If I had seen what Lizzie really wanted sooner,  maybe I could’ve prevented the heartache.  I felt guilty.  Was she sad because she genuinely cared for Rob? Yes. Was she sad for her wasted time?  I think so.  Was she sad because she didn’t listen to her heart, slow down,  and wait? I think that was the hardest of all… and there was some serious truth that Lizzie knew deep down and somehow I glossed over.  Am I making too much of a game?  Maybe,  but I feel I gained incredible insight as a writer and a gamer based on this experience of writing/ playing through my Simself story.

I took my time post this chapter because I needed to heal, regroup,  and figure out where to go and what I wanted to do in game, just like Lizzie did. I fast-forwarded a bit and played around for several Sim weeks to capture the shots of the second to last chapter, allowing for Lizzie to figure out her life.

This time was good for her, and it was good for me too and getting some distance. Then I just wasn’t sure where to go. I had a couple ideas. I knew I was planning Lee and Sammy’s wedding since their engagement so I switched households to set it up, invited guests, and sat back to let things go.

And then Joseph popped back into Lizzie’s life again. Interestingly, the San Myshuno story line was already written out for him as I hinted at his desire to move to the city in previous chapters.

He was even the first to invite her to San Myshuno. In a way, Lizzie could have her cake and eat it too. She could still have love (of a different sort than planned) and still get the opportunity to move to the city… so yes, this is an announcement about the future – part two in the city.  I’m getting ahead of myself.

Joseph arrived at the wedding in a sad mood. He was actually mopey, but as soon as he saw Lizzie, all that changed and he lit up like a Christmas tree.

I nearly fell out of my chair in shock when he autonomously kissed Lizzie. I half-expected her to be mad. I mean, they hadn’t seen each other in weeks (er… story years). And yet the look in her eyes post the kiss was incredible. All those feelings flooded back and she was happy. I could see it. I was astounded.

Here I fully intended to “call Rob” post the wedding and try and patch things up. I debated inviting him to the wedding but didn’t have a good reason. I even partially worked out a story line where Lizzie moved to Brindleton Bay to try and make things work with the Buckleys.

  1. But the game answered things for me. Joseph chose Lizzie, through zero prompting of my own. And Lizzie chose Joseph, and I think she would have all along if she hadn’t been so impulsive.  And I just couldn’t deny these Sims a happy ending. I actually think I cheered. Haha. 🙂

Part One: Family Ties comes to a close. Thank you to everyone who submitted Sims and followed me along this journey, and for putting up with this supremely wordy post. Haha. It has truly been my pleasure to feature your Sims and to follow and observe all the Sims in this story. Stay tuned for Part Two: City Living.

Casting Call: Part Two of Livin’ A Simmin’ Life

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Surprise! Another 2nd post today! I’m starting a casting call for Part Two of my Simself’s adventures. It’s hard to believe I’m already into Part Two, and yes, I’ve been playing ahead, because it’s fun and I couldn’t wait.I would love to have your Sim(s) join an already colorful, amazing cast of characters.

This is an ISBI (I’m Surrounded By Idi*ts) Challenge, meaning I’ll only control my Simself and everything else is left up to autonomy and game mechanics (short of a few minor things, and I’ll let you know in author notes).

If you have yet to see a Sim you submitted, I’m going to change up my rules a bit and try to interact with each and every one of them in Part Two. In Part One, I tried to leave everything up to game mechanics and only interact with Sims who came across my Simself’s path, but I want to make sure ALL your submitted Sims get a chance in the spotlight.

A few changes from the first part (and this is all explained over in the other page too):

  • I’ve changed up my Simself’s appearance. If you’d like to use my Simself in your game, you can find out more HERE. I only ask that if you feature my Simself in your story, you’d link back to my stuff (either Tumblr, WordPress, or forums… or all).
  • I have ALL the expansions (short of the upcoming Jungle Adventures).
  • I have very few stuff packs, but I plan to purchase a few soon (if you have any suggestions, let me know).
  • My Simself will already have a love interest in Part Two (sorry guys 😉 ) but if you’d like your Sim to find a “love” also, let me know (either for future generations, with another submitted Sim, or just in general).
  • I welcome pets… and I encourage pet submission. I love furry critters. 🙂
  • The upcoming arc will take place in San Myshuno if that influences whom you submit.

You can click HERE to read more if you’re interested in submitting. You can also leave me info below in the comments, message me on Tumblr, or visit the forums page.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to interacting with your Sims in game. 🙂

A Little Box of Sunshine

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Surprise! Surprise! Two posts from me today. In my defense, one was pre-posted, and the other is conveniently over on my other blog, The Krazy Crazy Life of Kass. Much thanks to Kate of Loewe Legacy and Sam from SamAsASim for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. You can read my acceptance here, and you should totally check out the bloggers that nominated me.