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Day 2, Pt. 3: Happy Feet – the Group Date (SIS)

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Welcome back to the island kingdom of Sulani. I’m your host, Neal “The Dealin'” Wheeler, and this is Bachelor and Bachelorette: Sulani Style – Sweethearts in Sulani. Tonight, we will be “dealin'” our bachelor candidates a challenge – the dance off. Who will be light on his feet? Who will sweep Breanna off her feet? Who will have two left feet? Only the evening will tell… Bring out your dancin’ shoes and join us for the fun!

Our bachelorette is ready to sway… What adorable island attire she’s wearing!

I can hear the sounds of violins
Long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how
Sway me smooth, sway me now.

Mort goes for the theatrical entrance in a cloud of black smoke. Poof! Our special effects department got carried away now, didn’t they?
Breanna is skeeved out by Mort’s strange appearance. She is not impressed.
…that leaves an opening for Hunter, but not so fast, Afu saunters up confidently too.
Too slow, fellows! Miguel makes the first contact of the night. Griffin, buddy, you need more pep in your step!

“Hola Senorita Breanna, the night is so beautiful for dancing, is it not?”

Hunter’s Confessional: Plum!

Afu’s Confessional: How does that guy swoop in every time? 

Mort’s Confessional: Freezer bat bunnies! I hoped she would be impressed by my smoke screen. 

Griffin’s Confessional: It’s nice having my own suite, but man! (slouches forward) I shouldn’t have stayed up all night trying to beat my record for FIFA 08.

Miguel offers to go fetch Breanna a refreshing beverage… making way for Andy-oh! Eyes up top, Afu! Yes, we see you checking out the pirate princess’ booty!

“Andy-oh is in the house!” Andy declares loudly, ignoring Mort’s not-so-subtle elbow-jab to pipe down. “And Breanna… you got the steps, girl.”

“Uh thank you,” she replies.

Breanna’s Confessional: I’m not sure what to make of their outfit choice – leather mini skirt, fish net tights, and knee-high boots. And don’t get me started on the top! Lawd have mercy!

“They said ‘dress to impress,'” Andy twirls about. “So here I am!”

“You certainly… aremaking an impression,” Breanna says.

Afu’s Confessional: Ooo… do I detect some shade?

“Wanna hear a joke?” Andy inquires. “Our wedding was beautiful. Even the cake was in tiers.” He snickers.

Breanna laughs lightly and curls her fingers. “It’s too early to joke about marriage.”

Afu’s Confessional: And I’m back in the driver’s seat! 

Breanna declares dance-offs have begun. First up…
Afu. I have my eye on you. Twist and Shout.

Well, shake it up, baby, now
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now

Come on and work it on out
Well, work it on out, honey
You know you look so good
You know you got me goin’ now
Just like I know you would

Afu pulls out spinning light sticks, surprising Breanna.

Well, shake it up, baby, now
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
Come on and work it on out
You know you twist, little girl
You know you twist so fine
Come on and twist a little closer now
And let me know that you’re mine!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, wow
Baby, now
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
Come on and work it on out
You know you twist, little girl
You know you twist so fine

Come on and twist a little closer now
And let me know that you’re mine
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Ah, ah, ah, ah

Breanna declares Afu’s dance a success! She enjoyed the workout and it was a lot of fun.
Unfortunately for Afu, Mort is swooping in on his territory, eager to make up for scaring Breanna earlier.

“You are a phenomenal dancer,” Mort declares.

“Why thank you,” Breanna fans herself, feeling a bit out of breath from her last dance.

Your turn, Mort. Monster Mash.

I was working in the lab, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash, he did the monster mash
The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash
He did the mash, it caught on in a flash
He did the mash, he did the monster mash

Uh oh! Breanna just isn’t feeling it.
Mort, you tried. Maybe the song just hit too close to home… vampire and all.
Mort’s Confessional: Aw bats! I blew it!

After Breanna refreshes with a trip to the ladies room and that drink Miguel promised… she wanders over to bachelor number three for the night.

Kaha. Wipeout.
…with a little help from the props department, Kaha loosens up.
“Finally something to do with his hands,” Hunter smirks.
“Making fun of Kaha isn’t nice,” Miguel calls. “You’re ruining the song.”
“This is a good song,” Andy declares.
Uh oh… Kaha stomped on Breanna’s foot. Maybe he was doomed with a song called Wipeout.
Then laughs hysterically out of nervousness. She hits him with the light wand as she tries to catch her balance.
Poor Breanna fell to the floor and face-planted. Kaha holds his back and groans.

“Ooo, that’s gotta hurt!” Andy says.

“No one’s dancin’ in the moonlight any longer,” Afu laughs.

“Breanna, are you alright?” Miguel rushes forward with concern.

“Everyone, back up,” Miguel shouts, throwing his hand in the air. “Give Breanna some room.”

Miguel puts his hands out to catch her if she falls again. She holds her hand up to her face, her cheeks turning deep red.

“Well, that was embarrassing,” she winces.

“Can I get you anything?” Miguel inquires. “Here… let me help you sit down.”

Griffin decides to take this moment and dive into the bay, swimming around the venue.
Holly rests for almost an hour at this point, giving all the gentlemen a chance to chat with her. Everyone but Griffin. Breanna talks about how she’s squeamish about creepy-crawlies, which apparently saddens Miguel. Hunter observes and listens thoughtfully. Apparently he too decided to take a dip in the ocean. Thankfully, we’re in Sulani. Shirtless guys is the norm. Griffin returns to the hut in his swim wear and chats with Holly.

Miguel’s Confessional: How would I take the lovely Breanna through the bush I so love if she can’t stand the sight of spiders? 

Hunter’s ConfessionalBreanna would do well in the city with me. Maybe skip the entomological exhibit at the museum. (chuckles to self)

Griffin’s Confessional: (in reference to Holly) I like her hair. It’s kinda weird, but cool.

I help myself to a a refreshing glass of lemonade. Gotta stay alert for all the happenings on the dance floor. Holly comes over to see if Breanna was okay. She winces and says she is hanging in there.
While I down my drink, Kaha comes over to apologize profusely to Breanna. She accepts his apology readily. Those two seem to be getting along better now.
Breanna’s ready to get back on the dance floor. Hunter gets redressed at lightning speed. He’s ready to bust a move. Hunter’s turn. Off the Wall. Breanna was really getting into the song.

When the world is on your shoulder
Gotta straighten up your act and boogie down
If you can’t hang with the feelin’
Then there ain’t no room for you this part of town
‘Cause we’re the party people night and day
Livin’ crazy that’s the only way

On the other side of the bar, it looks like some of the ladies from the Paramours house showed up. Caroline and Nakaia are letting the ‘madness’  get to them. Hortance settles at the bar and Miguel wanders over to order another drink. Mort realizes he’s gotta get his head in the game.

So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
Groove, let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall
Life ain’t so bad at all (live life off the wall)
Live your life off the wall (live it off the wall)

You can shout out all you want to
‘Cause there ain’t no sin in folks all getting loud
If you take the chance and do it
There there ain’t no one who’s gonna put you down
‘Cause we’re the party people night and day
Livin’ crazy that’s the only way

So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
Groove, let the madness in the music get to you
Life ain’t so bad at all
If you live it off the wall
Life ain’t so bad at all (live life off the wall)
Live your life off the wall (live it off the wall)
The dance with Hunter was a success!
Do what you want to do
There ain’t no rules it’s up to you (ain’t no rules it’s all up to you)
It’s time to come alive
And party on right through the night (all right)
Are you ready? Andy asks of Breanna. It’s his turn. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough. Breanna grins and says sure.
Lovely is the feelin’ now
Fever, temperatures risin’ now
Power (oh power) is the force the vow
That makes it happen
It asks no questions why (ooh)
So get closer (closer now) to my body now
Just love me ’til you don’t know how (ooh)
Keep on, with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop ’til you get enough
Keep on, with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop ’til you get enough
Mort and some of the ladies join in the song on the corner of the dance floor. Andy isn’t thrilled that they’re moving in on his territory.

Touch me and I feel on fire
Ain’t nothin’ like a love desire (ooh)
I’m melting (I’m melting) like hot candle wax
Sensation (ah sensation) lovely where we’re at (ooh)
So let love take us through the hours
I won’t be complainin’ (ooo)
‘Cause this is love power (ooh)

…but he’s not giving up!

Keep on, with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop ’til you get enough
Keep on, with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop ’til you get enough

Ooo… looks like Breanna’s had enough. She develops a cramp in her side and stops before the end of the song.
Griffin stops Breanna outside the hut and chats with her about color theories and dance moves. A walk on the beach is exactly what she needed to stretch her cramping side.
Griffin cracks his neck and his fingers and he’s ready to start grooving all on his own. Play That Funky Music.

Yeah, there was a funky singer
Playin’ in a rock and roll band
And never had no problems yeah
Burnin’ down one night stands
And everything around me, yeah
Got to stop to feelin’ so low
And I decided quickly, yes I did
To disco down and check out the show

You go, Griffin! Rock that confidence!

Kaha’s Confessional: How can I learn some of those man’s moves?

Yeah they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die, oh till you die

I tried to understand this
I thought that they were out of their minds
How could I be so foolish (How could I)
To not see I was the one behind
So still I kept on fighting

Well, loosing every step of the way
I said, I must go back there (I got to go back)
And check to see if things still the same

Breanna came over and joined in.

Yeah they was dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die, ya
Till you die

Now first it wasn’t easy
Changin’ Rock and Roll and minds and things were getting shaky
I thought I’d have to leave it behind
But now its so much better (it’s so much better)
I’m funking out in every way
But I’ll never lose that feelin’ (no I won’t)
Of how I learned my lesson that day

When they were dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die
Oh’ till you die

Breanna laughs happily. “That was so much fun!”

“How was I?” Griffin asks. “You can be honest.”

“I loved your confidence,” she praises. “A confident man catches my attention any day.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” he inquires.

She bobs her head. “You lay that boogie down!”

It’s Miguel’s turn.

“Tell me,” he inquires. “What kinds of things are you looking for in a good dance song?”

“Catchy lyrics. Good beat. And emotional meaning,” Breanna lists off.

Miguel goes over and requests a song from the DJ, instead of waiting on the random choice of the producers.
Now I’ve had the time of my life
No, I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you
‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life
And I owe it all to you
I love this song! Breanna’s eyes light up.

Afu’s Confessional: Uh oh. We might be in trouble. 

Hunter’s Confessional: I didn’t know we could pick our songs. 

I’ve been waiting for so long
Now I’ve finally found someone to stand by me
We saw the writing on the wall
And we felt this magical fantasy
Now with passion in our eyes
There’s no way we could disguise it secretly
So we take each others hand
‘Cause we seem to understand the urgency

Just remember
You’re the one thing
I can’t get enough of
So I’ll tell you something
This could be love
Because I’ve had the time of my life
No, I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you
Hey baby

With my body and soul
I want you more than you’ll ever know
So we’ll just let it go
Don’t be afraid to lose control, no
Yes, I know what’s on your mind when you say
“Stay with me tonight” (stay with me)
And remember
You’re the one thing
I can’t get enough of
So I’ll tell you something
This could be love
Breanna is shocked when Nellie Aquafree interrupts and starts belting the lyrics, coming between the two singers.

Because I’ve had the time of my life
No, I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you

Afu takes the opening and begins dancing with Breanna.

“What are you doing?” Breanna asks.

“You said… confidence catches your attention any day,” Afu replies.

Breanna isn’t happy.

They finish out the dancing competitions with group dances.

There’s nothing more that I like to do
Than take the floor and dance with you
Keep dancing…let’s keep dancing! 

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now
Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now, show ’em how we do it now

Let show the world we can dance
Bad enough to strut our stuff
The music gives us a chance
We do more out on the floor

Groovin’ loose or heart to heart
We put in motion every single part
Funky sounds wall to wall
We’re bumpin’ booties, havin’ us a ball, y’all 

We got the rhythm tonight
All the rest know we’re the best
Our shadows crash in the light
Twistin’, turnin’, we keep burnin’

Shake it high or shake it low
We take our bodies where they wanna go
Feel that beat, never stop
Oh, hold me tight, spin me like a top

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now
Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show ’em how we do it now

Show ’em how we do it now, let’s get on down
Show ’em how we do it now, show ’em how we do it now, ooh
Ooh Show ’em how we do it now, shake your groove thing

Quite a few guys go for a dip in the ocean to cool off after a night of dancing. Levi from Paramours shows up to check out the party and wishes Breanna good luck.

“Uh… is it legal for him to be here?” Afu asks, raising his hand as if in school.

“Did you enjoy the water?” Breanna asks of Kaha.

“Do your tattoos have any special significance?” Breanna asks of Andy.

“Of course they do,” Andy replies. “Each tattoo reminds me of a place I’ve been and how I’ve grown as a person. Like my bird on a flower branch? It’s to remind me to be free to be myself. That I need to embrace who I am.”

“Actually… that’s quite beautiful,” Breanna admits. “I’ve always been to chicken to go under the needle. If I were going to get a tattoo, what would you suggest?”

Andy steps forward and takes Breanna’s hands much to her surprise.

“I wouldn’t presume to know what you should get,” he says. “Tattoos are very personal. You should choose what best fits you, but as I get to know you, I’d be happy to go with and I’d be honored to help you pick out your first.”

Breanna’s Confessional: I’ll be completely honest. Until now, I didn’t know what to make of Andy. But now. He held my hands. I think my heart skipped a beat a little bit. He’s a little different than the usual guy I’ve gone for, but he’s really rather sweet. 

Mort was the only one of the guys who headed back to the estate. He planned to research dance videos and pickup lines.

Mort’s Confessional: Next time… I’lll…er… compliment her hair or something. Or maybe her feet. She has tiny feet… girls like being thought of as tiny, right? Uh… (gulps) tiny happy dancing feet. Yeah that’s a thing, right? 

Andy must’ve made enough of an impression to get the “second chance” card. Breanna selected Footless.

Been working so hard
I’m punching my card
Eight hours for what?
Oh, tell me what I got
I’ve got this feeling
That time’s just holding me down
I’ll hit the ceiling
Or else I’ll tear up this town

Now I gotta cut loose
Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes
Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees
Jack, get back, come on before we crack
Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose

They danced over to the entrance where Andy offered Breanna a thumbs up.

You’re playing so cool, obeying every rule
Deep way down in your heart
You’re burning, yearning for the some-somebody to tell you
That life ain’t passing you by
I’m trying to tell you
It will if you don’t even try

These two are so cute. They started singing the lyrics with such enthusiasm while looking into each other’s eyes.
You’ll get by if you’d only cut loose
Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes
Ooh-whee, Marie, shake it, shake it for me
Whoah, Milo come on, come on let’s go
Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose
You got to turn me around
And put your feet on the ground
Gotta take the hold of all
Breanna was pretty tired after a night of dancing. She went to relax outside on the lounge chairs. Afu went to find her.

“Hey, just wanna make sure I didn’t totally offend you,” he says.

“Aw… it’s okay, Afu,” she replies. “Apology accepted.”

“Are you even tired?” Miguel asks as he joins Breanna.

“Nope,” she shakes her head. “I feel so energized.”

“I can see why,” he replies. “You looked great out there!”

“Thank you,” she exclaims. “I’m having the time of my life.”

He grins at the pun. “I’m happy to hear you liked my song choice.”

“It’s one of my favorite songs of all time,” she purrs. “How’d you know?”

“Lucky guess?” he shrugs. “You’re easy to talk to, and it makes it fun to try and please you.”

“You know…” she begins as she tries to return the compliment. “You have a really nice smile, Miguel.”

“Looks like we’re doing this again,” he adds. “Saying goodbye in the morning.”

“Twice in a row,” she flutters her lashes. “Must be a sign.”

He closes his eyes. “I do enjoy spending time with you, Breanna. And I’ll be your dance partner anytime.”

She flushes. “I don’t exactly want to say goodbye,” she confesses, picturing her lips on his own as he squeezes her hands.

Griffin’s Confessional: I can’t wait to hug Breanna again and hold her close. She’s such a beautiful woman and a really cool person and it was so much fun to dance with her. I think we’ll have lots of fun together. Should I call her? I did give her my personal number. Or is it still too early? Aww… shoot! I left my cell phone at the bar.
Hunter’s Confessional: Those were some bumpin’ beats. Breanna was on fire last night. Whoo! She hardly stopped dancing. I am confident we’ll do just fine together. And mmm… her lips are fine. I’d love to kiss them.
Afu’s Confessional: Breanna is… mmm… fine! Like a red wine. And I think she likes a little chocolate with her wine. We should schedule a date.
Kaha’s Confessional: I’ve never thought about romance. Not really. I think (blushes) if Breanna feels about me the way I feel about her, I should like to have my first kiss with her.
Miguel stayed behind to help the crew clean up and bought one of the producers breakfast.

Miguel’s Confessional: I need to step it up if I want to stay in this competition. I should read up on romance and I should practice my best compliments. Naw… Breanna doesn’t strike me as someone who really appreciates pick-up lines. I just need to be myself. Whoo! Go for a jog. Clear your head. You’ve got this Miguel.

Andy was the last to leave. Somehow he fell asleep in the bushes and lost his multiple changes of clothes. Tsk, tsk! One of the guys playing a prank. It didn’t matter.

Andy’s Confessional: Breanna was totally digging me. This could be the start of something beautiful. 

Author NotesThanks for reading this epic long update. It grew longer and longer as they stayed at the beach bar for the whole night and through part of the morning. A lot happened here, and the gentleman all earned points. 

The Songs Mentioned in the Chapter: I made a list of fun, catchy dance songs and rolled at random to see who got paired with what. I was actually pleasantly surprised how well they matched. In terms of Breanna’s favorite song, she was the happiest during Time of My Life (until Nellie interrupted), and she had a lot to drink by the time she karaoke-d with Andy on Footloose. 

This chapter featured VanPelt81‘s Andy and Hortance, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, afai1261‘s Griffin, Munterbacon’sMiguel and Nakaia, TheYayToast’sHunter and Caroline, nerdfashion’sKaha, and divanthesimmer ‘s Afu. Try as I might… I couldn’t get Soulgal7‘s Beau to show up, even though he’d been introduced, though he did wander by the bar in the morning when Miguel and Breanna were chatting. He kept saying it was “too late” when Neal would call and invite him. Well, you missed out, Beauregard.

I couldn’t stop townies from wandering on the lot, or I didn’t try very hard. The only one I mention by name is Nellie Aquafree, my TS4 remake of Nancy Landgraab (and I know she looks exactly alike, but Nancy Landgrabb with two b’s makes an appearance in other stories of mine so I count the TS4 version of her as someone else).Care to guess which guy “pranked” Andy and hid his clothes? 😉 

Hope you enjoyed! Tell us who your favorites are and your favorite moments of the night in the comments. And you can vote – which guy deserves extra points on his dance card? (Just in case this affects your voting, Andy is safe from the first elimination because he received a the “second chance” rose tonight). 

Day 2, Pt. 2: My Lips are Sealed (SIS)

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani! Oh, I’m gonna sneeze.

Excuse me…. I’m Neal Wheeler, your host in Paradise. The island kingdom of Sulani holds many surprises. One such surprise is an unexpected early contestant. Before tonight’s group date with the bachelorette, I’m going to interview this new bachelor.

Meet Beauregard R. Lee. This Taurun bar owner hails from Magnolia Promenade. No, not the one in Valverde. The original one in the South… in the great state of Bayou…because as Beau insists, it the best one! Self-described as a romantic, Beau is looking for a true Southern lady, and he hopes to woo her with his shared locale, fit physique, and business savvy. Together he hopes to start the little Lee legacy on his plantation. Will this confident, charming Southern gentleman capture Breanna’s attention?
There goes Caroline in the background, strutting about in her short shorts and boots.

“Freeeeezerrr bunnnnieeeees!” Neal sneezes again.

“Bless you,” Beau offers. “Aww… someone must be thinking of you.”

“Oh dear… I must be allergic to something here,” Neal sighs, a slight hint of pink growing on his cheeks. “Alright, tell us about yourself, Beau. I understand you own a bar. How did that happen?”

Beau closes his eyes. “My parents, rest their souls, were pioneers in the south. My mama came from a wealthy family herself and was very involved in the beautification of the town and a patron of the arts. My daddy was a riverboat captain.”

“Wow, that’s cool,” Neal interjects.

“I was born in Magnolia Promenade, an only child and lived a very pampered life. I was away at school when my parents perished in the great flood,” Beau says.

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that,” Neal replies, and then turns to look at the woman who just sat down at the table.

“And who pray tell is this?” Beau inquires.

Holly giggles. “I’m sorry to interrupt, Neal. But there’s a bit of a problem.”

Neal and Holly step aside with Neal apologizing to Beau. Holly leans in and tells Neal that some of the ladies from Paramours in Paradise have been invited to the group date party tonight with Breanna.

“It could be trouble,” she says.

“Why?” Neal takes off his glasses and rubs them against his shirt. “Did the producers think it was a good idea?”

“Drama!” Holly shrugs.

“Forgive the intrusion,” Neal sighs as he plops down on the chair. “Where were we.”

“Not a problem,” Beau continues. “I came back home and resided at the plantation and with the inheritance that I had, decided to open a bar in town. It was quite a popular bar and sims from all over came to my establishment. Of course, what would a bar be without a bit of gaming, and I garnered more and more wealth and fame through my luck of the draw. Of course, with all my wealth, I was never without an escort to all the charity events, dinners and dances I was invited to. I was a perpetual bachelor, and it wasn’t until recently that I decided that I needed to settle down and start a family.”

He seemed to sober. “But when I looked around and thought of all the women that I knew, none of them seemed suitable to be my bride. And then I saw the photo of Breanna, and knew that she was the one for me. The southern belle that I’ve been looking for. Classy, refined, and with such kissable lips, I could barely control myself.”

Neal laughs awkwardly. “Uh yeah.”

Beau smiles confidently. “Yes, she was the one, and any Yank that may be thinking of putting a move on her, best be dealing with me.”

“Oh excuse me,” Beau says. “A business call.”

“We are on the air,” Neal reminds.

“Sorry about that,” Beau replies. “I’m trying to open a second bar right in Breanna’s hometown of Willow Creek. All the details are worked out. We’re just waiting for our final inspection and move in date.”

“That must be exciting,” Neal says.

“Yes,” Beau concurs. “I could be even closer to home for the lovely Breanna.”

“Speaking of Breanna, what is one thing you would do to put her at ease when you meet?” Neal asks.

Beau grins. “I technically already met the lovely lady. Oh… her picture does not due her justice,” he sighs happily.

“You did?” Neal casts his eyes to the side and Holly bobs her head in affirmation.

“I offered her some sweet Southern treats and to walk with her in the garden, but we did not have the time,” Beau replies.

“I see,” Neal forces a smile.

Why don’t the producers ever tell me anything? 

“And I know the question you’re going to ask next,” Beau says, waving his hand. “And I already prepared my answer regarding a honeymoon.”

“You did?” Neal arches a brow.

Beau casts his eyes to the side, appearing a little uncomfortable. He clears his throat and looks straight at the camera. “Miss Breanna, pardon my boldness for asking such a delicate question of you. I was just so caught up in your beauty that I may have overstepped my bounds. Forgive me. Of course, being a southern gentleman, I know how to take things slow, and if that is how you wish to proceed, I will honor your request.”

“Of course, as you stated, Sulani is truly a paradise. But for taking it real slow, the mountains are the place to go. I reckon that a spa in a beautiful mountain lodge would be ideal. Nothing quite says pampering like a spa in beautiful Granite Falls. And I have been researching the perfect one for that special time.”

“That sounds nice,” Neal replies.

“And there you have it folks… Beauregard R. Lee,” Neal says. “Good luck to you, Beau.”

“Thank you, I don’t think I’ll be needin’ it,” he winks.

“Riiiight,” Neal replies. “Let’s go gather with the other candidates and wait for them to arrive.”

“I’m a nervous wreck,” Breanna confesses to Merry as she settles at the bar.

“Mmm…” Merry closes her eyes. “This is a beautiful song.”

Breanna proceeds to tell Merry about all the guys she has met. Merry listens in earnest.

“I mean it’s weird right?” Breanna inquires. “Afu is already so defensive of me?”

“I don’t know,” Merry made a face. “Maybe.”

Before signing off for this episode, Neal asked Breanna to dance.

“Who’s your favorite so far?” he inquired.

She tilted her head and smiled warmly. “Uh uh uh… my lips are sealed.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading everyone! A surprise update! This chapter featured SoulGal7′s Beauregard Lee. Stay tuned for more Sweethearts in Sulani! 

Day 2, Pt. 1: Unexpected Candidate (SIS)

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Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani. I’m your host, Neal Wheeler, and today you’re meeting us on a hazy morning in paradise.
Breanna fell asleep after a long night. Miguel carried her back to his room. Thankfully, his roomie, Mort was no where to be found. Probably off fluttering around in his bat form.
…or sleepwalking right into the swimming pool. Oh gawd! Mort! Don’t drown! Thankfully, he fights and kicks and makes it to the surface. Phew!
Breanna wakes up and wanders outside the main house, seeing Miguel already awake, still in his suit from the night before, reading on his phone while waiting for her.

“Uuhhhh… about last night…” she begins, her southern drawl thick in the early morning, her throat a little hoarse.

“Oh… don’t worry. Nothing happened. You were tired, and we were locked out of your beach hut. I let you sleep on my bed. I napped in the tiki bar hut on one of the couches,” he assured her.

“Oh my,” she flushes. “I’m sorry if I inconvenienced you.”

“It was no bother,” he replies.

Her eyelids grow tired and she yawns, sleepily. “I had a good time last night.”

“I hope I was not too forward with the kiss,” Miguel confesses.

She frowns.

Miguel’s Confessional: She doesn’t remember! (slaps the side of his head) She had a lot to drink.

“It was nice…” she manages.

Breanna’s Confessional: To be honest… (winces and sucks air through her teeth) …I hope I don’t offend him… (rubs head) …I’m a bit hungover.

Miguel’s Confessional: I had a really good time last night. I’m not gonna lie. It stings a little that she doesn’t recall we kissed.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” she says and offers him a warm embrace.

“You’re most welcome,” he returns the hug.

“I should probably change… and sleep in my own bed from now on,” she laughs weakly.

“Can I walk you to your door?” he asks.

Breanna’s Confessional: I can’t believe I missed it! I’m sure it was great. He is great… what am I saying? (laughs, flustered) I hope I have sweet dreams. Is that too school girl-ish?
In spite of his terrifying near-drowning experience, Mort was back in the pool after a quick rest.
Miguel also joined him.
Breanna’s Confessional: I can’t believe I don’t remember kissing Miguel? I’d really like to do it again. But Afu is really hot too. I wouldn’t mind making out with that man. Oh did I say that aloud? (flushes)

Breanna goes swimming to clear her head before her big first day. Who’s her favorite? Right now, she’s thinking of Miguel and Afu, but we’ll see how everyone’s points tally (including viewer votes).

Miguel showers and changes and pops into the kitchen where Merry fixed a roasted chicken. Looks like everyone already ate breakfast, and seeing as it is nearly eleven, Miguel grabs a plate. Someone left behind a half-eaten hot dog.
Hunter and Griffin head upstairs to work out.

Griffin’s Confessional: (hand on hip) I’m gonna buff up and Breanna will like me even more.

Hunter’s Confessional: (closes eyes) I was hoping to work out alone.

Kaha decides to bust some island moves. Hunter is down.

Kaha’s Confessional: (singing) I will serenade Breanna from one of our many island love songs.

Andy settles in to research pick-up lines.

Andy’s Confessional: (laughs to self) Oh that’s a good one!

Afu freshens up in the bathroom off the kitchen. One of the other guys is hogging the main bathroom.
He’s about to head outside when Breanna greets him.

“Oh hello,” she says cheerfully. “Good morning. What a beautiful day!”

“It looks like it’s shaping up to be,” Afu replies. “How are you this morning, Breanna?”

“I slept really well,” she replies, and flushes, thinking of Miguel.

“You know, I heard a joke the other day,” she continues hurriedly. “Why couldn’t the bed sheet fall asleep?”

“I dunno,” Afu scratches his head.

“Because it was all tuck…ered out!” she giggles.

Afu laughs too.

Kaha and Griffin take their pasta lunch out to the beach.

“I love the smell of the sea salt and sunscreen,” Kaha confesses.

“Which one of you stole my shampoo?” Afu demands.

“Why would you think we stole it?” Kaha looks startled.

“I’m lookin’ at you, thief!” Afu glares at Griffin.

“Now hold on a minute…” Griffin narrows his eyes.

“Look I get it… you all want to be fabulous like me,” Afu pointed to himself. “But you can’t go around stealing things without asking.”

“It…wasn’t… me!” Griffin yells.

“Hehh… guys?” Kaha interjects with a weak chuckle.

“You were in the bathroom the longest this morning,” Afu grunts.

“I have my own private bathroom, jerk!” Griffin reminds him. “Someone else stole your precious shampoo!”

“Later dudes, I’m gonna go into town and buy more shampoo and while I’m there, I’m getting Breanna a gift,” Afu declares.

“See ya,” Griffin grimaces.

“A gift is a good idea,” Kaha acknowledges.

As Breanna’s heading back to her room to prep for the evening’s group date, Afu follows Breanna and offers her a single red rose.

“I know,” he begins slowly. “…that you’re giving us roses, but a lady like you should never be without a rose.”

“Why thank you,” she accepts, flattered.

Afu’s Confessional: Of all the guys here, I think, I can make Breanna happy.

Well, look out gentlemen, there’s another contestant strolling up just now. Look at that swagger!
Afu… looks like you aren’t the only game in town!

“Dude, you’re busting in on my moment,” Afu sniffs.

“Who are you?” Breanna inquires and points as she purses her lips.

Breanna’s Confessional: He was in a full suit and tie. Whoa! (fans self)

“Good evening, Miss Gaines, I am Beauregard R. Lee,” the fine gentleman introduces himself, bowing gallantly. “And I am honored to be here.”

“Oh hello…” she replies, intrigued. “Please… call me Breanna.”

“And you may call me Beau,” he kisses her hand.

She giggles shyly.

“Seriously?” Afu gives the man a once-over. “It’s ninety-nine degrees out and you’re wearing a monkey suit?”

Beauregard waves his hands. “My best for the lady.”

“You didn’t have to…” Breanna trails off, noticing Afu growing frustrated out of her eye corner.

“My dearest Breanna,” Beauregard begins. “Let’s not waste time here, dahling. A southerner myself, I certainly know how to treat a lady such as yourself. A fine southern belle like you should not have to stoop this low to enter this contest when a strong, romantic, good-looking sim like myself has already decided you would be my perfect match.”

Afu snorts. “Is this guy for real?”

“Umm…” Breanna puzzles. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

“I can give you anything you want. Name it and it’s yours. I would pamper you with all the niceties a lady like yourself deserves…” Beauregard continues.

“Okay… pal… back off… I was here first!” Afu snips.

“I could not help myself,” Beauregard says. “Such a lovely lady as yourself deserves to be with a gentleman, and I could not wait to meet you properly. I hope you are not offended.”

“Offended?” she laughs nervously. “No…” she flushes. “…it’s all a bit… much… don’t you think?” she winces.

“Miss Breanna, of course, we are here in Sulani, but I know you would be missin’ some of that fine southern cuisine that I’m sure you are fond of. I took it upon myself to bring you a few boxes of Creole pecan pralines from Aunt Sally’s. Yes, down that Willow Creek way. A little chocolate is always good for the soul,” Beauregard offers.

Afu’s eyes grow wide. “Look dude, back off, Breanna is with me now. You can have your turn later… or maybe never…” he cranes his neck, looking for the crew. “…is he even supposed to be here?”

“Gentlemen…” Breanna waves her arms. “It’s alright… uh… I’m flattered, Beauregard…”

“Please, call me Beau,” he grins. “And I’d like to be your beau… if you’re interested.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Afu rolls his eyes. “Does that line really work on women?” he turns to Breanna and offers his hand. “Breanna, whaddaya say we ditch this clown? I think we have time for a quiet drink on the patio before heading out this evening.”

Beauregard closes his eyes and laughs lightly. “Have you no imagination, sir? What kind of offer do you think she will accept? Miss Breanna…” he turns to her. “…I’ve already scoped out the bar to ensure they were stocked with sweet tea and hurricane drinks. Not that Yankee iced tea, but the real thing, sugah. Now if I may be so bold…” he smiles. “…shall we stroll arm-in-arm together around the property and you can tell me all about these lovely flowers…” he waves his hand at the floral bushes lining the pathway. “…that are abundant everywhere? It gives me great pleasure in learning everything there is to know about you. And perhaps we’ll stop by the bar and get some sweet tea and sit in the shade to sip and chat together. Shall we?” he bows and offers his arm.

“What universe are you livin’ in to think you can steal another man’s girl? You’re not even that good-looking,” Afu growls.

Breanna cringes and Beauregard holds his face dramatically.

“Afu! What were you thinking?” Breanna gasps. “I’m… so… sorry…” she apologizes meekly.

Beauregard clears his throat and straightens his tie. “Miss Breanna, do not apologize for things that are not your fault, dahling. Afu, is it?” he clicks his tongue. “Insults in front of the lady?”

“You wanna go, suit!” Afu yells. “I can take you.”

“I will choose whomever I want,” Breanna interjected loudly. “And I am no man’s girl as of yet,” she pointed to herself. “Afu, thank you. Mister Beauregard.” She bobs her head. “If you’ll excuse me, I must ready myself for the evening group date.”

“Perhaps another time,” Beauregard says. “… we can stroll through the garden and sip a hurricane drink together in the shade. I am certain you know every flower by name,” he flatters.

“Ah… thank you,” Breanna smiles.

Afu glares at Beauregard. “And I’m sure…” he says sarcastically. “We don’t want to take up any more of Breanna’s time.”

“Ah, yes,” Beauregard nods. “I wouldn’t presume to delay the lady.”

“But you are…” Afu bites out.

“Breanna, please let me escort you to the party this evening,” Beauregard requests.

“No, me,” Afu says hurriedly. “I’ll do it. I’ve known you longer. And this guy isn’t supposed to be here yet.”

Breanna tips her hat.

“Gentlemen!” Breanna suddenly begins laughing. “Please… your competitiveness is admirable, but you don’t have to try so hard. It’s only the second day, and you’ll both have time with me at the party.”

“Uh really?” Afu’s eyes widen.

“My dear, if this is really a competition,” Beauregard begins, giving Afu a once-over as if he didn’t even think the other man was a contender. “…we will ask for your good graces and favor.”

“Right,” Breanna tries to recover from laughing. “I’ll see you both later.”

Afu slouches in surprise. “You mean, he can come?”

Afu corners Breanna off the dining room after she finishes getting ready. He dramatically proclaims his disdain for Mr. Beauregard R. Lee, and why she should not allow him to attend the party tonight.

“Afu, he didn’t mean anything by it,” Breanna says. “You could be more gracious.”

“Grace is not gonna win this competition! The guy is trouble, Breanna, I’m worried for you,” Afu says, passionately.

Breanna lifts her hands to her face as her eyes grow wide. “You’re absolutely right,” she begins sarcastically and gasps. “We’ve got trouble. With a capital T. That rhymes with P. That stands for Pool.” She mock-frowns. “Oh wait… the pool is right over there…” she points.

“Stop it, Breanna, I’m serious,” Afu narrows his eyes.

Breanna laughs. “Lighten up, it was just a joke.”

Afu hangs his head.

“Cheer up,” Breanna begins. “You’ll have time with me tonight at the par…”

Poor Afu! He’s just exhausted from all his arguing and passes right out.

“Uh?” Breanna curls a finger. “Aa…fu?”

Author Notes: Thank you for reading everyone. I had to exit the game to “save” Mort. I didn’t want him to die the first night. Because of that, the scene on the beach with Miguel and Breanna was erased, and that explains her “memory lapse.” I wasn’t planning to introduce an eighth bachelor and SoulGal7′s Beauregard Lee just swaggered on over and up to Breanna and Afu during their conversation. It was perfect! This chapter also featured VanPelt81‘s Andy, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, afai1261‘s Griffin, Munterbacon’s Miguel, TheYayToast’s Hunter, nerdfashion’s Kaha, and divanthesimmer ‘s Afu. 

Day 1, Pt. 6: First Night Fun and Fiascos (SIS)

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Neal’s Voiceover: Greetings and Salutations, viewers! I borrowed that phrase from Hortance. Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani. Let’s check in with the guys house. Tonight, seven bachelors will participate for the heart of our bachelorette, Breanna Gaines in the first competition of the season – a mixology contest! Hopefully, some of them have read the full dossier on Miss Breanna and will remember her drink of choice – Tang and Zing!
Neal’s Voiceover: Before we get started, let’s check in with our team and determine where each candidate stands. Thank you to the viewers for casting your votes on our official website.

From the Top left to Right: Andy (10), Afu (6), Hunter (9), Mort (19)

From Bottom Left to Right: Griffin (13), Miguel (17), Kaha (10)

Oh, if you recall Miguel and Mort were tied last round. Now Mort pushes ahead to first place with 19 points. Miguel is shortly behind in second with 17 points. Griffin inches to 13 in third place. Kaha and Andy tie, sliding into 4th place at 10. Hunter is in 5th place with 9 points, and Afu, no surprise, is still in last place with 6 points.

At the end of the evening, the gentlemen will have hopefully earned even more points in this next competition, and you, the viewers, will have a chance to once again vote for favorites after tomorrow’s solo date, and two more competitions. I, myself, am looking forward to seeing the gentlemen compete, and I’m curious how everyone will do.

Will Breanna (and the viewers) reward the bold and confident, or choose the sweet and shy contestants? As you can tell from tonight’s episode title, the competition is about to get fierce, and crazy things are about to go down. (Neal winks at the camera). We wouldn’t want it any other way, would we folks?

“Alright, Breanna, are you ready?” Neal asks, with a big goofy grin on his face.

“Absolutely,” she replies, just as the back door opens and Holly nearly stumbles inside.

“Sorry,” she murmurs, embarrassed. “Trying to get a good angle.”

The crew dim the lights for dramatic effect and intense music begins to play. Neal starts with some basic mixology tricks, including stacking bottles and balancing them on his palm. The crowd gathers, with Andy snagging the seat to Breanna’s right, and Kaha sliding into the seat on Breanna’s left. Meanwhile, Miguel hovers behind the bachelorette.

“Alright, gentlemen, the rules are quite simple. Mix up a cocktail for Breanna. You can use any of the ingredients behind the bar here. Only one man per bar and there are only two fully stocked bars so you will have to take turns. Breanna will take at least a sip of each drink and then make her decision. You are allowed to do one sabotage this evening, but if you mess with another man’s entry, it still has to be drinkable. Remember we don’t want to offend our lady here,” Neal waves his hand toward Breanna.

She smiles graciously.

“At the end of the evening, the man with the best drink will collect two additional points. You can continue to mingle and do one-on-one and/or group interactions throughout tonight and all those interaction points will add up also. Our crew will be around keeping a careful eye on the tally. Any questions?”

Andy pumps his fist in the air. “Let’s get started!” he yells. “Breanna… are you ready to have your mind blown?” he practically screams.

“I think so,” she winces, and rubs her ear.

“Let the games begin,” Neal declares.

Despite Andy’s loud enthusiasm, Hunter and Afu are the first contestants to make it behind the bar to begin. Kaha is a little too late. “It’s okay,” Breanna encourages. This gives the two of them time to talk. Kaha manages to tell a funny story about a dog and a ill-fated fishing trip.
Hunter wows Breanna with his bar tricks. Neal decides to dance and cheer Hunter on. Hunter’s Confessional: Remember. I can make one heck of a cocktail.

“Opps, Neal,” Holly reminds. “You’re supposed to be impartial.”

“What can I say?” Neal responds. “I like a good actor like Hunter.”

Afu’s Confessional: I think Breanna wants a taste of the islands. In more ways than one. And I’m gonna give it to her. (he winks at the camera)
Hunter’s Confessional: Plum! I look good. Afu’s Confessional: I am going to wow Breanna with the a combination of fresh fruit and alcohol.
Hunter completes the challenge first. Breanna’s Confessional: Oh my! He smells amazing. I wonder what cologne he uses.

“Here you go, darling,” Hunter smiles as he believes he has made his best drink yet.

“I can’t wait,” she replies as he walks behind her to sit on the next barstool.

“Darling?” Griffin walks up behind the two. “Isn’t that a little too early for pet names? She has a name… Breanna…” he smiles a little too wide.

“Oh,” she winces, recalling her earlier complaint with Hunter, though now she’s feeling more relaxed. “I do prefer my name…”

“Of course, you do, Breanna,” Griffin sends a withering stare at Hunter.

“I call everyone darling,” Hunter confesses grinning, deciding not to be thrown off by Griffin’s mind games. “Breanna. Where did you get such a lovely name?”

“Oh,” she turns toward him and begins to tell the story of how she is named for her great-aunt, and Hunter impresses her again by recalling that ‘Breanna‘ means ‘high and noble.’

While Breanna is distracted by Hunter, Griffin swipes her drink. He takes a sip. Griffin’s Confessional: It truly was a work of art in the form of a cocktail. I couldn’t let Breanna have this one first and then all of our chances would go right out the window. It would be all downhill from here.

“Where did it go?” she exclaims when she realizes her cocktail glass is missing.

Griffin quickly goes and dumps the drink in the bushes and winks at Holly. “Shh,” he says.

She giggles. “That’s your free pass.”

No worries, Breanna! Hunter declares. He made enough for everyone to have his signature cocktail. Miguel moves behind the counter to begin scoping out his options. Afu is still working on perfecting his drink as he squeezes a lime into the mixer.

“Is it my turn yet?” Andy asks plopping back down at the bar after using the restroom.

He’s considering chatting with Breanna about the latest party he attended,  but misses his opening when Miguel asks the bachelorette to dance.

Griffin takes a moment to strategically slip past Afu and take his place as a contender.

Meanwhile, Hunter sits back down after giving Breanna her second (really, her first) glass and she takes a sip. Andy’s Confessional: I wonder if I can S’moogle that Sweet and Salty recipe. Or is it Sweet and Tangy? Kaha’s Confessional: I don’t actually drink so I do not know anything about mixing up alcoholic beverages (wrinkles his nose as he steps up next to Afu). I might just have to sit this contest out. Hunter’s Confessional: I hope she likes it. I make the best cocktails. Everyone says so. Afu’s Confessional: (after taste testing his concoction) Plum! That’s not the right mixture.
Mort’s Confessional: Should I ask Breanna to dance too like Miguel? She has to do something while waiting. Look at all those guys fighting over the spirits! Good thing I brought my own.

“This was delicious,” Breanna sets her glass down. “What’s in it?”

“Close your eyes,” Hunter saunters up behind and sits down on the barstool immediately to her right. “And think about the flavors.”

“Rum,” she replies after a moment of pondering. “I taste rum.”

“Good,” he urges her to continue.

“Pineapple,” she exclaims. “And cherry?” she crinkles her nose.

“Maraschino liqueur,” he admits as she opens her eyes. “And grenadine. The Silent Film.

Andy has already had too much to drink. He left his juice in the middle of the floor.

“Ai-yai-yai-yai-yah!” Andy yells and begins busting a move behind the counter.

Hunter’s Confessional: That guy is super annoying.

Breanna and Hunter return to the end of the counter. It’s musical barstools tonight! Meanwhile, Kaha pulls out a bottle of fresh water.

Andy and Neal begin chatting. Afu still works on his drink. Breanna abandons her first drink to speak to Hunter once more. A nervous Mort disappears off to his room with sudden chest pains.

“Are you okay?” Breanna inquires of Hunter.

“Hmm?” Hunter opens his eyes. “Oh yes, just listening to the music. These island tunes are nice, aren’t they?”

“They are the sounds of my people,” Kaha says, defensively. “They are more than nice.”

“Okay,” Hunter replies sullenly and slides off the barstool to use the facilities.

Breanna takes another sip of Hunter’s Silent Film.

Andy plops back in a seat and slaps the counter. “Bartender! Fill ‘er up!”

Afu grimaces. “You’re supposed to be serving drinks, not ordering them.”

“I got you a glass of water to clean your tongue, Breanna,” Kaha offers shyly.

“Cleanse my palate, you mean?” she replies and her eyes widen. “Thank you Kaha.”

Breanna leaves the bar with Hunter’s drink in one hand and Kaha’s glass of water in another.
Griffin catches Breanna’s eye. Kaha makes his move.

“And just like that… the guy moves in?” Afu groans.

“Water?” Hunter sniffs. “Breanna deserves better than water.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Griffin wonders aloud.

“If you’d stop messing around and actually give her a drink,” Andy directs at the other man in pink.

“So so… I’ve never really fished before,” she replies to Kaha’s question about her fishing skills. “Worms make me squeamish.”

“Oh we do not fish with worms,” Kaha shakes his head. “We use baskets designed to trap the fish and keep them alive.”

“It sounds much more humane,” Breanna agrees. “Do you name them too?”

Kaha laughs a deep-bellied laugh. “No, we sell them in the fish market.”

“Oh,” Breanna says, feeling a little embarrassed.

She takes a sip of water. “The dossier says you built your own home?”

“You read my profile?” Kaha says in awe. “That is wonderful. I read all about you too.”

Breanna smiles shyly.

“Oh, but that does not mean I know you… I want to get to know you, if you mean to… get to know me as well,” Kaha replies awkwardly.

“Yes, tell me about building a home,” she asks. “Is it very difficult?”

“Difficult?” Kaha exclaims and stomps his foot on the ground. “Yes. Very. It is not an easy feat to build a home with your bare hands. Not that my hands are not always bare. I do not cover them. Real men have scars… huh!” he pushes his chest out dramatically.

“I see,” Breanna says, wondering if someone coached him on that line.

“I mean… er…” Kaha returns to his normal tone and pitch. “I do not wear gloves. It is too warm in Sulani, and the weave for our walls is soft.”

“They are beautiful… walls…” Breanna trails off, glancing over her shoulder.

Kaha proceeds to tell Breanna all about making a home, and twisting the pipes into place, and how fun it is to see the water flow through for the first time. Breanna seems mildly impressed.

“And if you do not like it, Breanna, I will tear it down and build a new one for you!” Kaha declares.

Breanna coughs into her water. “Oh… I’m sure your home is lovely.”

“But you will not see it?” Kaha’s face darkened.

“We’re getting ahead of ourselves, Kaha,” Breanna pats his leg. “Let’s keep getting to know each other first.”

A frustrated Kaha slinks off to sulk outside the tiki hut. Breanna returns to the counter. Kaha’s Confessional: Breanna touched my leg? How forward! Breanna’s Confessional: That wasn’t uncomfortable at all!

“Welcome back,” says Hunter.

“Thank… you…” Breanna replies, delicately.

Mort returns, a glass of milk in hand. Milk will help his acid reflux.
He quickly downs a glass when he sees an opening with Breanna. Too bad she needs to use the restroom. She’s desperately waiting for Hunter to get out of the bathroom off the hut. Breanna, there are other restrooms on the lot!
Mort’s Confessional: Oh my word! She is so beautiful!
Mort retrieves a chilled bottle of wine from the refrigerator. He returns to the counter only to discover someone “stole” the bottle opener. Griffin’s Confessional: Don’t look at me! (shrugs)
When Breanna returns, Griffin is waiting for her with a drink in hand. Hunter has returned to bar tricks. Andy sniffs, annoyed that he still hasn’t gotten an opportunity to chat with the bachelorette.

“I made this for you,” Griffin declares. “A root beer float. It’s my favorite.”

“Why thank you,” Breanna replies. “How sweet!”

Griffin laughs. “Literally.”

Now it’s Breanna’s turn to laugh a little too hard. I think she’s having fun tonight.

“This is delicious,” Breanna exclaims.

“Thank you,” Griffin replies shyly.

Andy’s Confessional: Hey! No fair! I want ice cream. Mort’s Confessional: Bats! I didn’t open the bottle fast enough.

“Hey! I thought we were serving alcoholic drinks,” Andy protests.

“There’s nothing in the rules,” Neal confirms.

“You’re too slow, fellows,” Griffin says, yawning and stretching his arm around Breanna.

Andy sniffs and looks away.  “Hmmph!”

Mort remains,  an awkward smile on his face.

Griffin’s Confessional: Come on, guys. Give me a break. I’d like a moment with Breanna.
Breanna’s Confessional: He removed his arm so fast. (pouts) I rather liked the feeling.

“Now that they’re gone,  we can talk,” Griffin says, dropping his arm back. “What’s your favorite time of day?”

“Probably morning,  right after sunrise,” she replies,  a little ice cream dribbling down her chin.  “Mmm… it’s when I get my best ideas.”

“My bad!” Griffin offers his sleeve.

“Oh I couldn’t,” she protests.

While Griffin goes for a napkin, Andy moves in. Afu swaggers across the room, catching Breanna’s eye. Miguel settles on the sofa across from Breanna, patiently waiting his turn.

“Andy, why don’t you let me help you with that drink?” Afu offers.

“No thanks,” Andy flips his hair. “I’d like her to try it before sunrise.” He tries to sit next to Breanna but wobbles. “You can’t be into the tool.”

Breanna’s Confessional: Afu may be a tool, but he’s the hottest one in the box.  Ooo… (giggles).

“Or that clown, Griffin,” Andy continues, glaring in the other man’s direction. “He stole those flowers from a hothouse. At least Miguel’s an honest dude.”

Griffin? What are you doing? Fail! Go sit with Breanna! Kaha has returned and is busting a move.

Miguel lifted his glass as if giving a toast. “Thank you, but do you really think tearing down the competition will improve your odds?”

Andy grunts and mutters something about proving it to the group that Griffin is a thief.

Mort takes Breanna’s hand and guides her to the couch where Griffin is sitting.

“I was just warming up the cushions,” he winks at Breanna.

“Wine! This is different,” Breanna declares.

“I wanted something unique,” Mort replies. “This is a bottle of the finest wine from the Von Straud estate in Forgotten Hollow.”

“I hope you enjoy it,” Mort continues. “The full-bodied red pairs well with dark chocolate brownies.”

Breanna’s Confessional: I prefer a good white wine. But Mort was looking at me so earnestly. It was rather cute. I just couldn’t hurt his feelings.

“It is… pretty good,” Breanna winces.

“Really?” his dark eyes light up. “Thank you. It’s one of my favorites.”

“Have you ever gone steady with anyone?” he inquires.

“Oh,” she tilts her head. “Actually… no…” she laughs daintily. “Between my parents’ failing health and the farm and my studies when I was in school, I just didn’t find the time. Have you?”

“Oh? Me?” he squeaks. “People don’t really wanna date the son of the Reaper, himself, you know what I mean?”

Breanna’s Confessional: I really didn’t.

“I promise I’m a normal dude… normal…ish… dude… guy… man… person,” Mort says, flustered.

“Eh,” she shrugs. “Normal is overrated.”

Meanwhile, Hunter has decided he’s had enough of his hot layers and sheds his clothes to jump into the swimming pool, catching Breanna’s eye.

“Uh… yeah… I know. My time’s up,” Mort stands up, the defeatism evident in his tone.

“Excuse me!” a deep voice says from behind a scuba mask. “Breanna… I believe it’s time to be escorted to another part of the set.”

“Oh… really?” she squints her eyes. “And who are you?”

After Mort slinks off, Afu takes off his mask. “I had to get rid of him somehow.”

“Wh? Wha??” Breanna makes a face. “Afu… what are you doing?”

He pulls his drink out from his scuba gear pack and bends on one knee as he offers it to her. “Making a splash,” he declares. “Setting myself apart from the others. Plus… when I wear this thing, people think I’m the crew, not a contestant.”

“I see,” she takes a sip of the Lotta Cocolata in a coconut glass. “Mmm… this is really good. Put the chocolate… in the co-co-nut!” she smirks. “You know… you look really good… even in that scuba suit.”

Afu’s Confessional: Chocolate and coconut. Gets ’em every time. 

Breanna’s Confessional: It was a little weird. The scuba suit. But… that drink was divine. And well… (flushes) That suit was a bit form-fitting. Andy’s Confessional: Hmmf! Whyyyyyyyyy didn’t I th…think… (his words are a little slurred) …to…try…scuba gear? Who knew… (he hiccups) …it was ssssuch… a turn…on! 

Breanna returned to the counter.

“Are you enjoying your evening?” Miguel asks.

“Yes, I am,” she smiles, thinking of Afu’s dark brown eyes.

“I meant to tell you. I love your crown of flowers,” Miguel compliments.

“Why thank you,” she nods.

Dance party! Breanna declares. Miguel smiles and slips off the barstool to join her. Afu somehow changed back into his other suit. Wow! So fast? How did he do that? Maybe he was wearing the scuba dive outfit under his tux. Griffin and Mort join in while Neal begins cleaning up some of the mess. Hunter offers to help and brings some dishes to the sink.
Whoo! Breanna is tuckered out after all that dancing. It’s good for her core, she laughs. Kaha picks up Mort’s half-empty glass of milk. Afu arrives with a second drink in hand – this one blue. Andy and Griffin flank Breanna.

“I once… went to a party…” Andy says, trying to catch his breath. “…where we danced for four hours… in the nude.”

“Really, dude?” Griffin rolls his eyes. “We’re talking to a lady here.”

“Hmm…we’re comfortable… in our… sk…skin…” Andy’s eyes widened as he looked at Griffin. “Wasn’t I tryin’ to proof… what a guy… you were!”

Prove,” Afu corrects.

“Here!” Andy slams a glass onto the counter. “I don’t want this…anymore!”

Breanna offers to help Hunter with dishes, but Neal shoos her away. Afu grins in her direction.

“I could watch you smile all night long, beautiful,” he says.

She giggles.

Andy finally makes it behind the counter and whips up a drink for Breanna… in a red party cup?  Breanna’s Confessional: Ugh! What is this? It’s brown! Griffin’s Confessional: That guy just can’t win. I can’t believe he already got wasted. Oh… that smells horrible.

“Here,” he offers. “Let me help you with that.”

He tosses out the drink. Andy shrieks and runs out of the tiki hut in frustration.

When he returns a few minutes later, he’s covered in dirt and grime and smells like the wrong end of a cowplant. Neal winces. Ooo! Party foul!

“I found it,” Andy declares, throwing his arm up in the air, holding onto an empty glass and a lime slice. “Griffin… he threw out… that man’s…” he sputters, pointing at Hunter. “…drink. He… he… he… cheated!”

“You’re allowed one sabotage,” Neal reminds everyone.

Griffin winces. “Okay, I did. I’m sorry. But he had a backup,” he shrugs in Hunter’s direction.

“Yeah, it’s all good, man,” Hunter offers a truce.

“What?” Andy growled. “You mean I crawled… around… bushes… for nothing?! You all stink!”

“No you stink, man,” Afu plugs his nose and waves his hand. “Go home, man.”

“You okay?” Miguel inquires as he joins Breanna on the loveseat. “Some guys don’t know how to treat a lady.”

“I’m okay,” she replies. “Thank you for asking. He’s uh…” she glances over her shoulder at an angry Andy stomping toward the mainhouse. “…determined…” she manages.

Miguel closes his eyes and waves his hand. “My lady, you are kinder than the rest of us would be.”

“So Miguel,” she begins. “Tell me about your work in the jungle. You were a bush pilot and you hunted treasure, but you were injured?”

“Yes, I spent half a year in a coma,” he replies. “…after touching a poisoned artifact and falling down a very dark shaft. It was a difficult time in my life, but my parents stayed by my side and watched over me, praying I’d return to them. Even if my life was in peril, the jungle is still a beautiful place. She calls to us adventurers in our dreams.

She tilted her head. “And you want to go back? I can see it in your eyes.”

“Yes,” he admits. “I should like to take someone with me too. Perhaps you… someday.”

“Oh… I don’t know…” she turns away shyly. “I’m not sure I am cut out for wandering around dark ruins and exploring the depths of the jungle. There might be bugs there…” she squirms.

Miguel laughs. “My lady, I promise you… they are more afraid of you than you are of them.”

Miguel heads over to the bar, which is finally free, to fix Breanna her drink. Neal declares it is already midnight and the contest is over. Miguel sighs. Shoot! I missed it! Breanna declares Afu the winner. The chocolate and coconut drink was surprisingly refreshing and delicious.
He decides it doesn’t really matter. He didn’t really need to enter the contest. He can make a drink anyhow. Breanna’s favorite is Tang and Zing, he remembers.
Most of the contestants head into the main house now that it’s after midnight. Hunter decides to wow the remaining folks with his bar tricks. Miguel offers Breanna her favorite drink.

“Someone read the dossier…” she says, impressed.

Miguel tilts his head, observing Hunter’s famous bottle stack. “You are really good at that.”

“You’re still out here?” Miguel asks, finding Breanna outside her hut. “I was just about to go for a walk on the beach… if you care to join me.”

Miguel’s Confessional: I am the luckiest guy tonight. I’m getting one-on-one with Breanna before the solo dates are declared.

“Shall we look for treasure?” he asks.

“Oh?” she stops, staring off into the horizon. “Yes, let’s comb the beach together, and the winner gets to take something from the loser, right?” she bites her lip, purposely coy.

He smiles and nods. “You remembered.”

They start digging through the sand. Eyes up, Miguel!
Unfortunately, Breanna doesn’t find anything. A seagull poops on her shoulder. She freaks out. Miguel tries to calm her down. Miguel’s Confessional: It’s just a little seagull crap. (smirks) It won’t hurt. (shakes head) I don’t know if she’d survive in the jungle.
Breathe in… and… out. Breanna’s Confessional: (wails) I can’t believe my moment with Miguel was ruined! And my top! Is ruined too. She wanders over to a bush to tinkle. A little too much booze tonight? I guess that’s what happens with a mixology contest. It’s a long walk back to the beach house, and she’s not sure she wants to wear bird crap the whole way back.
Never fear! Miguel is here to save the day. He offers her his jacket. She eagerly ducks into the bush and removes the top, and slides her arms into Miguel’s oversized coat so she doesn’t have to walk back in just her bra and skirt. A lady would never do that.

“Feeling better?” he inquires.

“Yes, much,” she bobs her head. “Thank you…” she laughs. “It’s a little silly. And I didn’t even win the contest. I should give you something not the other way around.”

“I don’t mind,” he smiles. “My jacket looks good on you. Maybe even better.”

You’ve got to get down here… Merry texts her sister. Miguel and Breanna are getting some really adorable one-on-one time. He gave her his jacket!

“Aww… look at those two,” Holly sighs happily as she watches two couple dialoging from a distance. “I wonder what they’re saying…” she snaps a few pictures.

Miguel suggests they gaze to at the stars. These two are so cute together!

“Come on Holly, let’s give them a moment,” Merry says. “And you’re in your pajamas anyhow.”

“Oh…okay,” Holly agrees reluctantly. “I just hope I don’t miss anything good.”

Author Notes: Wow… what a chapter. Okay, first of all, let me say, I tried my absolute hardest to not play favorites. All the actions in this chapter by the guys were autonomous (except, I cheated and went into CAS to have Miguel share his jacket with Breanna because it was too cute an opportunity to pass up, and it just seemed like something he would do).

Here’s what the guys did in the competition:

  • Hunter (Silent Film)
  • Kaha (Water)
  • Griffin (Root beer float)
  • Mort (Von Haunt Estate Meloire)
  • Afu (Lotta Cocolata)
  • Andy (Dim and Gusty)
  • Miguel (Tang and Zing*) (*doesn’t count – submitted late)

The way I determined the winner was by having Breanna drink a little of each option. The drink that made Breanna “flirty” or the happiest (by default) would be the winning drink. Breanna was the happiest after Afu’s drink and also feeling flirty for the first time during the evening so he won the competition. I know. It’s a bit subjective. I tried. I originally set up the competition to last between 10pm and midnight. It actually went to almost two am.

I had to box in the set a few times to get the guys to actually stay in the same spot, and I think I had to change the back door twice too. Let’s just say one’s the screen door and the other one’s the solid. Outfit changes. Bladder fails. Hunger pangs. Taking dips into the swimming pool. Musical chairs. And they all still survived. Barely.

Andy was the most drunk of the bunch. Poor guy. He did choose to autonomously “yell” at Breanna. Twice?!?! Uh oh… it’s not looking good for Andy. Griffin did genuinely “steal” Hunter’s first drink for Breanna. And then left the glass outside in the bushes?? Afu chose to wear a scuba suit at one point. I laughed hysterically. 

Miguel and Breanna autonomously wandered to the beach. I did have Breanna ask him to be in a group to make it easier to get good screenshots together. I sent Merry and Holly (who was already dressed for bed) to follow for “photos.” I guess they did get to do the treasure hunt after all. Miguel found a sea urchin. Breanna found nothing and was super ticked off when a bird pooped on her. That’s when I got the idea for the jacket.

I had to use some creative angles because I couldn’t really justify why Miguel would give Breanna his jacket, shirt, and tie. XD Unfortunately, his shirt had to be changed a smidge too (and it’s not the same tie, but who cares? We’ll say the moonlight brought out the shiny white lines). And then he rolled a whim to kiss Breanna, and Breanna rolled a whim to kiss Miguel. I couldn’t help it. I had to indulge them.

Hope you enjoyed. This chapter featured VanPelt81‘s Andy, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, afai1261‘s Griffin, Munterbacon’s Miguel, TheYayToast’s Hunter, nerdfashion’s Kaha, and divanthesimmer ‘s Afu. 

FYI, I’m taking a quick break tomorrow for a LASL update, but I’ll be back soon with more Bachelor and Bachelorette:  Sulani Style.

Day 1, Pt. 5: Miguel Meets Breanna & Voting Commences (SIS)

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Miguel’s Confessional: I’ve never done anything like this before. Out in the bush, I don’t own a TV. I never watch anything so I really don’t know anything about anything. Now that I’m about to meet Breanna, am I nervous? Yeah. I’m committed. A buddy of mine said try it and here I am. I’m looking forward to potentially meeting the woman of my dreams. I hope she appreciates a fine conversation because I want a woman who thinks and can hold her own in a conversation. And hopefully she’s not expecting a fancy gift or anything. I didn’t think I needed to bring anything. That was dumb! Okay, I have a backup plan… let’s see if it works.

“Hello, are you Breanna?” he begins. “Well of course you’re Breanna. I should know that. Everyone knows that. Hey…uh… hi, hello. I’m Miguel…”

“Why hello there,” Breanna responds. “Miguel.”

“Uh right… Vallejo,” he continues, offering his hand. “Nice to meet you, Breanna.”

“Where are you from, Miguel?” she inquires. “Um… and it’s nice to meet you too…”

“I’m from Selvadorada,” he replies. “…where you can…uh… look up at the night sky and see a billion winking stars stare back at you.”

“That sounds beautiful,” she smiles.

“You are muy bonita, Senorita Breanna,” he praises, and kisses his fingers. “I think the stars, they should be jealous of you!”

“Thank you,” she coos. “Tell me about yourself, Miguel.”

“I can build you a custom computer. I can navigate a plane in a wind storm. I can tell you where all the best jungle trails are, and the places the guidebooks won’t tell you about. I can make you laugh on a cloudy day or when you’re feeling low. I can quote you every line from the Super Justice Llama comics, and I am not ashamed to say I own a Luke Walks-the-Sky costume,” he chuckles. “And a truly spectacular waterfall can make me cry.”

Breanna appears intrigued. “Thank you. You know…” she rubs her chin. “Of everyone I’ve met tonight, that actually tells me a lot about you.”

“I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say to you,” Miguel admits. “I wanted to make a good impression.”

“You have. Okay, now I wanna try that. Let’s see…” she says slowly as if thinking of the right words and a soft smile creeps across her face. “I only like to paint my toenails in the shower. That way if I mess up I can wash it all down the drain right then and there,” she scrunches her nose. “I like to read books about flowers while I’m out in the garden. I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark, and handsome men. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a little girl.”

“Do I fit the bill?” Miguel inquires as he opens his arms inviting her to consider.

She giggles. “I think so,” she bites her lower lip. “I like to draw hearts on all my customer’s receipts to let them know someone is thinking of them and they are loved. It’s funny…”

 Her brow crinkles. “I’ve never been in love… like really in love. Boyhood crushes, yes, but deep, feel it down to your toes, head over heels kind-of love, no.”

“I sincerely hope you find that with someone here,” Miguel says, genuinely.

Breanna swallows hard as her heart flutters. “Thank you.”

“Shall we?” he inquires.

“Shall we what?” she asks.

“If I had more time I would’ve liked to prepare a treasure hunt for you as a gift, Breanna,” he continues. “I wanted to make it a friendly competition and to search for things on the beach, to see who can find the most interesting things, but we do not have that kind of time. So I thought I’d prepare something for you another time, and for now, we would gaze up at the stars for a few moments… and identify the treasures of constellations.”

“Wow, that sounds incredible, and yes, I’d love to look at the stars with you,” she replies, taking his hand as he helped her lie gently on the ground.

“I used to pick out constellations with my daddy late at night. When I couldn’t sleep, Daddy would carry me downstairs, wrapped in a blanket, and we’d sit on the porch and he would point out the Big Dipper and the Pleiades.”

“Really?” Miguel remarks. “Pleiades is a bright and beautiful constellation.”

“Yes, the Seven Sisters,” she smiles. “I used to wish I had sisters, and the Pleiades always made me feel like I was not so alone. Do you have siblings?”

“Only child too,” he shrugs, and then stops before quickly speaking. “Did you see… ”

“Oh wait… look!” she exclaims, as their hands nearly collide when they both point to the night sky.

Both laugh lightly.

“A shooting star,” he announces.

“A falling star,” she says.

“I think… this is a very good sign,” Miguel bobs his head.

“Miguel, I’m so glad I met you,” Breanna embraces the seventh and final contestant.

“We will…” he continues, hoarsely. “…have to gaze at the stars again some other time, no?”

“Yes,” she purses her lips and drops her arms, reluctantly. “I would like that.”

Neal: Okay, you two, it’s almost time for the first competition. First impressions?

Miguel’s Confessional: Tall, dark, and handsome? (chuckles to self) I think I’ve got this in the bag. (swaggers, and then stops and smiles softly) I didn’t expect that. The chemistry. We connected like a key in a lock. I didn’t know what I was getting into and Breanna was so unexpectedly refreshing and engaging. I could see her as the woman I’d bring home to my parents.

Breanna’s Confessional: Oh my! My heart is still fluttering. Wow… Miguel is… hot and handsome. He’s smart too. I felt like we really connected. Deeper than some of the other guys. There’s another tall, dark, and handsome guy here too, but he asked… do I fit the bill? (fans self) Yes…and then some!

Author Notes: Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed the Meet-and-Greet with Breanna and all the eligible bachelors. I’ll explain the points system: +1 for a positive interaction and -1 for a negative interaction. It’s not an exact science, but I’ll try to be accurate based on game interactions. The detailed explanation is over on the forums. These points will help determine good standing, but they are not the end all, be all. You can vote also for your favorites, plus Breanna’s thoughts/interactions will also add or subtract points. At the end of a round, there will be an elimination based on all these points combined and the bachelorette’s general feelings toward a person. As of now… 

Hunter Hale: -1 for showing up unprepared, -1 for unwelcome flattery, -1 for unsuccessful flirt, +1 for smooth recovery, +3 for compliments, +1 for gratitude, +2  for positive questions, +2 for positive replies, +1 for smooth talker, +1 for confidence, -1 for too soon to tell, +1 for intrigued from Breanna = 8 total

Neal: Will Hunter’s confidence pay off with Breanna?

Kaha Na Mokupuni: +3 for compliments, -3 for miscommunication, +5 for positive replies, +2 for questions, +1 for offering dinner, +1 for cute, -1 awkward, +1 for flirty joke = 9 total

Neal: Will Kaha make up in sweetness what he lacks in awkwardness?

Griffin Calhoun-Fyres: +1 for dinner, +3 for get to know inquiries, +1 feed a bite (didn’t capture a screenie for this one… bummer!), +1 for listening to complaint about heat, -1 rejected pickup line, -1 for misunderstood joke, +1 for positive interaction, +1 flirt, +2 gifts, +1 flatter, +1 for sweet and thoughtful, +1 for attractive Sim, +1 feel good = 12 total

Neal: Will the drifting, grifting Griffin steal Breanna’s heart?

Mort Reaper Straud: +2 flattery, +1 flirting, +2 positive interactions, +2 answer questions, +1 gift, +1 brownie points (literally!), +1 easy on the eyes, +1 endearing, + bonus point for particularly romantic interaction, + bonus point – no negatives! = 13 total

Neal: Unlucky 13 is lucky tonight! Will the brownie points be enough for Mort to maintain a lead?

Afu Akau: +1 smooth introduction, +1 sweet talk, +2 flirting, +1 get to know, +1 pick-up line, +1 compliment appearance, +1 engaging story, -1 failed flirtation, -1 failed compliment, -1 failed massage, -1 insult to Andy, +1 attractive = 6 total

Neal: Will Afu be able to recover from his early fumble with Breanna?

Andy Maynard: -1 rude introduction/interruption, +5 compliments, -1 outfit choice, +1 unique and quirky, +1 genuine, +1 honesty, +1 gift,  +1 ask about career, -1 bad coffee  = 8 total

Neal: Will Andy be friend-zoned or will the romance between him and Breanna heat up?

Miguel Vallejo: +3 answer questions, +2 flattery, +3 bonus points for deep conversation, +1 suggest fun activities, +1 flirt, +1 compliment, +1 stargazing, +1 bonus – no negatives = 13 total

Neal: Do Miguel and Breanna have a bright future ahead?

(I’ve amended the points for Miguel as he should’ve received a bonus point for no negative encounters). 

Your turn. For all of you watching, enter your vote now. Who do you think should go home with extra points today!

Feel free to let me (the writer) know in the comments or over on the forums why you made your selection. 

Day 1, Pt. 4: Afu & Andy Meet Breanna (SIS)

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Neal: While Afu gets ready for his meet and greet, he asks Hunter if he has any tips with Breanna. Hunter smirks. Hunter: Just be yourself, man.
Neal: …and himself he is. He opts for a suave introduction.

Ciao, Breanna, I am Afu,” he greets flirtatiously. “You are…” he eyes her up and down. “…ragazza molto bella.”

“Oh my!” Breanna gasps and fans herself. “Aren’t you a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day?”

Breanna’s Confessional: Or maybe he’s just the hot day… (covers mouth, scrunches shoulders, and giggles)

“Whatever you need during your island stay in my beautiful country,” he continues. “You let me know. I’m your guy.”

“Well, aren’t you accommodating,” she remarks. “You’re an island native too.”

“Born and raised,” he pulls on his pink tuxedo lapels. “Sulani is my home. And can be your home too, if you want,” he winks.

“My my, my, we’re gettin’ ahead of ourselves,” Breanna clicks her tongue. “Tell me about yourself, Afu.”

“Oh no, no, no, my lady, I want to hear all about you,” he replies. “…for a beautiful, intelligent woman like yourself is far more interesting than an island plum like me.”

Breanna giggles lightly. “You’re too kind, sir. Shall we sit?”

“I’m from Willow Creek,” she replies. “My family has lived their for generations on a lavender plantation. We sell items in a little store, and I’m considering opening a restaurant.”

“Lavender?” he replies. “No wonder you smell sweet.”

Breanna blushes. “You smell pretty good yourself.”

“Thank you,” he sits back and straightens his heart vest. “It looks like we thought to dress alike today.”

“What a coincidence!” Breanna exclaims. “It looks nice on you.”

“No, what fate!” Afu corrects. “If four plus four equals eight, than you plus me equals fate.”

Breanna laughs. “Tell me all about yourself, Afu. What kind of name is that? Afu…”

“Afu… it means ‘hot,'” he grins.

Breanna giggles nervously.

“I was born on a hot day, the hottest ever in Sulani. Right at noon, the time of day when the sun reaches its peak and beats down on the sands. My mother nearly had to waddle out into the ocean to birth me because of the intense heat,” he begins telling a story. “…you see… our volcano Mua Pel’am exploded that day, raining fire down on our islands.”

“Oh my!” Breanna exclaims.

“I don’t know what happened to my parents, be they died saving me from the volcano or that they left to cross the treacherous seas to escape and never returned, perishing among the waves,” Afu continues.

“Oh, you don’t know your parents?” she asks. “That’s so sad.”

“I think their spirits remain,” he remarks. “But we islanders, we’re like one big family. We take care of each other.”

“That’s beautiful,” Breanna brought her hands to her chest. “Treasure that forever. I lost my own parents too… my dad to cancer, and my mom to the sea as well.”

Afu gasps. “That’s tragic. I’m sorry for your loss…”

“It’s okay,” Breanna replies. “It’s not your fault.”

“As long as we’re together, you’ll be even stronger,” Afu says.

“Uh…” Breanna trails off. “Are you implying I can’t take care of myself?”

“Oh… uh… no,” Afu fumbles.

“Right, just because as a Southern lady doesn’t mean I need coddled or a man to make me stronger,” Breanna retorts.

“That’s not what I meant,” Afu winces. “I meant… you and I together could be a strong team. Of course,” he chuckles smugly. “…I can do the heavy lifting for you. You wouldn’t have to lift a finger anymore. And whatever work you did do would be appreciated. I’d appreciate you all night long with my magic hands. I am told I give the best massages.”

“Ugh! Wow… fifty to zero, just like that,” Breanna waves her hands. “I can lift things by myself, thank you very much. I’ve been doing it for years. I am looking for a partner, not a…a…a…” she sputters, flustered.

Andy saunters up and stops right in front of the bench in his pink athletic workout outfit. “Hey buddy, I think your time is up.”

“What?” Afu exclaims, and narrows his eyes. “No… and you really thought wearing that… would be a good idea?”

“Rude!” Breanna snips. “You can go… Afu.”

“What?” his eyes widen in surprise. “Really? I didn’t even get to give you a back massage yet.”

“Not like I want one now,” she sniffs.

Afu’s Confessional: I don’t know what I did wrong, man. I was myself, just like Hunter suggested. I even made up some incredibly engaging story about my parents… I don’t actually know anything about them, but I figured that’s the kind of stuff chicks wanna hear. I went back and chatted with Hunter and went over word for word what I said. He thought maybe I came on a little strong. What? I thought it was sweet to offer to do some heavy lifting. I mean, she hasn’t had a man around. Maybe she doesn’t know how great I’d be. And it would be nice to take a load off, right? And that Andy… wow! Could he have any worse timing? Interrupting my meet and greet! (narrows eyes) Ha! The guy doesn’t stand a chance.
Breanna’s Confessional: Wow! That Afu! I mean… he’s a dish. A pretty hot dish, if you ask me. Okay, a very hot dish. I think he’s probably the best looking guy I’ve met. But that ego! Ugh! I dislike men with egos! It’s such a turn off. Sure, I’d like some help around the farm, and I need a strong guy to do that, but I am a strong independent woman and I can take care of myself, thank you very much.
Andy’s Confessional: Before heading over to meet Breanna, I’m going to make her a strong cup of organic coffee. I hope she likes it. (claps with delight) She looks like such an interesting woman, and so pretty too. I love that hair! And she works out! Even better… I like a woman with confidence. (winks at camera) Nothing hotter than a lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it (coffee finishes brewing) Okay… and now… look out world, here comes Andy Maynard!

“Sorry about that jerk,” he lifts his hand and waves at Breanna. “Some guys don’t know how to treat a lady. And hello to you, Breanna. I am so happy to be here.”

“Well,” she says, as if unsure what to make of his interruption. “…and you are?”

“Andy Maynard, and that dress is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen!” he exclaims. “You wear it so well!”

“Why thank you, Andy,” she replies. “And your outfit… uh… choice… is interesting.”

“Oh thanks,” he grins. “…they said dress to impress and here I am.”

“Wow,” is all Breanna can manage to say.

“Tell me about yourself, Andy,” Breanna says.

“Sure,” he replies. “I like women’s clothes, but I promise I’m straight. Let’s get that out of the way right away. I really like women, and I’d welcome the opportunity to get to know you.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know people too,” Breanna replies, hesitantly.

“I guarantee there isn’t another contestant like me,” Andy continues. “But if you give me a chance, I promise I’m a good listener, I’ll take you shopping to all the best places, and I won’t lie to you if you ask if a dress makes you look fat.”

“Well,” she relaxes into a smile. “That’s good to hear. Honesty is a good policy.”

“I hope to get to know you,” he says. “…and I hope, if nothing else, we become good friends.”

“That’s a good place to start,” she agrees.

“And if you’ll come this way,” he continues. “I have something for you.”

“Oh we’re walking, are we?” she asks and laughs daintily.

“You have the best laugh,” he replies, lifting his hand. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

“No, but thank you,” she laughs again with ease.

“So I want to hear all about you,” Andy takes her arm as they stroll into the house. “What you like. Dislike. Hopes. Dreams. Work.”

“I can talk about work all day,” she replies. “I work on a lavender plantation. It’s been in my family for generations.”

“Lavender,” Andy exhales happily. “I bet the color would look fabulous on you too!”

“Thanks, it probably does, my favorite colors are actually blue and red though,” she responds.

He helps her into her chair. “Colors of confidence,” he declares. “And you, Breanna, are a very confident lady, are you not?”

She giggles and crinkles her nose. “Yeah, I guess. I know what I’m doing on the farm.”

“In life,” he replies. “I bet you know more than you think,” he reaches for a cup of coffee. “It’s not a Simsmapolitan, but I made this for you. I didn’t know how you’d like it…”

“Black,” she declares. “I like my coffee strong.”

“I made a good call,” he grins.

“Ehh… it’s okay,” she replies.

Andy swallows hard and decides to plunge forward. “I like you Breanna. And I hope you grow to like…maybe even love me,” he shrugs his shoulder nervously. “But I’m happy we’re doing this.”

“You know what?” she sets down her cup. “Me too.”

Andy’s Confessional: (as he cleans up) I think that went really well. She knows who I am. I laid my cards on the table. We’ll see if she reciprocates. I hope to build a deep friendship with Breanna. If it leads to something more, wonderful. I just needed to put my heart out there, and try. You can always try. I just hope my fashion statement was enough to make her notice me.
Breanna’s Confessional: Andy isn’t like the other candidates. I’m not sure what to make from him. First impression? Unusual and bold. I mean, he did interrupt my meet-and-greet with Afu. I don’t know whether I’d call that rude, or fortuitous timing. Afu is still way hotter, I’ll admit. Probably than any other candidate, but Andy seems so genuine. A little quirky. Different. But genuine. I think his outfit choice was… er… off? (winces) He seems like someone who would be a very good friend.

Author Notes: Uh oh… Andy might be getting friend-zoned, but Afu isn’t off to the best start either. Thanks for reading. 

Day 1, Pt. 3: Griffin & Mort Meet Breanna (SIS)

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Neal’s Voiceover: While Kaha and Breanna meet, Griffin works on a flower arrangement for the bachelorette. Griffin’s Voiceover: Bluebells for Breanna, he smiles softly. Neal: Now these flowers don’t grow natively in Sulani so where did you find them? Griffin: Oh I found them… he says mischievously.
Neal’s Voiceover: Griffin has just enough time to change to a tux while Breanna slips off to the restroom between takes. He is waiting for her on the pink bench with a plate full of pasta. He happened to swipe it from the kitchen while Merry was cooking dinner for the household. Griffin: No one will miss one plate, right? he smiles( sweat drips from his forehead).

“You brought me dinner?” Breanna exclaims.

Griffin begins. “Uh… I know how you like to be spoiled with food… or at least that’s what you said in your interview… oh gawd! You aren’t gluten free or anything, are ya?” he gasps.

Breanna laughs lightly. “No, I love my pasta…”

“Sorry, I ate some of it already,” Griffin gulps. “I was…er… hungry… but here… I brought two forks.”

“I’m Breanna,” she says.

“I’m Griffin… er… uh… call me Griff,” he stumbles awkwardly as she takes a bite of food.

“This is delicious,” her eyes widen. “Did you make this?”

“Naw…” he starts to relax. “I got it from the kitchen staff. I’m happy you like it though. Pasta’s pretty romantic, right?” he chokes on his dinner as he realizes that sounded pretty silly.

“If we added meatballs,” Breanna grins. “…it’d be like that cute movie…” she continues. “… with them two dogs chewing on the same piece of spaghetti noodle.”

“Last bit. I…could…uh… feed you…” he stammers.

“Please,” she welcomes as he nervously hands her a bite, hoping she doesn’t notice how badly his hand is shaking as he lifts the fork.

“It’s so hot today,” she sighs.

He waves his hands, bumping her arm with his elbow. “Opps… sorry… I’d be happy to fan you, Breanna… if you’d want.”

“Uh, wow, thank you, what a kind… offer,” she replies hesitantly. “I’m awright.”

“If you change your mind, I’m your guy,” Griffin points to himself proudly.

“I heard a good joke the other day,” Griffin continues. “Do you want to hear it?”

“Sure,” Breanna nods.

Two fish swim into a wall. One turns to the other and says, ‘Dam,'” he starts laughing hysterically. “Get it. Dam.”

“Heh…heh…” Breanna laughs half-heartedly.

“I’m sorry, you’re a proper Southern woman and all, but that’s hilarious,” Griffin guffaws.

“I suppose it’s funny,” Breanna agrees. “Tell me about yourself, Griffin in three words.”

Friendly. Resourceful,” he closes his eyes and smiles as he says the last word. “Outdoor Lover…opps, that’s two. Do you enjoy being out of doors?” he asks.

“Yes, I do,” she beams. “I like working in the lavender fields,” she replies.

“Oh really?” he interjects.”Do you like camping?”

“Only if I prepare everything in advance,” she says, sheepishly. “I like to plan, but sleeping under the stars and cozying up near a campfire is fun.”

“Let me be your guide,” he says, tilting his head back proudly. “To the great outdoors. I’d plan everything for us and you wouldn’t need to worry about a thing.”

“That sounds… delightful,” she sighs happily.

“Do you like working on the farm?” he inquires.

“We’re about to start experimenting with other crops like bluebells and…”

Oh wait…” Griffin stands up and runs over to the bushes. “Close your eyes. I have something for you.”

“Flowers!” she exclaims. “You’re sweet! Thank you, Griffin.”

“I’m so happy to meet you,” Griffin replies as he makes direct eye contact. “Actually I have one more thing for you…”

He asks her to close her eyes once more and hands her a blue star-studded box with a gold bow printed on the top.

“Another present?” she opens her eyes, her face lighting up. “You are too kind…”

“Tada!” he declares.

“Where were you hiding this?”

“Magic,” he smirks. “I know you like nice things… and I thought you could use a fancy hot cocoa kit.”

“Yes, I do love my hot cocoa,” she concurs, accepting the offer.

“A sweet gal like yourself deserves the best after a hard day’s work,” he replies.

“How thoughtful,” she purrs. “Thank you, Griff…”

“You’re welcome,” he squeezes her hands. “”Hot cocoa is good for a cool night on the bluffs,” he remarks. “Miss…Breanna. I’d be honored to bring you home, just so you know.”

“Why thank you, Griff,” she says.

Neal’s Voiceover: Alright, Breanna. First impressions? Breanna: Sweet and thoughtful! And I like his clean-cut look. That curly red hair is mmmmm… and just the right amount of flattery. Oh and those flowers were so pretty! I like a guy who can make me feel good, and I feel good around Griff…(blushes as she uses his nickname). …I’m open to exploring more with him.
Griffin: She’s a breath of fresh air! So many girls I meet aren’t into doing stuff outdoors, and Breanna… left that wide open for me. We’re gonna have so much fun. And watching sunrises on the beach? Mmm… I just hope she doesn’t figure out I stole the idea for hot chocolate from Mort. Stealing ideas from others is a great way to get a leg up on the competition. Uh… did I say that aloud?
Neal’s Voiceover: To prepare for his introduction, Mort whips up brownies with the help of Merry Bright in the kitchen. Breanna likes chocolate, he remembers as he adds another egg for a cakey consistency.

“Oh my stars! You are more…” Mort gulps as he waves his hands to regain his confidence. “…radiant than Luna herself.”

“Why thank you, kind sir,” Breanna fans herself. “I’m Breanna.”

“Mort,” he replies.

“Mort,” she replies. “That’s a cute name,” she scrunches her nose.

“Really?” he replies. “Most people think grim and death and all when they hear Mort.”

“Not me,” she shakes her head. “Tell me about yourself Mort.”

“I’m from Del… Del Sol Valley,” he swallows hard. “I do odd jobs right now, but I want to be a treasure hunter. Is that too moony?”

“Oh no,” she disagrees. “It is a perfectly respectable trade. So Mort…” she seems to enjoy saying his name. “…describe yourself in three words.”

Cheerful. Geeky. Comedic,” he replies quickly, the words rolling off his tongue awkwardly. “And you, Breanna?”

“What about me?” she replies, frowning at the dimmed lighting. “Oh!” she laughs and touches her face. “Why thank you for askin’. Um… let’s see… I’m a hopeless romantic, I think,” she flushes. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t, I guess. I just haven’t found my soulmate yet. I’m most at home in the garden. I love my farm.”

“I have a gift for you,” he interjects.

“You do?” her cheeks turn nearly as pink as her dress, pleased at the prospect.

“I made them myself,” he replies. “I hope you don’t mind. The other guys must’ve bought you stuff,” he supposes.

“I don’t mind at all,” she says softly, opening the box and quickly closes the lid after seeing what is inside. “Brownies!” she exclaims, her eyes growing wide.

“I hope you like them,” he says, shyly.

“Yes,” Breanna gasps.

“That’s great to hear,” he closes his eyes. “I want…wanted…to…make you happy.”

“You have,” she replies softly. “Homemade things made with love are always nice.”

At the word love, a pinch of red appears in his darkened cheeks.

“L…lo…love…” he stutters.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asks.

“Su…sure…” he stammers.

“How’s a good looking guy like yourself still single?” she inquires, swinging her arms in a flirtatious manner.

Mort takes her hands and drops his eyes. “Uh… because I have not found my one true person yet. I am a…uh…a…uh…little awk…ward…you can tell, I think…” he focuses on her hands. “…but I would be hon…hon…honored if you’d choose me…”

“Aww…thank you, Mort,” Breanna says, squeezing his hands.

Neal’s Voiceover: Well, that went very well, Breanna. Breanna: Oh…(stares off into space). Sorry… I’m a little dazed… he was…easy on the eyes and endearing.
Neal’s Voiceover: Mort and Miguel are roomies. They get upgraded to the slightly nicer room. Miguel is happy because he has access to the computer. Mort is just glad he won’t have to share a room with three other guys, but I think there’s something more pressing on his mind. Mort: First impressions? (gulps) Breanna is… well…(grips his shirt and then drops arms at side) my heart is pounding.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I seriously can’t decide between these two. I love them both already. 

Day 1, Pt. 2: Hunter & Kaha Meet Breanna (SIS)

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Neal’s Voiceover: And we’re off! Breanna Gaines is about to meet the bachelor contestants… and possibly her soulmate! And what is she doing? Sit-ups. Maybe to soothe her nerves? We don’t know, but no mind. She is looking all ready to go in her cute heart-print dress and her wreath of flowers.
Neal: Hunter is the first to arrive. The bachelors were told to dress in style. Hunter seems a bit overdressed for the weather. He is grumbling about his stomach. Well, Hunter… did you not eat enough pizza at lunch time? Breanna: Uh… (eyes the camera) Are we rolling already?
“Hi, I’m Breanna,” she says cheerily as Hunter sits next to her on the pink loveseat.

“Hello, aren’t you a ray of sunshine!” Hunter flatters smoothly.

When she doesn’t reply, he adds, “Hey there darling.”

“Darling?” Breanna repeats as if offended he would already use a pet name.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Too informal?” Hunter jokes. “Hey, I’m Hunter… Hunter Hale… the movie actor. What do you do, Breanna?”

“Uh, I’m a farmer by trade, I guess,” she says, lifting her hand to her mouth hesitantly. “I grow lavender… among other things.”

“Lavender, no wonder you are so fragrant,” Hunter flirts.

Breanna just stares.

Neal: Strike 2 Hunter! Or are we at 3 already?

“We got off on the wrong foot here,” he recovers smoothly. “And the last thing I want to do is trample those dainty feet of yours. I like your flower crown.”

“Really?” she exclaims. “Thanks! I made it myself. They are purple lotus blossoms.”

“You’re very talented,” Hunter continues. “I understand you’ve made wreaths for our rooms too. That’s so sweet. Thank you.”

“I love crafting things… especially with flowers… and especially…” she turns pink. “…with love.”

“The best gifts are in love!” Hunter replies. “Tell me about yourself in three words, Breanna.”

“Three?” she repeats. “Okay…” and she counts off on her fingers. “I am a morning person. I like to think I’m romantic. And I have a super green thumb. Do you have a favorite plant, Hunter?”

“Probably palm trees,” he replies. “They line all the roads in Del Sol Valley.”

“Is that where you’re from?” she asks.

“Actually…” he laughs half-heartedly. “I was born in Willow Creek. I haven’t been back in years.”

“Really?” her eyes light up. “Maybe I’ll be taking you home again.”

He chuckles. “I love your enthusiasm.”

“Tell me about yourself, Hunter,” she continues. “In three words, like you said.”

“Single dad. Gregarious. Confident.”

“Single dad, huh?” she replies and sticks her nose in the air.

“Widower. Not divorced,” he clarifies.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” she softens. “How old are your kids?”

“Two. Twins,” he replies.

Neal: Time to move along? Hunter decides to send Breanna his phone number.
“I am confident we will get along so well!” his text sends. Breanna: Awwww!!!
Breanna: Thank you, Hunter. It’s so nice to meet you!
Neal: First impressions? Breanna: Smooth talker. And too soon to tell. She puts her hands in the air. But he’s from Willow Creek? Intriguing.
Neal: First impressions, Hunter? Hunter: We’re going to have great conversations! She’s a little shy, but I’ve got this in the bag!
Neal: Next up is Kaha.

“Hello, I’m Breanna.”

“You have such beautiful hair,” Kaha replies quickly, in awe. “Um… I’m sorry. My name is Kaha.”

“Welcome to the island, Kaha,” she says. “And thank you…” she absently twists her hair around a finger.

“I live here. I am a native,” Kaha responds abruptly.

“Really? That’s wonderful,” she exclaims. “You have a beautiful country.”

“Thank you, it is beautiful for you,” he tries to flatter. “It is… uh…” he waves his hands. “…all the more beautiful now that you… you are here.”

“That’s so sweet,” she grins.

“Tell me about yourself,” she asks. “What is this skirt you are wearing?”

“It is known as a sulu,” he explains. “…but it does not have the colors your dress does. Do you like dresses?” his cheeks turn pink as he waves his hands in her directions. “…that are shorter than your knees?”

“I do,” she smiles. “When I’m not working in the fields that is…”

“A woman who works hard is a blessing,” he interrupts and nods.

“What do you do here on the island, Kaha?” she inquires.

“I am a fisherman by trade. I can show you all the best fishing spots on the islands,” he replies.

“I’ve never caught anything but tadpoles,” Breanna laughs lightly.

“I can show you,” he replies. “How to fish… but first, I should like to fry you a fish feast. Do you have a favorite, Breanna?”

She laughs and waves her hand. “Would it be silly to say tunafish sandwiches? I like to eat them with celery sticks and pickles.”

“It is not silly. It is a serious question,” he says defensively.

“Oh no, I’m sorry, we are miscommunicating,” she sighs. “I like tuna with pickles.”

He relaxes. “I am good with opening a pickle jar,” Kaha says. “If you like vegetables, I heard a line the other day.”

“A line?” Breanna repeats.

“Yes…uh…” he scratches his head. “…a joke?”

“Tell me more,” Breanna leans forward.

“If… if…you wer…were a veg…vegetable, you would….would be a cute-cum…ber!” he says, stuttering as he delivers.

Breanna laughs dainty as he hangs his head and looks away embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s a good one,” she replies. “Thank you…” she beams.

“Really? It was not too… terrible?” Kaha asks. “You were not laughing at me?”

“No, no,” she waves her hands. “Oh don’t misunderstand. I found it cute. Thank you.”

“That is good to hear,” Kaha lifts his hands in the air.

Neal: Alright first impressions, you two! Breanna: Kaha is cute but shy. I should like to get to know him better. Kaha: I hope I did not mess up with my pathetic pick-up line attempts. She is a nicely decorated woman… er… uh…that flower…flower crown was cute.

Author’s Notes: Thanks everyone for reading.

Sweethearts in Sulani: Meet the Bachelorette

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Good morning everyone. Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani. I’m your host, Neal “the Dealin'” Wheeler. It’s another breathtaking morning on the island, and here we are meeting up with our bachelorette, Breanna Gaines. We’re interrupting her morning yoga routine, but without further adieu, Breanna, introduce yourself.

Breanna: “Why hello there. I’m Miss Breanna Magnolia Gaines and I am so happy you’re joining me this morning for my yoga routine. The view is… just beyond words. I am tickled pink to be here in Sulani with y’all. We’re going to have such a good time.”

Neal: “Breanna, tell us where you’re from.”

Breanna: “I’m from Willow Creek in the great Southern state of Bayou. I live in the Sage Estates neighborhood on a lavender plantation that’s been in my family since my great, great, great grandaddy. The original house still stands, but don’t you worry, sugar plum, because I’ve updated it with a lovely mix of modern conveniences while retaining its old Southern charm. We also keep bees for honey because we like our sweet tea extra sweet.” *winks*  “Everything’s better with homegrown honey.”

Neal: *Licks his lips* Sounds delicious!

Breanna: “Every one of our lavender plants receives tenderloving care. We have over one thousand plants and there’s still plenty of room to expand. We truly believe what we are doing is an art form.”

Breanna: “Like any art form, it requires practice and discipline. I get up every morning and practice meditation and yoga to help relax me before my big day of managing the family farm. I believe, like my momma always used to say, each day should start with centering oneself so we can bring balance and harmony to our treatment of the lavender and the bees. I also operate a small shop with aromatherapy, culinary, and body care products.” *giggles* “You haven’t lived until you’ve tried our cook’s honey lavender lamb roast.”

Neal: “How many people do you employ?”

Breanna: “Five farmhands, a shopkeeper, an accountant, and a beekeeper. Our cook makes delightful morsels to sell in the store, and every afternoon, we serve our customers our famous sweet tea and our specialty, lavender lemonade, on the front porch. We do a special farm-to-table dinner ’bout twice a year.”

Neal: “That sounds amazing.”

Breanna: *sighs happily* “It is amazing… to do what you love day in and day out. I am just so blessed.”

Neal: “Do you have an official title for your job?”

Breanna: “On any one given day, I do a hundred little jobs from tending the field, mingling with customers to see to their comforts, helping stock the store, singing to the bees, preparing the menus for our afternoon tea…”

Neal: “Wait, singing to the bees?”

Breanna: *laughs nervously and pales* “Why yes, is that silly?” *scrunches her nose* “It helps relax them along with the smoke. Plus it soothes our nerves too.”

Neal: “I’m sure you have a lovely singing voice.”

Breanna: *blushes* “Thank you… I like to think of myself as a freelance botanist. I’ve been consultin’ for other farms in the area.”

Neal: “Freelance botanist? Do you need a degree for that?”

Breanna: “Well, I do have a degree. In business, actually, but that’s not really what I like talking about.”

Neal: “Come on, Breanna. Don’t be shy. Tell us about your masters.”

Breanna: “I have a masters in botany and plant pathology from Spectrum Medical University.”

Neal: “Sounds impressive.”

Breanna: “Yes and no.” *shrugs* My education was important to my momma and daddy, but I like to spend as much time in the field as I can. I like discovering healing properties of plants, and my advanced degree helps with that, of course. I can geek out about plants all day, but my favorite part is still down-to-earth floral arranging for the dinner table.”

Neal: Well, we’re going to let you go change for the day, and then we’ll meet back up early this afternoon for a cool drink and some questions from our bachelor contestants.

Breanna: Sounds like a splendid plan. I could use the refreshment.

Neal: “So tell us what you’re drinking.”

Breanna: *laughs lightly* “It’s my favorite drink. Tang and Zing. I do love my good ole Southern gin. And these limes are divine. At Christmas time, we do these with cranberry juice.”

Neal: “Have you ever added lavender?”

Breanna: “We did a lavender gin martini one year.”

Neal: “Are you ready to jump right into questions?”

Breanna: Let’s do this.

Neal: Here’s a direct quote from one of our contestants…

Where would you like to go on a honeymoon? And where would you like our first breakfast to be?

 Breanna: *gulps and brings a hand to her chest* My, my, my… aren’t we starting off with a heavy question? I…” *takes a giant swig of her beverage* “I feel like that’s kinda personal, you know?”

Neal: Well, you wouldn’t be on the show if you didn’t want to get personal.

Breanna: *chuckles awkwardly and smiles* “I know, I mean, I thought we’d start with something easy and light. A honeymoon? I haven’t even thought that far ahead.”

Neal: “You haven’t?”

Breanna: “Well, I…we’re already here in the lovely Su-lan-i so I don’t know how it can get much better than paradise, but…” *swallows hard and straightens* “I’d like to go someplace with comfort and luxury, but I kinda want to be surprised… can I ask the bachelors a question?”

Neal: “Sure.”

 Breanna:  *waves her arms and shyly looks at camera* “What kind of honeymoon do you envision?”

Neal: “And the breakfast?”

Breanna: “Oh, I’ve heard there’s a lovely restaurant in town. I’d like to try there. I do like breakfast. I am a morning person. And you, Neal, what about you?”

Neal: What about me? Oh… I’m more of a night owl, I think.

Breanna: Oh.

Neal: “Here’s a question from our writing department. ‘How do you feel about vampires?‘”

Breanna: “Oh… you are asking me about vampires?”

Neal: “That’s what I just said.”

Breanna: *winces* “They’re people too. Honestly?… they make me a little afraid. I don’t think I’d like to have someone drink my blood.”

Neal: “Plenty of vamps work in the medical field and for the military too. And for the entertainment houses… it’s all very regulated.”

Breanna: *squirms* “Yeah, let’s just say I won’t go to that kind of club. Next question please.”

Neal: “Another question from our writing department… ‘What are your opinions on art, music, games, and yoga?'”

Breanna: *breathes in deeply* “Well, you already know I like yoga. I do like playing cards.”

Neal: What about chess?

Breanna: I did see those chess tables set up around the estate. That should be interesting. I don’t really know much about chess so someone might have to teach me. I just know about my Aunt Linda’s buttermilk chess pie, and if it’s anything like that, it will be a sweet experience. *releases a tinkle of a laugh*

Neal: *rubs hands against pant legs* “Uh… not really…”

Breanna: “I like good old country blues for music, but some Edgewater jazz is nice also. As for art, I do love art. I am an amateur painter.”

Neal: Really?

Breanna: “Yes, I have a paintin’ studio set up in my home.”

Neal: “Well, no wonder you’re so good with coordinating your colors. You look positively radiant today.”

Breanna: *flushes deeply* “Oh stop, but thank you. You are too kind.”

 Neal: Here’s another question from one of our contestants.

Tell me about your favorite memory of being a kid or a teenager.”

Breanna: “When I was a little girl, I used to cut out pictures of celebs from my favorite magazines and paste them on my wall. I would doodle hearts on all my notebooks and write the names of my future spouse in them. I once wrote a fan fic about Prinz Freddie.”

Neal: “The movie actor?”

Breanna: *swoons* “I know a lot of people think he’s a B-lister, but I am a sucker for the cheesiness. That movie with the mutt that solves mysteries?” *smiles brightly* “That’s my favorite…”

Breanna: “It may all sound sort-of embarrassing, but this was a time when I could be a kid and dream and fantasize about the future before things got tough for my parents, but you push through…I’m a Southern lady through and through and there’s one thing we don’t do – we don’t ever give up.”

 Neal: “Tell us about your family.”

Breanna: “Both my momma and daddy have passed on now. Daddy was a Southern gentleman through and through, bled the Bayou blue. He played football at Edgewater U. Momma was a real belle. She was a feisty lady too. Nobody better get on her bad side and hurt her family or momma would give them a verbal lashin’ that would make anyone surrender. She would tell you like it is, and then some.”

Breanna: “But she was also kind. Whenever anyone needed help, she’d organize the community and bring over a plate of her famous fried chicken. And Daddy… he just loved on her so well. He made sure she was always happy, no matter what. One time he walked seven miles round trip in the rain just to pick up some of Edgewater’s famous sausage gumbo. Our car was out of commission and my momma was convinced it would help her heal when she had the flu.”

Neal: “Sounds like a real love story. Did it?”

Breanna: “I don’t think so…” *laughs sadly* “…but she did perk up after hearing my daddy did it. I mean, she thought it was the stupidest thing he could’da done… and in the rain… he could’da caught a cold too, but he loved her and that’s what she needed most at that moment.”

Neal: “If you’re ready… I have another question.”

Breanna: *nods*


has there ever been a time in your life that you felt lost?”

Breanna: *sighs heavily* “Yes, after my parents died. The house felt so big and empty and alone. It was hard because things don’t stop just because someone else does.”

Neal: “Have they been gone long?”

Breanna: “Daddy passed after battlin’ lung cancer. Smoked a pack a day, and Momma, she perished in a hurricane two years back. Went out to catch supper. Never came back. It’s…” *lifts hand to face and swipes at a tear* “…hard to talk ’bout.”

Neal: “We’re so sorry for your loss. That must be hard.”

Breanna: “It is. But we soldier on. We have to. The farm needs us.”

Neal: Okay, let’s switch gears.

You don’t have kids, do you?”

Breanna: “Is that a legitimate question?”

Neal: “Submitted by one of our bachelors. How do you feel about kids?”

Breanna: “No, I don’t have kids. Yet. I’d love to be a mother someday and fill my home with love and little ones. Home is so central to who we are.”

Neal: “How do you feel about taking things slow?”

Breanna: “How about glacial slow? Or turtle race slow?” *laughs and lifts hand to face*

Neal: “Those reptile races can be hilarious to watch.”

Breanna: “You should host one sometime. I think you’d be good at it. Uh.. slow is good for me. I don’t like to rush things.”

Neal: “Alright, last question, I promise. This is getting long. If you could have anything in the world, what’s your favorite way to be pampered.”

Breanna: “Food. I spend so much time working on the farm sometimes I forget to eat. I order in or I eat in town at the bar and grille…or I ask a friend to cook for me.”

Neal: “Do you have a favorite dish?”

Breanna: “I like a good hearty soup or broth. A chicken salad sandwich. A petit four. I do like me some spaghetti with my grandmother’s grape jelly meatballs.”

Neal: “Comfort foods?”

Breanna: “Yeah, I guess I’m predictable like that.”

We’re going to wrap here. Thanks for tuning into meet the lovely, Breanna Gaines. Our bachelorette, but not forever. Which of you handsome gents can woo her heart? We look forward to hearing responses from our bachelors about their ideal honeymoon. Feel free to let us know in the comments below or over on our forums page. We’ll see you next time.

Neal: “Breanna, let’s try these drinks.”

Breanna: “Oh you’re going to love it. So refreshing and cool…”

Author Notes:Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this episode and meeting the bachelorette, Breanna Gaines. I have a gorgeous lot for Breanna – a lavender farm that I hope to show you during this series. 

If anyone missed the question above, Breanna asked you gentlemen contestants: What kind of honeymoon do you envision? This is a family-friendly show so please keep your answers PG. 😉 (Feel free to answer here in the comments or on the forums. Keep your answers within the Sims worlds please, but any variation of Sims games on any platform is okay). 

Readers/followers/contestants, feel free to let me know first impressions also. 

Sweethearts in Sulani: Tour the Estate

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Welcome to Sweethearts in Sulani. I’m your host, Neal “The Dealin'” Wheeler. You probably remember me from Wheels of Deals. I cast a long shadow.

Holly: Palm tree!

Neal: Excuse me?

Holly: There’s a palm tree shadow behind you.

Neal: Ah… okay, Holly. What are you doing?

Holly: *shrugs* Camouflage?

Neal: Yeah, sure, the leaves make a nice necklace on you, but get your head out of the plumeria. Anyhow… did we get that on camera? Are we still rolling?

Holly: *thumbs up* Rolling boss!

Neal: Let’s not include this segment. We should start again.

Holly: *winces* Uh… sorry, boss. Everything’s live.

Neal: *sighs and wipes his glasses* Okay, let’s start again.

It is another breathtaking day on Lani St. Taz, where the rich and beautiful Sims flock, and seven lucky guys get to stay to compete for the hand of Southern belle, Breanna Gaines. We are blessed with another lovely beach house for our bachelorette and this challenge, steps from the azure waters, beneath the dancing coconut palms.

Let’s jump right in. Here’s the beautiful entryway, with strings of happy yellow lights inviting us into the estate. The walkways are lined with heavenly plumeria, tropical ti tree, and vibrant red ixora. I’m told the bachelorette’s favorite color is red, so I’m sure she will be pleased.

For the logically inclined, there are four chess tables. Challenge your roommates to a match under the stars. Will the lull of the ocean waves be inspiration or distraction?

Through a romantic hedge archway, follow the wooden lighted walkway across the pool to a floating island. Careful, a more ambitious contestant may just push you in the water. Cool off beneath a thatch umbrella and admire the encircling tropical white morning glories around the tiki column. I’m told these are also known as moonflowers.

Living is easy when you recline on one of the many lounge chairs available poolside or atop the waters themselves.

Across the pool, share a deep conversation at sunset beneath a leafy trellis over the smell of sea salt and wood smoke. Roast gooey marshmallows and melt chocolate squares between two honeyed crackers. Our lady loves chocolate so feel free to lay it on thick and add an extra square or two.

Holly: I just love brownies!

Neal: Holly! We’re talking about Breanna, not you.

Holly: Opps, sorry boss.

Back to the front entryway…

To the left of the entrance, a small zen garden for meditation. Enjoy a moment for peace and wellness during your stay. The seats are made from natural Koa driftwood so as to preserve living trees. There’s also a private entrance to one of the main guest rooms.

Welcome to the mainhouse. Inside the entrance is a dining table to seat eight. We’ve heard Breanna loves flowers and so our crew made a special point to fill the house with plenty of flowers. Adorning the table, you can see a scientific sprout, a flower that has been known to grow deep underground without access to sunlight. You can understand why we call it the miracle flower.  On the side table, there’s a bottle of sunscreen available to guests. Feel free to ask for more. And you can see reading material supported by two serene elephant guardians.

The kitchen comes fully stocked with all the amenities. Guest are welcome to help themselves to prepared snacks in the refrigerator, a coffeemaker for the morning java jolt, a tea brewer (said to have magical properties, but we’ll let you discover it for yourself), and Breanna’s personal favorite – the Satisfied Squirrel Hot Chocolate kit – a warm cup of cocoa is sure to bring a smile to her face. You can also grind your own kava – don’t worry, we ensured it is the highest quality and perfectly safe in small quantities.

What’s in there? Glad you asked. Should you need to relieve yourself while gathering in the kitchen or dining, this is the nearest bathroom. It is too small to get a good picture. Believe me. Holly tried.

Holly: I stood on the toilet. *grimaces* It wasn’t the cleanest.

Neal: *snickers* You didn’t fall in, did you?

Off the kitchen is a small private patio. This area will be reserved for the bachelorette and a special someone she selects.

This space is perfect for drinking your morning beverage of choice and drinking in the phenomenal views. The ocean is calling. You might find yourself racing down the sands to the water shortly after breakfast.

While we’re out here, on the ocean-side of the estate, we’ve place Zen Again mats for quick yoga routines before the heat of the day. Achieve inner unity and peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Back inside, to the left of the dining room is the main guest room with five beds for the lucky bachelors. Decorated in vibrant oranges, this room is sure to be a cozy place to sleep, and also offers three wicked wicker seats for tying your shoes or shaking sand out of your shorts. Notice the lovely handmade floral wreaths above the beds, each one unique, crafted by our bachelorette herself.

Holly: No red roses?

Neal: I, for one, like the sweet yellow daffodils, but feel free to select the bed beneath your favorite wreath.

Bath is through the small door. Only one shower and tub so gentlemen, you’ll have to share. A shower schedule will be posted with preference given to the contestant with the highest relationship with the bachelorette.

On the opposite side of the house, there is a small reading nook and stairs leading to the next floor.

The second guest bedroom will house the two remaining bachelors. This room has a few special perks, a shelf with reading materials, a private computer and desk for unwinding and playing games, or writing our bachelorette sweet love poems, and a guitar for those who would woo a heart with musical talent.

Up the stairs we have the skills room. A workbench for crafting and carving and a workbench for floral arrangements is available.

Holly: I’m told Breanna really loves crafting and I’ll let you in on a little secret – her love language is gifts.

Neal: Gentlemen, feel free to show off your skill sets and make Breanna something during your stay. It may give you an extra edge. 😉

There is also a community desk for those of you who have to shoot an email to your broker or donate to your favorite charity or look for volunteer opportunities on the island. You can also scribble letters and love poems to Breanna with the paper and writing implements available on the desk.

And just because you’re on vacay, doesn’t mean you can’t still keep up with your workout routines. We’ve provide a treadmill and weight machine, and feel free to request your favorite tunes to be played over the speakers.

On the eastern side of the house, we call this the Bonsai Balcony. For those of you who want to practice, feel free to trim away a fun design.

Holly: Psst! I hear this might be a competition later, but better get here early… there’s only two.

It’s also a cozy spot to sit and chat among friends… or enemies, depending on how you view things.

On the western side of the house, this is the Artist’s Nook. Come out here and paint the sunrise, sunset, or anything your heart desires.

Walk down a stone path, toward the towering tiki lamps, is a gathering area. This is where all the contestants will meet one another in a cozy seating area with an attached bar and outdoor grill. A mixologist will be available on site from 3pm-midnight so be sure to order your favorite cocktails.

Step out the backdoor of the gathering space and across the rock garden to a separate tiki hut. This room will be reserved for the bachelor with the highest relationship with the bachelorette every three days.

The room has its own private entrance and a comfortable queen-sized bed. The room comes equipped with a stereo, television, and a gaming console. This lucky guy will also receive exculsive sample products from our sponsor, The New Bland. “Why rely on natural pheromones? Trigger animal attraction every time with an arsenal of killer cologne.” There is also a special surprise from the bachelorette herself for the first night’s guest.

Speaking of the bachelorette, back near the main entrance of the estate, she has her own private dwelling also with a separate entrance. Our crew made sure she will live in lavish comfort during her stay. We hung curtains from the quarters of the infamous pirate captain, Sam Handwich, for maximum privacy.

Inside there’s a spacious sitting room with a television. And…

Neal: …uh, Holly, what are you doing?

Holly: This chef has some excellent tips for preparing the perfect island fruit salad. Oranges are so good for your immune system.

Neal: Holly, we’re filming.

Holly: *grumbles beneath breath and turns off the tv* Well, at least the guests will know the television works. And it has… eight hundred channels too!

Behind Holly, you can see the beautiful canopy bed for our bachelorette with Al Simharan cotton sheets and the softest pillows for the sweetest dreams.

Breanna will also have her own dressing table and complete access to our wardrobe specialists and cosmetics department. I believe she will also receive exclusive product samples from various high-end salons.

And a private bath to unwind at the end of a long day with a special Koa wood tub, waterfall shower, and lovely floral accents. I even spy a painting of the friendly neighborhood jolly rooster. Yes, you might even see feral chickens pecking around the island estate. They arrived after… a…hurricane… one… year…

Holly: Ahem!

Neal: Oh… what?

Holly: *smirks* You fell asleep.

Neal: *turns bright red* Erm…thanks for waking me. *laughs awkwardly* Holly is a little distracted with the camera and uh, managed to catch me dozing off in paradise.

Holly: Hey!

Thanks for watching Sweethearts in Sulani. Before we go, here’s a word from our bachelorette.

Neal: Opps… looks like she dozed off too… Breanna?

Breanna: Oh my stars, I must have drifted off. It is just so peaceful and relaxin’ here in Sul-lan-i. The trip was exhausting and I just want to… *yawns*… Oh…oh… I know this hilarious joke about yawns. What type of steak does a firebreather enjoy? … Flamin’ yawn.

I’m happy to be meetin’ y’all very soon. We’re going to be havin’ a lovely time at this beachside estate I’m looking forward to hearing your stories, but I’ll admit I’m a little nervous to meet y’all too. This is so different for me. I am outside my comfort zone here. This is my first time ever doing something this wild. I hope y’all go easy on me. *laughs lightly* We’re going to have a lovely time at this beachside estate. It would be my honor to show you gentlemen a good time around the island.

There you have it, folks! Breanna Gaines. She’s a little shy as you can probably tell, so before I go, we’d like to ask the gentlemen contestants, what is one thing you would do to put Breanna at ease when you meet? (and if you’re living vicariously, followers, what kind of activity would you like to see Breanna and the contestants do at the estate?) Thanks for watching. I’m Neal Wheeler. We’ll see you next time on Sweethearts in Sulani!

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed. More on Breanna coming soon. Once again, silly me. I had the update and somehow lost the name of the original creator of this estate. I did make some modifications to the house and added some extra decor to make it feel personalized for Breanna and the guys, however, the house was already pretty homey. If you know who the creator is, please let me know so I can give credit. In terms of the question above, let us know in the comments or over on the forums. If you want your response to be a more secret to surprise the followers, feel free to PM me. BTW, The New Bland is a play on the brand, Old Spice. 😉 Holly and Neal… those two had me laughing as I wandered around the estate snapping pictures. They kept getting in the way and stopping to chat with one another so I hope you don’t mind friendly banter between colleagues.