Episode 3.27 Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice (LASL)

Time for another play date! The Green-Simself kiddos travel to the Smith residence. Both Joey Jr. and Nate are happy to see Auntie Tea! Cathy is taking out the trash in a wild outfit. These Sims and the choices they make autonomously. It’s such a fun splash of color. And look at Lizzie. She’s got a little sass in that walk. 😏 You go girl!

Summer arrived. Some people still wanted cooler weather. Cathy wasn’t all that thrilled about the heat, but she complained about her air conditioning.

“I have to wear a winter coat inside to keep from freezing,” she muttered in annoyance as she carried a trash bag to the compactor.

“Mom, can we go inside?” Parker asked, practicing her ballet step.

“Sure,” Lizzie smiled and waved to John.

The kids had a scheduled play date with the Smith children.

“Ms. Tea, what’s in the bag?” Joey asked.

“Why?” Cathy wrinkled her nose. “Do you believe I am carrying a treasure of immense worth?”

Nate’s eyes widened. “Like Montana Miller and the Quest for the Holy Grail?”

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” Lizzie quipped.

John sighs
Cathy is beyond happy to see Lizzie. She seems to be in a flirty mood, and is in general around Lizzie. Uh oh, guys! Do I smell trouble? Eek… this is an ISBI. John sighs as his kids make screaming noises from the apartment. Sorry for the up close and personal, you guys. It’s mostly because this hallway is so narrow on this lot.

“You’re funny,” Cathy snickered. “You should open at the comedy club.”

“I don’t know about that,” Lizzie shrugged.

“No, you really are incredible. A breath of fresh air. Fresh…beautiful air!” Cathy grinned.

“Uh… thanks,” Lizzie winced, wondering why Cathy seemed so exuberant.

“DAAAAAD!” one of John’s kids yelled from the apartment. “DAAADDDY! Bobby knocked over my homework assignment again.

kids amiright?
She is rocking the makeup again. Better than I do.  I love her freckled skin, the dark smoky eye, raspberry lips, and the peachy rouge. Is it vain to say that as she is a Sim based on me? 😁 She does totally hold her own and makes the character true to herself. Less to me. She also rocks the green. I’m liking John’s neon top. Reminds me of one my bro-in-law has. We call it his highlighter shirt.

“Kids amiright?” Lizzie shared a knowing look with John.

“Oh hilarious!” Cathy slapped her knee and laughed hysterically. “Kids… you really have a sense of humor, Lizzie.”

“Uh huh,” she bobbed her head. “Say Cathy. Have you been sipping the juice a bit today?”

John asks if Lizzie is ready to go inside. Cathy and Amy live across the hall, FYI, and Cathy is not ready to let them leave. She keeps chatting and sharing funny stories.

“Wait…have you heard the joke about the priest, a rabbi, and a duck?” Cathy asked. “Or is it the monk, the policeman, and the duck?”

“Is this another duck joke?” John groaned. “Angela tells those too. I never understand it. What’s so funny about ducks?”

“Ducks? Ducks?” Cathy repeated and flapped her wings.

“They’re kinda ugly birds,” John made a face. “Maybe that’s why they are the butt of so many jokes these days.”

“I don’t know, John. Even ugly ducklings can turn into swans,” Lizzie shrugged.

wild eyes
I love it! Here’s she’s got wild eyes while Lizzie tells them a ghost story. Really? Now, Liz? John isn’t impressed, but Cathy is hanging on every word.

“That’s right!” Cathy declared. “Do not judge a duck by its feathers…say Lizzie, how are you progressing on your latest novel?”

“It’s a ghost love story,” Lizzie grinned. “I pulled experience from my high school days at a supernatural academy.”

“What?” Cathy’s eyes grew big. “Do tell. I want to know the plot. Don’t leave a single detail to imagination!”

“Now?” Lizzie asked.

“Why not?” Cathy swept her arm almost hitting John. “I am desperate for solid entertainment and poignant literature.”

Lizzie began to outline her latest story, giving just enough detail to satisfy Cathy and not so much as to bore John.

icy look
Cathy gives John an icy stare for dissing Lizzie’s ghost story. Hmmf!

“I don’t know,” John said skeptically. “Something’s missing.”

“How dare you!” Cathy said, glaring at her neighbor. “Lizzie is an accomplished author and her experiences are valuable.”

Lizzie is only one bestseller away from completing her aspiration.

“Really, what do you think is off about it?” Lizzie asked, feeling self-conscious.

Cathy sighed loudly and happily. “I smell a bestseller in your future, Liz.”

“Eh… it’s okay, it needs more pizzazz!” John declared.

needs more tragedy

“More tragedy,” he said, making an exaggerated sad face. “Or comedy.”

Cathy sniffed. “I think it’s perfect.”

wait i've got it!

“Great! I’ve got it! More slapstick,” John exclaimed. “Because clumsy ghosts! Genius!”

“Uhhh…” Cathy trailed off. “No… how about no clumsy ghosts? What about a tragic love triangle.”

“What about AI ghosts? Or a battle between robots and ghosts?” John suggested,  excitedly.

you two“You… two…” was all Lizzie could manage to say, chuckling weakly.

And being the kind friend she is, she offered to take all ideas under advisement.

Nate has been learning about wellness in school. He’s been practicing his breathing and gratitude list. Bobby, the youngest blonde little munchkin of John and Angela, joins in happily. Davey, the older of the two Smith children, begs off preferring to eat his bowl of salted peas.

“Breathe in,” Nate said, happily. “And out.”

“In… out!” Bobby said, quickly.

“No, like this,” Nate smiled and lifted his arms. “In slowly. One…two… three… four… five… and out slowly… five…four…three…two…one…”

“Nate, honey? Have you and your siblings had dinner yet?” Angela inquired.

sad tv
Whatever’s on the tv must be sad. Lizzie finally arrives and makes sad faces with Bobby. I just realized how plain and uninspiring the Smith apartment is. I think it needs a makeover.
sharing is caring
Bobby passes gas. Lizzie chuckles a bit. Davey, being a kind and caring friend, offers peas to Nate. Uh, maybe if those were edamame or something. Not sure Nate wants to “share” peas.
Joey chats
Meanwhile Joey Jr. coaxes the “friendly” monster under the bed. Ever since his dad made him watch The Kraken movie, Joey has this urge to speak to supernatural creatures.
sure Cathy
Sure, Cathy. Come on in and crash the kids play date with the Smith children. Nate is wondering where Davey went.

hey CT

“Oooh…” Angela groaned and cracked her back. “Say it’s getting late. I’ve had a long day. Sure you have too, Cathy.”

“Hmm… wait… it’s getting ot the good part,” Cathy said, from the couch, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as she turned to Joey. “Look, they’re just about to apprehend the villain.”

“That’s the bad guy, right?” Joey said.

“No, he may be a villain but that doesn’t make him inherently bad,” Cathy disagreed.

“You use big words, Auntie Tea!” Joey wrinkled his nose.

“And big words go great with conversations…” Angela grimaced. “…in your own apartment.”

can I ask you a question?

A month or so later, Lizzie met up with friends for the evening at the Spice Festival.

“Hey, good to see you’re back in town, Amy,” Lizzie greeted.

“Yeah, thanks, I enjoyed my trip to Brindleton Bay,” Amy replied. “I love writing scripts for Sim.tv.”

“We’ve missed you.  I’m glad you’re back,” Lizzie said.

“We’re thinking of leaving the City. I have an opportunity to write full time for Sims.tv out of their Sulani office.”

“That’s great,” Lizzie said,  half-heartedly.

She would dearly miss her friends.

what are you talking about? “Hi ladies, what’s happening?” Miko greeted cheerfully as she arrived.

“How’s the new place?” Lizzie asked.

“Great,  my new roomies are fun,” Miko replied.  “Sugar and Sage are getting me in shape with five am workouts.”

“That sounds fun,” Amy rolled her eyes.

give me a hug
I’m loving Nora’s new hair after she aged up!

Ace joined the group, arriving straight from work. Sugar brought Nora.

“Look who I found,” Sugar smiled.

“Nora!” Lizzie exclaimed.  “Come get a hug.”

“Surprise!” Nora grinned. “Joseph’s with the kids. I hope you don’t mind your nephews crashing your kids movie night.”

“My kids crashed too,” Riley said,  joining the group.

“No worries.  The kids always love spending time with both of your kids,” Lizzie said.

“Oh good,” Riley breathed a sigh of relief, eyeing Miko as she walked off with Amy.

sugar plays violinSugar pulled out her violin to play a beautiful concerto. Friends and family observed and listened in awe to the down -to-earth, yet highly accomplished Sugar. Sugar played a self-composed piece titled “Symphony of the City.”

ordering food
Why do they sell chicken and breakfast tees at the Spice Festival? Maybe if the egg was served huevos rancheros?

Lizzie didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to order delicious food from the vendor.

“Come one, come all, get your tee shirts here!” shouted a nearby vendor as Lizzie ordered a plate of taquitos.

“Hello,” Lizzie waved in response. “Why are you selling chicken tee shirts at the Spice Festival?”

“Um…” the other vendor shrugged awkwardly. “Spicy… chicken?”

“Sure,” Lizzie agreed. “I’ll buy a spicy chicken tee… in green please.”

that's my bro in law
I forgot I loaded custom colored skins. I’m liking this minty green tone on the bartender with the blonde dreds.

Everyone gathered to order their favorite drinks. Ace offered some pleasant tips to the overwhelmed bartender.

heat contest
Nora, Lizzie, and Riley decided to test out the Spice Festival.
can't do it
Lizzie did not succeed. Her tongue was on fire. Ace gathered to watch the friends try. Riley was the only one left standing… barely… bracing their knees.
festival swag
Lizzie went to purchase a second festival tee shirt with Riley.
it'll be great!
Lizzie asked Riley for an update on his life. Riley moved to the old apartment. Oliver was sharing the space too, though it made much more sense to stay with Akira. Lizzie wished there was something she could do for the Cognito-Kibo family.
playing ball
Some of the group changed to shoot hoops at Thyme Square.
riley's face
Riley perked up. Basketball with friends was fun.
Ace wished Lizzie a good night while Sugar stayed behind to keep playing basketball. She changed her outfit because someone spilled hot coffee all over her last one. Lizzie smiled. This was a pleasant evening at the festival with friends, but she was looking forward to her warm bed.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I’m interspersing commentary-style with prose-style chapters. This was one strange play date, but that’s what I get for playing ISBI style. This chapter featured CathyTeas Cathy Tea and Sugar Maple Bough and Zurka’s John and Angela Smith, plus Shadami’s Amy, and simscognito’s Riley. It’s fun to see the Smith kids grown up a bit. Cathy was a bit of a wild card in this chapter, but I love her character. Never know what she’s going to bring to the table. Joey chatting with the monster under the bed was probably my favorite part of the whole chapter. Hope you enjoyed. 

After playing, I gave the Smiths an upgrade to their home with more personality. This lot is created by DameAngelick and I made a few tweaks and modifications for this family, but here’s what it turned out as. 

smith living room

smith living room

smith hall

smith kitchen

the boys room

the boys room

master bedroom

sleep well Smiths
Sleep well, Smith family!

Episode 3.20 They Say It’s Your Birthday (LASL)

bar at myshuno meadows
After a day at the office for both Simself parents, Joseph asked Lizzie to meet him at Myshuno Meadows. They settled in at the bar for a quiet afternoon drink. The barkeep was the familiar Ace Reynolds.

“My treat,” Joseph said. “A belated birthday date.”

“Thanks Joseph Joe,” Lizzie smiled. “Hey Ace, how’s the alien homeworld?”

A few months before, Ace got hitched for an Orbix woman and set off for the planet Sixam. No one had seen him for awhile.

“Trying to make a few simos before my return journey,” Ace replied, dropping some ice cubes into his mixer. “Fuel is expensive.”

Liz makes face

“We’ll have…” Joseph began.

“I…” Lizzie interrupted with exagerrated gestures and a strange face. “…got this! After all, it was my birthday recently…”

“Happy birthday,” Ace said.

“We’ll have 2 sasparillas,” Lizzie said. “…and make them floats.”

good choice

“Good choice!” Joseph said.

“Ooo… brain freeze!” Lizzie’s mouth froze in an odd position.

street music
They walked to another part of the park to listen to the street musician.

lets go dancing “Hey, let’s go dancing,” Lizzie suggested. “I heard Munter’s club is really great.”

Joseph poked a few buttons on his phone. “Um… sorry, Lizzie, I think we need to go home. The kids need us.”

“Are they okay?” Lizzie quickly sobered.

“They should be fine,” Joseph said. “I let Karleen babysit.”

Lizzie’s eyes bugged! “You! What???” she began a half-panicked sprint across the park. “We should go home now.”

“Just a pit stop by the house first before we go dancing, how’s that?” Joseph followed suit, his eyes twinkling.

Surprise! Party back at the Green-Simself residence! And the kids survived.

Are you surprised?

“Are you surprised, Liz?” Karleen asked.

“Surprised! Pleased! Wow… just wow!” she threw her arms around Karleen. “And you helped arrange this all?”

“Yes, yes I did,” she grinned.

“Hey!” Riley interjected. “You couldn’t do it without the kids fairy godmother!”

“Oh right, Riley helped,” Karleen smirked.

Riley stiffened and stood akimbo. “Of course, I helped,” he grumbled. “I arranged almost everything.”

“And I…” Karleen laid a hand against her forehead. “…babysat!”

“Errr…” Riley made a loud noise. “Guess again!”

“You guys,” Lizzie interrupted with a laugh. “Thank you.”

karleen is sad “I supervised,” Karleen managed to squeak out.

“You didn’t cook did you?” Lizzie gasped.

“Why, Lizzie, my cooking classes are going really well. I haven’t burnt down the penthouse yet,” Karleen said, her face crestfallen. “My stuff is really good, actually.”

“No, we hired a caterer,” Riley joked.

“Oh did you use the same lady as our wedding?” Ali asked.

“Or mine?” Amy inquired. “The food was delicious. Who catered your wedding, Julian?”

nora and I eloped “Nora and I eloped,” Julian shrugged.

“Mom, do you like the decorations?” Nate asked. “Joey and I helped blow up the balloons.”

“They’re awesome, Nate,” Lizzie smiled.

“Macaroni and cheese,” Karleen interjected, still miffed. “I make good mac and cheese.”

“From a box,” Riley rolled his eyes.

“Here here!” declared Amy.

“Hey it’s my birthday,” Lizzie jabbed Karleen with her elbow. “Stop squabbling you two,” she sent Riley a look.

where's Pepper?

“Where’s Pepper tonight?” Nate inquired.

“Oh she’s off conquering the world I think,” Karleen sighed. “Hatching her evil plan to get men to do what she wants at will.”

Lizzie laughed awkwardly. “Ha ha ha… Aunt Karleen is joking.”

“No, I’m really not,” Karleen shook her head. “Pepper was researching world domination plots when I left.”

Ali’s eyes widened in shock.

“That doesn’t sound like a healthy pursuit,” Julian chuckled oddly.

“She’s a kid,” Riley shrugged. “Let her be a kid.”

“Let’s drink!” Karleen declared.

Carrie is slinking around the party with a book in hand (a dashing James Pond mystery). A perfectly respectable introvert activity at a party. 🙂
green sisters
While the bartender is off reading pamphlets??? Lizzie decided to whip up her own drinks. Her sisters arrived and chatted about adulthood. Nora insisted it wasn’t all so bad, and Lee said wait until you have all teenagers. I guess Presley and Paisley are giving the Sarafins some grief.
CT plays piano
Someone dragged a DigiRAD keyboard into the apartment. Cathy Tea entertained the crowds. It didn’t matter what she played. It all sounded “Phantom of the Opera” esque thanks to the digital organ. Lizzie enjoyed the non-burnt sandwiches Karleen had made. So she catered the party after all. Grilled cheese and pork and beans. Not the best party foods, but Lizzie wasn’t going to complain. It was the thought that counted.

happy birthday sis “Happy birthday, sis!”

“I’m so glad you and Julian came, Nora.”

“Who is ready for cake?” Nate asked.

“Me! Me!” Teresa said excitedly from the couch.

“Alright, let’s get this party started,” Riley strutted across the room. “Don’t worry, Liz. Your mom made the cakes.”

someone get this woman a drink

“Someone get this woman a drink!” Riley shouted. He cleared his throat. “Now… here here… four score and…”

Everyone groaned. Lee handed Lizzie a birch beer. Joseph slipped his arm around his wife.

“I can’t tell you the number of times she let me crash on her couch, mooch meals, critique Specific Hospital episodes, call her up and discuss ideas, exchange notes for stories, the countless manuscripts we’ve proofed for each other, the bad perms… Oh wait… that’s just me!” Riley waved his hand.

Everyone laughed.

“Even when things have been rough for me lately… and especially when things have been rough…” Riley squeezed Lizzie’s hand. “…she’s still been there for me, bringing me lunches at the office, making the coffee in the morning, and still… letting me crash on her couch.”

This brought some chuckles from the crowd.

“To my best friend! Happy birthday!” Riley raised his glass.

Everyone cheered and repeated the birthday wishes.

Lizzie turns and thanks Riley Lizzie turned around and mouthed ‘thank you,’ and kissed her friend on the cheek.

“Love you!” she smiled.

“Love you more!” Riley blew a party horn.

Joseph, Sugar, and Lee tossed confetti and streamers in the air. Other party goers laughed and shouted and blew party horns.

“Now blow out your candles already!” Karleen shrieked.

two cakes

“Which one?” Lizzie asked, turning to see the chocolate mocha cake and the white confetti sprinkles.

“Can’t a mother make two cakes for her daughter?” Essie said, placing her hands on her hips.

“They both look good,” Lee said gleefully as Carrie released more confetti into the air.

“I’ll take that from you,” Joseph remarked, grabbing the half-eaten grilled cheese from Lizzie’s hand. “Go ahead, beautiful.”

“You’re gonna need to pick one!” Nora laughed.

day wishes
Sugar, Essie, and Lee all coordinated at once on the horns to play the British Invasion’s version of Happy Birthday, evidently startling Joseph. Riley grinned and pumped his fist in the air, perfectly willing to take credit for it, while Lizzie blew out her birthday candles on her chocolate mocha drizzle cake.
You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too, yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you
Joseph sings
Joseph started belting the words to the song and Riley joined in, both singing with perfectly timed hip swishing. The ladies started playing the horns louder, and Cathy plunked out the keys, mixing the sounds to mimic drums and cymbals. Ace somehow found a guitar to join in the festivities.
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
I would like you to dance, birthday
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance, birthday
I would like you to dance, birthday
Aww…yeah! Joseph belted the last lines.

You say it’s your birthday
Well it’s my birthday too, yeah
You say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you

“Go Dad!” Carrie shouted.

“Hey, you’re pretty good,” Lee smiled.

“No, I’m seriously good,” Riley corrected.

was that a fun?
Wait… did Karleen have an outfit change scheduled?

“So what did you think?” Joseph asked.

Lizzie smirked, casting a glance over her shoulder. “You were ringing in the birthdays with the best of ’em!”

after cake
After cake, everyone made a swift exit.

Thanks for coming“Thanks for coming, Dad!”

“Anything for my favorite redhaired daughter!”

“Dad, I’m your only red haired daughter.”

pic with the birthday girl
Somehow Parker is eating frozen peas. Karleen gave them to her. Go figure!?!?

“A picture with the birthday girl?” Lizzie requested.

“With my best girl,” Joseph grinned and snapped the selfie.

“Dad!” Parker rolled her eyes.

“What?” Joseph laughed as he snapped the photo and then squeezed his wife to his side, and whispered, “Gotta have a moment with my best repair lady!”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. This chapter was so fun. ISBI parties are great! Crazy! But great! The British Invasion is of course my Simworld version of The Beatles. Great classic b-day song. Since it’s an ISBI, there wasn’t actually a “surprise!” party, but I rolled with it for the story. This chapter featured Lizzie, LegacySims2017‘s Joseph and Dulcie, Ace, friendsfan367s Ali, MINEZ’s Julian, InfraGreen‘s Carrie, Karleen, Nate, Joey Jr., and Parker, + Lee and Nora, Eddie and Essie, CathyTeas Cathy Tea and Sugar Maple, skcaga6‘s Teresa, Shadami’s Amy, and simscognito’s Riley. Hope you enjoyed! 

Episode 3.13, Pt. 2: Six Degrees of Separation (LASL)

I’m getting married today!
ct cloud gazes
Cathy Tea arrived early to cloudgaze.
Ali and Sandy
The bride to be arrives with her college friend, Sandi McIntire.
cathy and ali
Cathy and Ali catch up by the rose hedge before the wedding.
Cathy and Amy remember
Cathy and Amy reminisce by the water fountains.
sun rising
The sun is rising. Morning wedding is about to start.
Sandi and Ali
Sandi and Ali chat by the fountain while waiting for the guests to finish arriving.
Joseph freaks out
How could you forget to hire a DJ? Joseph tells everyone not to panic. He knows a singer. He calls Aria.
Lizzie arrive
Lizzie makes her grand appearance.
Lizzie waves
“Hi everyone! Sorry I’m late. Had to pick up Aria.”
munter and sage
Munter and Sage are the last to arrive.
exchanging vows
Ali and Leon exchange vows before family and friends.
If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be
And if I never knew you
I would never have a clue
How at last I’d find in you
The missing part of me

loveI can show you the world
Shining, shimmering splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming

loveAll those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I’ve been
Now I’m here blinking in the starlight
Now I’m here suddenly I see
Standing here it’s all so clear
I’m where I’m meant to be

And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you
Aww! Congratulations you two!

And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we’ve got this far

And can you feel the love tonight? 
How it’s laid to rest?
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

Author Notes: Aww… cuteness! Some stray thoughts…

1) I captured some great shots in this chapter. I was really happy with how the images turned out.

2) Love the image of CT cloudgazing. Since friendsfan calls CathyTea “Sissy,” I decided to make these two cousins in game. Sisters somehow wouldn’t work. So I fudged the ISBI a bit. 😉

3) This debuts the appearance of Sandi McIntire.

4) Love the image of the sunlight breaking over the horizon and above the tree.

5) Joseph’s expression was pretty funny in this chapter, and he’s back to wearing what I now dub “the wedding sweater,” as he’s worn it to two weddings that I know of.

6) Lizzie Simself is so classy! I’m biased! I know, but I love her dress (ISBI selected).

7) Munter and Sage are posing all cool.

8) Disney songs mentioned in this chapter: If I never Knew You (Pocahontas), A Whole New World (Aladdin), I See the Light (Rapunzel), and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (Lion King). Those two are adorable. I’m almost tempted to write a whole fairy tale legacy with those two as the founders. ❤

This chapter featured friendsfan367‘s Ali Morrison, CathyTea‘s Cathy Tea, Shadami’s Amy Cat, SoulGal7’s Leon Squires,Piazzagirl1015’s Sandi McIntire, LegacySims2017‘s Joseph, Munter Bacon‘s Munter Bacon, and Karilan‘s Sage Reed. 

Episode 3.13, Pt. 1: Six Degrees of Separation (LASL)

lizzie sees marsh
“Aww, Marshall, did you miss me?”
who's a good boy?
“Who’s a good boy?”
play with marsh
“Time for your walk!”
ali home from work
Lizzie passed Ali in the hallway on her way outside with Marshall.

“I should get a dog too.”

Lewis was practicing his dance moves for a friend’s wedding.

“I shall nestle you in my warm feathers,” Ali cooed.

“Ahhh! Good to have you home, babe,” Leon said.

“Ugh! Guys! Get a room!” Lewis groaned.

puppy new
In the next week, Leon and Ali scraped together their savings to redecorate their apartment with more life and color. When Ali arrived home from the store at the end of the week, another surprise awaited!


“Oh! Precious!” Ali purred. “I’m gonna call you Pancake.”

“Woof!” the dog said in approval.

pancake sings
Pancake debuted a tenor solo his first night home.
angry ghost
Angry ghost lady wandered into the apartment that night too. She helped herself to lukewarm coffee.
happy ghost
Coffee seemed to make her happier. That, and doing a dance workout to the stereo.

talking in bathroom

“Hey, can I use the loo alone?” Ali asked.

“Yeah, sure, I’m just getting hot water for tea. The sink in the kitchen’s broke again,” Lewis sighed.

“I’ll pay for a repairman this time,” Ali offered.

Lewis lit up appreciatively. “Really? That’d be awesome. Last time I fixed it, I almost broke my nose and got a black eye.”

Ali is getting married
“I’m getting married this year!” Ali gushed excitedly to anyone who would listen. Cathy Tea, of course, responded she and Amy would be there for the ceremony.
Amy and Cathy chat the merits of...
Cathy and Amy enthusiastically debate the existence of aliens. Amy is on the Pro team, and Cathy is on the Con. A woman starts doing push-ups next to them on the sidewalk after giving them a strange look. John invites the ladies to join him at the bubble bar.
cathy laughs
Lizzie joins the group, and wants to know about the lively debate. Cathy laughs at the absurdity of aliens, and Amy is a little miffed. Why is it so farfetched? We’ve got supernaturals. They had to come from somewhere. Lizzie has a point.
Amy leaves
Cathy argues the logic of supernaturals. Lizzie asks if she will start debating the existence of vampires. John looks uncomfortable when Cathy brings up conspiracy theories. A thoroughly annoyed Amy exits stage right.
Marie is a celebrity
Marie is now some sort of celebrity scientist, an Extraterrestrial Explorer. Apparently, she attempted contact with aliens. She’s even in talks for her own reality TV show. She’s been walking the streets of San Myshuno in disguise, but that hat and sunglasses aren’t fooling Cathy or Amy for that matter.
Amy and Cathy make up
Amy says she will love Cathy… even if she wants to deny aliens actually exist. Cathy says she needs to clear her head to cool off. All of her friends seem to be against her position.
hairless Cathy
And what’s the best way to cool off? Attend a Zen Dharmaism mountain retreat. When Cathy returned home after a week, she insisted everything was glowing with energy and life. She shaved off all her hair as a way to seek balance.
Cathy and Amy make up
Cathy and Amy made up. Those two can’t stay mad at each other for long. Amy even commented on how Cathy could even make baldness look good. Balance restored!

Author Note: Thanks for reading. I decided to pop around the town a bit. So here’s an update on some of the characters. Time passes more quickly in the next few chapters. And now some stray commentary – 

  1. I love Lizzie and Joseph’s apartment. I spent a long time setting up their living space, and I’m really pleased with it, and how I keep updating things. It’s time consuming, but well worth it, and I believe it reflects the family life well.
  2. friendsfan’s Ali is so cute in that bird mascot suit. 😛
  3. I know it’s an ISBI, but Leon, Ali, and Lewis’ apartment was so bland. I decided to update with some colorful pieces, and then a puppy showed up so I decided they needed a new addition to the family. She looks so happy with Pancake (game-generated name). 
  4. Cathy and Amy really did angrily debate aliens. It was a bit strange given how aliens factor pretty heavily in my Simworld lore, and CT has “alien” stories, but maybe her in game Simselfie just doesn’t buy the “actual” existence of aliens, even if she can write about them creatively. 
  5. Marie, you really aren’t under the radar as much as you think. *face-palm* 
  6. CT’s hair disappeared in the screenshots and I decided to come up with some reason.
  7. Dharmaism seemed like a good replacement for Simduism (since I’ve been renaming Simlish words). Dharma is a key concept in a variety of Indian religions, and is focused on cosmic law and order in Buddhism. This seems like a fitting fictional religion for my Simworld with a believable name. It’s a blending of different faith beliefs and practices like in Avatar: The Last Airbender (and yes, there’s a tv trope – Fantasy Counterpart Religion). 

This chapter featured InfraGreen‘s Marshall, friendsfan367‘s Ali Morrison, TheYayToast‘s Marie Carter, CathyTea‘s Cathy and Shadami’s Amy, and SoulGal7’s Leon Squires and Lewis Goldwin. 

The Fourth Day, Part Two (Elle)

Partridge in a Pear Tree Cottage | 4th of Simcember 

Elle checks the weather

I wonder what today’s weather will be like. 

“Help yourself to the TV or computer. I gotta scoot,” Cathy called from the kitchen. “I’m doing a lecture downstairs in the pub. You’re welcome to join.”

Elle settled on the backless couch. Why do people buy these things? They aren’t comfortable or practical. Where am I supposed to lean? Even so, she found the soothing teal color to be relaxing, reminding her of the beach in her home town. She could practically smell the sea-salt laden air, hear the cry of the gulls and the happy clamoring of children, and feel the warm, wet sand beneath her bare feet racing to the rocks to watch the seals lazing about beneath the warm Califorsimian sun. Elle sighed. Life was simpler.

“I’d love to,” she replied, clicking on the weather channel. “Thanks for the invite, but I think I want to do some exploring today. I’ll catch the next one for sure.”

“Suit yourself,” Cathy waved.

blizzard comingThe Sims National Weather Service declared snowy and cold conditions for most of the day. Elle sighed, wishing it was warmer for walking about town. She decided she wouldn’t let the temperature ruin her plans. Glancing about Cathy’s living room, she smiled, enjoying the Christmas decoration – a hearty pine tree, decked in festive colored balls, ribbons, peppermint sticks, and golden snowflakes, a matching pine bough decking the mentle with a shiny gold jingle bell, red, green, and white paper stars dangling over window panes, and the soft glow of creme brulee scented candles amidst sprigs of holly branches. A collection of Christmas cards sat atop the caramel colored trunk with bronze hinges.

“I guess Christmas is a few weeks away,” she mumbled to herself, feeling slightly depressed she wouldn’t be with family this year.

Her classes would start this evening, and extend through the Winter Holiday. Most students were on break for the month. Not me, she twisted her toe in the plum-colored area rug. That’s what I get for transferring halfway through the year. Feeling a little nosy, she flicked open a card, wondering about the nice things people wrote to Cathy. Most cards were from students, but she did notice one letter written in her cousin’s familiar handwriting. Elle smiled wistfully, figuring she should call her cousin and the kiddos. She tried to remind herself the end result of transferring schools would be worth it right as she heard the front door slam shut. Oh, I wonder what little present I could buy for my new host! 

“Cathy, is that you?” she called.

Jasper walks in

Jasper McCumber waltzed in, whistling a little Christmas tune.

While fields and flocks, rocks hills and plains 
Repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy… 

“Oh!” Elle gasped. “I wasn’t expecting to see you, Professor.”

“Hello Elle, did you settle in nicely?” Jasper inquired.

“I did, thank you,” Elle smiled. “I was just about to walk around town. Is it cold out?” She felt a little lazy just lounging on the couch.

lighting fire

“Oh yes, but nothing a young woman like yourself cannot handle,” Jasper remarked as he pulled a lighter from the mantle.

The young man on the television flashed a coy smile as he tried to convince viewers to purchase patio furniture. Elle covered her mouth and smothered a giggle. What a strange time of year to buy patio furniture! She thought she recognized the shirtless man with the frosted blonde curls posing before a umbrella-shaded table.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, switching her focus to the professor.

“Oh, I’m hosting a literary club,” Jasper replied.

“Here?” she squeaked and jumped up from the couch, wondering where everyone would sit.

“Yes, you’re welcome to join,” he replied. “Cathy always lets me use her living room.”

The thought of discussing books by the fire with a renowned writer and literary critic sounded tempting, but she didn’t want to intrude. She also had no idea what they had been reading or if she could even contribute.

“Oh no, I better scoot,” Elle replied. “Thank you anyhow.”

Brent something… the infomercial king, she recalled. Her cousin-in-law, Joseph Simself had invited the actor to a party once since he worked with Sims.tv.

Elle swingsAfter a day of exploring the town, Elle plopped down on one of the swings in the backyard, feeling whimsical. Swings always reminded her of a happy childhood, a time when she was more carefree and content with her life. Her feet kicked the array of autumn leaves at her feet as she pushed off the ground, glancing heavenward. Somehow the half-cloudy sky didn’t even cause her to despair. This is why I’m here, she sighed. To start a better life. 

squealingElle couldn’t help but squeal a bit as she whirled through the air on a squeaking swing set, her gloved hands gripping the golden chains as she pumped her legs back and forth. With each motion, she reminded herself she could do this. She could start over. The past was in the past, and everything could begin anew.

Streets of Hollidaysburg | 4th of Simcember 

Elle wanders through townAs she waited for the ferry to arrive, she pulled out her phone and texted her cousin as she planned to do the night prior. I can’t believe I am roommates with Cathy Tea. Any advice, coz? 

grilled cheeseWhile she awaited a reply, Elle ordered a grilled cheese and a pineapple-mango juice from a street vendor.

“Pleasant evening, isn’t it?” she said.

“Indeed,” the vendor replied.

“Aren’t you cold?” she inquired, glancing at his exposed arms.

“Naw,” he laughed and shook his head. “Hot blood runs in my family.”

Elle munched on her food as she traveled across the lake to the university. Lizzie texted her back just as she stepped off the ferry.

Oh how exciting! I’ll have to make a trip out to see you both. We used to work together, you know. Just be yourself, Elle. Cathy’s an accepting person. Don’t worry about formalities. 

Elle quickly texted “thanks,” wiped a bit of cheese from her mouth, and headed up the dock to the university for her first evening of class – Introductory Poetry.

Elle sees GracieEvening class finished around six-thirty. Professor Claire Clutterbell released everyone early. Tonight was mostly an informal get-to-know one-another class, review of the syllabus and reading materials, and some introductory exercises. Elle was required to come up with a short haiku to describe herself as a class exercise. It was strange as Elle didn’t like to be the center of attention, but with only five classmates, the course felt more like a workshop than a full class. She could do it, Elle swallowed hard thinking back to her nerves as she recalled the poem she penned.

Hear tawny owls call
Herald the evening moon rise
How long will you wait? 

When Professor Clutterbell asked her what she thought the words meant, Elle explained the haiku reflected her love of music, her creative nature, and her desire to make the world a better, happier place. The owl represented her aspiration for wisdom and knowledge, and the fact that she was more of a night person.

Now as she strolled along the street in the early evening, Elle found herself contemplating the last line. Was it gentle inspiration meant to question the things of life? Was it the fierce whisper of her spirit aching for change? Was it the instinctive urge to rise and act? She twisted her lower lip. Professor Clutterbell praised her introspection, and yet somehow it felt incomplete. She wondered if she would ever feel whole.

girl glowingA young girl approached, beaming from ear to ear. Pointed ears, as a matter of fact. Elle half-smiled, wondering what the child wanted. She appeared to be glowing, an aura of pure white joy, something angelic and innocent like children should be. Her jingle bell attached to her cap jangled as she bobbed her head.

“How now brown cow!” the girl lifted her hand in greeting.

Elle frowned. I’m not a cow! she protested internally. Is she calling me a cow? And a brown cow at thatWhy would she call me that? Wait… cow… oh… I need to pick up some milk at the store. Cathy seemed to be out and I’d like some with my cereal tomorrow. In fact, I should pick up a few things. 

The girl seemed to wait endlessly, the earnest smile on her face never faltering. Elle relaxed into a bemused sigh and said the first words that came to mind.

Elocution lesson “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.”

The girl’s smile grew even wider, if that was possible. “Oh, thank you. We are learning about elocution in school. E-lo-cu-tion is a big word, don’t you think?”

And to think… I suspected she intended meanness, Elle shook her head.

“Hi, I’m Elle, what’s your name?”

“Gracie Goode. It’s alit…alit…alliteration,” she stumbled over the word. “See? That’s a big word too.”

“Yes, it is,” Elle smirked. “Do you make a habit of talking to strangers about alliteration and elocution?”

For the first time, the little angel frowned. “Mom wants me to be more careful about who I talk to. She’s says not everyone is good in the world like we are, but you just seemed like a good person. Are you good, Elle?” she wiggled her fingers.

Gracie inquires about good Elle fumbled for words. Am I good? Don’t we all wonder that? 

“I’m literally good,” Gracie giggled. “I mean… my last name is Goode, spelled with an ‘e.’ What’s your last name?”

“Well, that’s fun,” Elle remarked. “My name is missing an ‘i’ but I pronounce my name Ell-ie. My last name is Greene.”

“That’s funny,” Gracie replied. “You’re wearing green.”

“And you’re wearing white,” Elle observed. “Are you sure your last name isn’t White?”

“No, silly,” Gracie laughed. “It’s Goode. Well, see ya around, Elle.”

As quickly as she appeared, she scampered off, but not before calling over her shoulder, “Elle? That’s a palin-drome.”

Elle smiled warmly. “Yes, yes it is.”

Author Notes: This story is getting to be quite long. It’s harder and harder to capture everything in game and meet the required number of Sims in one chapter. Some of it may also be this segment follows my Sim and so I’m getting a bit lost in that. 😉 I’m naturally introspective. Haha. I’m also riding the flow of my creativity right now. Hope you don’t mind. 

CathyTea‘s Jasper appeared in the home of Cathy Tea for a Page Turners club meeting. Elle would’ve liked to join but she’s not a club member, at least not yet. 

Elle is a communications major. I plan to have her attend various communications/writing classes. If you would like your Sim to attend a class with Elle, let me know, and I’ll try to make it happen in game. 🙂 This first one is Introductory Poetry. Professor Claire Clutterbell is a reference to an actual Sim from The Sims: Bustin’ Out. She is an expert in poetry, and once the poet laureate to the Leader of the Free World (a.k.a. the President of the Sim Nation). 

divanthesimmer‘s Gracie was highlighted, but I liked the image enough that I added it into the story. She approached Elle and said something in Simlish that almost sounded like “How now brown cow” which sparked this whole conversation. 

The Fourth Day, Part One (Elle)

Partridge in a Pear Tree Cottage | 3rd of Simcember 

As Elle climbed the outside steps above the pub, she almost pinched herself. She couldn’t believe she would be staying in the home of the Cathy Tea. It was a dream come true to meet the author and professor. No one had seen Cathy in the city of San Myshuno, her place of residence for most of her life, in years. She had retired from the professional author circuit, instead choosing to travel and live out her life teaching at various universities, lecturing at small coffee shops, and hosting discussions in small taverns around the world. In fact, it was fitting the woman lived above a pub. Elle had always hoped to meet her, and was delighted to hear she was guest lecturing at the University of Hollidaysburg when she transferred.

Elle enters CT's home And to think I met Dr. McCumber too, Elle squealed internally as she stumbled into the door. Meeting such distinguished and well-renowned writers was an honor.

“Er… uh… Ms. Tea?” she inquired, knocking against the white oak wood door with its fine chocolaty finish.

Her interruption was met with the clickety-clack of the keys. The professor was furiously typing at the desk in the entryway, an odd place for a writing nook, but Elle was too polite and thought it was too cool to make a comment.

“One second…” Cathy replied with a huge smile on her face. “I have just managed to capture the essence of holiday hope in a story. Can you believe that?”

Elle gulped and nodded in nervous excitement. She could believe anything.

“Well don’t just stand there, Elle, is it?” Cathy smirked. “The icy air is bound to blast my sweet bay tree to death.”

“Oh, sorry, Professor,” Elle grimaced and shut the door.

CT checks student profiles“Cathy, please,” Cathy waved her hand. “Now I need to finish some research. There’s fresh baked pastries from the bakery in the kitchen. Help yourself. And hot water in the pipes if you should like to warm up from the cold. And your bedroom is at the top of the stairs and the last door on the left. Make yourself at home. Will you be able to find it okay? I simply must…” she closed her eyes and pressed her hands to the keyboard. “…review my student profiles for my class.”

“I can… manage,” Elle replied, grabbing her bag from the inside of the living room.

Lizzie sleeps

It felt a bit strange to wander through a practical stranger’s home, but she did as Cathy suggested. Pouring herself a cup of milk, she plucked a cherry and walnut cookie from the glass display in the kitchen, walked upstairs to the third level, dropped her duffel in the bedroom, and filled the tub with honey vanilla bubble bath. Her last thought as she laid down on her pillow was “I have to text Lizzie. She’ll never believe it.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Cottage | 4th of Simcember 

sitting on her bed When she awoke, Elle momentarily felt as though she was in a dream. What is this strange and wondrous place? Dressing in comfortable athletic gear, she settled on the bed to tie her shoes and made a plan to explore the town of Hollidaysburg today on foot. She had heard lovely things about the town and its people.

Elle found her mind wandering. The bed was comfortable with a leafy green spread as if Cathy Tea anticipated her favorite color. The windows were draped with vibrant green and royal blue curtains tied with creamy ribbons, festive for the holiday season. She did have to wonder about the rather regal looking couple in a portrait adjacent to her nightstand. She should like to have a shade of lip gloss in the mauve color, the same as the dress the woman wore.

pouring tea Cathy hummed a tune in the kitchen as she moved about wiping the white tiled counters.

“Help yourself,” she nodded as Elle entered the kitchen.

“Thanks,” Elle remarked, pouring herself a steaming cup of tea after locating the mugs in the overhead cupboard.

She didn’t feel the need to tell her hostess that she preferred coffee. I can grab a to-go cup from one of the food stalls in town later, or swing by a coffee shop.

“You mentioned a bakery?” Elle began.

“Oh yes. All Things Bright and Beautiful in Hollidaysburg Shopping Plaza,” Cathy said, settling on one of the barstools at the counter. “The Bright sisters… delightful ladies… own the shop. Best pastries in town short of an out-of-the-way cupcake stall in Uptown. There one minute…” she snapped her fingers. “Gone the next.”

talking of Elizabeth “Uptown? Like in San Myshuno?” Elle repeated, sitting next to her new landlady. “My cousin lives there. Well, not Uptown, but the city itself.”

Cathy’s eyes widened, a dawn of recognition glimmering. “Oh… you’re related… to a Green? My goodness… yes!” she raised her hand with a happy laugh. “You look so much like her.”

“Elizabeth Green is my older cousin,” Elle smiled shyly. “Though she goes by Simself now. Has for decades.”

“Wonderful! Marvelous!” Cathy exclaimed. “I haven’t kept in touch as much as I’d like. How are the triplets?”

questioning the tea“Oh I haven’t seen them in awhile, but I hear they are doing well. Ready to start college any day now themselves,” Elle replied, and then made a face as she set her tea down on the counter. “What kind of tea did you say this was?”

Run oolong,” Cathy answered emphatically. “The black dragon tea.”

“Oh…” Elle swallowed hard as the beverage was more burnt tasting than anything else.

“Now what is your major again?” Cathy inquired.

“Communications,” Elle replied. “With an emphasis in writing. I enjoy all kinds of writing actually. Creative. Technical. Analytical. I hope to do research writing someday. At least that’s my plan. I do really enjoy helping people though. Maybe I’ll do some nonprofit work also.”

“It is good to be diversified,” Cathy nodded, reaching for her own cup of tea.

Cathy despises the tea “Blech!” she moaned and turned away. “Sorry that was rude to do in your face. This tea is terrible.”

Elle chuckled weakly. “You said it.”

They both laughed.

“My barkeep downstairs, Ebeneezer, you’ll meet him soon. He comes and makes me tea in the mornings sometimes,” Cathy explained. “Here.”

“Ebeneezer… like Scrooge? A Christmas Carol?” Elle smiled. “I love Dickens.”

“Me too,” Cathy grinned sheepishly. “Part of the reason I hired the mixologist was because of his name. But shh! Don’t tell.”

Elle and Cathy discuss Dickens “Nicholas Nickleby is my favorite,” Elle said excitedly. “I think it’s beautiful that Dickens chose to explore how every person deserves love and friendship, regardless of who they are or where they come from.”

Cathy straightened in her seat and closed her eyes, reciting, “Happiness is a gift, and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”

Elle clapped her hands. “I’m going to enjoy living here.”

“Me too,” Cathy smiled. “Now let’s see if I can brew us some better tea.”

Author Notes: It was fun to write this chapter. I decided Elle is Lizzie Green’s younger cousin, my “Simself” from Livin’ A Simmin’ Life. Ebeneezer (by Vanpelt81) did make an appearance in the home, brewing tea and then simply vanishing. Haha. I never caught a picture of it so I just mentioned it. Poor Eby brewed a terrible pot of tea. Hopefully he’s a better mixologist. 🙂 Cathy (by CathyTea) and Elle enjoyed discussing favorite authors and books. It was the perfect discussion for those two. The “essence of holiday hope in a story” I mention is a reference to one of CathyTea’s latest stories 12 Epiphanies, well-worth reading, and a meaningful look at Christmas. Not enough Sims popped up in this chapter so I’ll have to make this a two-parter. Thanks for reading. 

The Third Day (Jasper)

A Little Christmas Carol Cottage | 3rd of Simcember

Jasper and the wood If woodworking be the food of love, sculpt on! Jasper was pleased to find one of his pen pal friends had mailed him a package. The humorous statement on the card was just the fuel he needed to return to a favorite pasttime of his – carving wood sculptures.

He recalled the boyhood days, whittling on the island in Windenburg. A true Deutchsim education. It is what his parents wanted for him. Yet summers on the island coast were spent with only the Great Outdoors as his teacher and the trees as his fellow classmates.



marking This dull Simcember morning was best spent indoors, sanding the wood to perfection, priming the piece inside for its grand reveal. Then a bit of measuring with a yellow tape from his dearly departed wife, and a few precise markings from a red ballpoint pen, a present from his students at the University of Hollidaysburg.

Jasper admires his handiwork At eleven on the dot, Jasper completed his work – two lovebirds in warm embrace. Let the bird sing without deciphering the song. The feathered friends would be the quiet companions for his lunch of peanut butter and jelly. Without the crusts, of course. It tasted better this way. He was an elderly man with simple tastes. He lit the four candles and breathed in their creamy vanilla scent among the fresh pine boughs from the forest he had collected the day before.

eating He chose to leave the birds in peace, retiring to the wide windowseat. Eyes closed, he said thanks. For the seedless raspberry jam. For the use of his hands. For the comfort of a cushioned seat. For the warmth of the heat rising from the furnace vent at his feet. For the freshness of a new day in his new home, decked in Christmastime cheer.

Evening arrived sooner than he would’ve expected. Jasper spent the day reading the classics in the crevices of his windowseat. He always wanted to have a home with a seat in the window. Around four, the sun started to set, and Jasper wrapped his legs in a warm blanket. Around seven, the shepherd stopped by.

Gerald arrives “Gerald, what brings you my way?” Jasper inquired, rolling a ball in the snow. “Join me.”

“Ah. Jasper, it is good to see you. You know your pond here has some of the best fishing in town. Sometimes I like to clear my head and commune with nature,” the shepherd of St. Nicholas Chapel spoke.

making snowman“I can understand,” Jasper smiled. “Ah dear nature—the mere remembrance, after a short forgetfulness, of the pine woods! I come to it as a hungry man to a crust of bread.”

“One of your poems?” Gerald asked, his eyes twinkling.

building snow “I should be so humbled to think you mistake me for Thoreau, but no, my son,” Jasper responded politely. “I merely quote the words of a great man.”

“I’ve read some of your works,” Gerald shook his head. “Don’t be so quick to dismiss yourself.”

snowman made Jasper slapped the man in a friendly gesture on the shoulder. “Thank you for making my place your Walden Pond. I think I will take my evening walk.”

“Don’t wander too far, Jasper. Wouldn’t want you to catch your death in the cold,” Gerald replied.

University of Hollidaysburg | 3rd of Simcember 

flags Yet Jasper wandered far. He liked his late evening walks. The world lay sleeping in the peaceful presence of snow. He found himself at the University, an impressive structure. He was grateful that the Provost requested he teach a semester as a visiting guest lecturer. The opportunity to shape young minds once again. Ah! he took a deep lung full of frosty air. He would be in his element.

It was nice to be semi out-of retirement. Jasper walked beneath the string of colored flags, indicating the various countries represented at the University of Hollidaysburg, a decent demographic. Windenburg had more, but then again, that school was in the Sim Union.

Jasper wanders


cookies He went for a jolly stroll through the sacred hallways of knowledge before spotting another professor. She was a scientist first, academic second. He had met her the other day in the lunch hall over an intense discussion surrounding robots – science experiments or sentient beings? Jasper had little experience with technological inventions but nonetheless found Vera LeStrange an interesting person.

vera offers a cookie “What are you doing here this late?” he asked.

“Baking sugar cookies. The culinary classes have the best ovens, and my lodging doesn’t allow for a hot plate, let alone a stove,” Vera replied. “Have one.”

“These are delicious,” Jasper complimented, the fresh-baked, hot dessert from the oven warmed his body and soul.

“I enjoy the science of baking. I’ve been trying for the better part of my life to concoct the perfect cookie,” Vera said.

“You succeeded,” Jasper said with a wink. “In my book at least.”

meets Elle

The library was quiet. Only an attendant remained at the front desk when Jasper entered. He wandered the aisles in the company of Shakespeare and Dickens and the like. Tucked into a corner with one of his personal favorites, a book of essays by Margaret Fuller, was a young redhaired woman resting on a couch.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, sheepishly. “I didn’t think I’d be disturbed here.”

“I don’t blame you. Sleeping in a library surrounded by such classics,” Jasper replied. “I’ve done it myself a time or two.”

He was surprised when she pulled a duffel bag and a backpack from behind the couch.

“You’re Dr. McCumber, aren’t you?” she inquired as she stood.

“Uh I prefer Professor,” he replied, a hint of pink in his cheeks. “Or just Jasper will do.”

“I couldn’t possibly refer to you so informally,” she exclaimed. “I’m… uh…Elizabeth Green, but you can call me Elle.”

“A pleasure to meet you Elle,” he said, offering a warm, firm handshake. “Do you mind me asking why you are carrying your possessions?”

“Oh… uh… I’m a transfer from Califorsimia State,” she explained. “And student housing fell through for me, so here I am…” she laughed nervously. “…sleeping in the library.”

Jasper thought for a moment. “What if I told you I could find you some better lodging?”

Her eyes widened.

“At least until you can get on your feet and figure out student housing or some other arrangement,” Jasper added.

“I’d say thank you,” Elle said, surprised. “Thank you.”

Partridge in a Pear Tree Pub | 3rd of Simcember 

meeting CTThey traveled across town. He was still growing accustomed to the temperature changes from one side of town to another. The snow had melted and the air wasn’t quite as biting. His colleague was outside, of course, grilling franks on a red barbecue.

“Doesn’t wood smoke smell like Christmas!” she declared.

“Cathy, I brought you a possible tenant,” Jasper said, settling on a plump stack of colorful pillows.

“Cathy?” his new friend exclaimed. “Like Professor Tea? Oh I’ve read some of your works.”

“Professor Cathy Tea, this is Elle Green from Califorsimia,” Jasper introduced.

Cathy eyes Jasper

Cathy eyed Jasper suspiciously. “She isn’t one of those who sings in the shower and sounds like a dying cat like my last roommate, is she?”

“And if she does, she’s got a good heart,” Jasper smiled. “I just know it.”

“Hey!” Elle protested. “I don’t have a bad singing voice!”

“Or someone who doesn’t know Chaucer from Charles Dickins?” Cathy darted an unrelenting glare at her fellow professor.

“As a matter of fact, I found her in the library among the classical giants, Cathy,” Jasper defended. “She needs a place to stay temporarily.”

“Aren’t we all just staying temporarily?” Cathy replied, her face relaxing. “…in this world. Come, sit, Elle. I am Cathy Tea. No need to call me Professor.”

“Oh… thank you,” Elle replied, hesitantly, taking a seat on the bench as if she weren’t sure what to make of the two teachers.

“Tell us about yourself,” Cathy said.

“Uh… what do you want to know?” Elle asked with a forced smile.

Elle and Jasper and Cathy “Relax,” Jasper chuckled. “We don’t bite. Why did you transfer to Hollidaysburg?”

“I wasn’t happy at Califorsimia State. I wasn’t challenging myself,” Elle replied, honestly.

“And thus, you traveled three thousand plus miles to challenge yourself,” Jasper said, more as a statement than a question.

“I suppose,” Elle chuckled.

“You should do more than suppose,” Jasper remarked. “If you’ve traveled this far… you should be certain.”

“Nonsense, Jasper,” Cathy interjected. “College is the time of uncertainty, of exploration, of testing the boundaries, and traversing the start of this grand journey to discovering one’s identity and purpose in this life.”

Jasper corrects Cathy “I guess that’s one way of looking at it,” Jasper grumbled. “I think college is a time of solidifying who you are and of making decisions that will shape the rest of your life. You need to plan ahead to make the best possible choices for your life. Too many students waste their time in college. You must always try your hardest and strive for excellence, and you will be successful. You are now an adult, Elle, for how long?”

“I’m nineteen,” Elle squeaked.

Elle and Cathy “Then my fair grey-haired friend, you and I disagree, but what else is new?” Cathy shrugged with a light laugh. “You may stay here, my dear,” she said with an earnest smile. “It would be a delight to have a young person in my home again.”

“Thank you,” Elle blushed.

Jasper chuckled to himself, shuffling across the yard as he waved good night. He knew his new friend would be alright. He rubbed his chin, amused. Even if that youngin’ Cathy still has much to learn.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. That first line of the chapter was taken directly from the game. This was a fun chapter to write. Jasper and Cathy really were contrary to one another in game. I’m also excited that a variation of my Simself is the third person Jasper encountered meaning a chapter for my Simself will be next. Jasper first quotes Emerson and then Thoreau. This is taking me down memory lane with English lit. Jasper McCumber and Cathy Tea are submissions by Cathy Tea and Gerald Goode and Vega LeStrange is a submission by divanthesimmer. Hope you enjoyed. 


Episode 3.4 Down Memory Lane (LASL)

Cathy Tea talks with Lizzie

“Did you hear about Ali and Leon?” Cathy Tea asked.

“Yes! I’m so happy for them,” I replied. “It sounds like they’ve settled on a spring wedding.”

To be honest, I was slightly jealous. I became a mom of four almost overnight. Sometimes it was overwhelming. I was happy to be with Joseph and I loved my kiddos, but I missed some of my freedom. A spring wedding was definitely something to look forward to, but I would be hard-pressed to fit into any of my old dresses, and I kinda wished I was going on a honeymoon trip again. The kiddos demanded loads of attention, and Joseph and I rarely had time for each other, not to mention alone time. Tonight, Ali had offered to babysit so Joseph and I could go out for the evening.


It was hard to believe the Spice Festival had arrived yet again. It seemed like just yesterday when I first arrived in San Myshuno. So much had changed since then. The air was still filled with strong scents of summer savory and robust rosemary, but the colors didn’t seem quite as bright… or as magical. The city felt more challenging, larger than I imagined. I had yet to explore all of the city’s hidden corners and lovely nooks and cozy crannies. Instead, I was baby proofing the corners of furniture and finding parenting tips on my nook, and brushing crumbs in the couch. It wasn’t as romantic as I thought it would be.

Joseph wants to move to the city

I recall when Joseph said he wanted to move to the city. We weren’t even dating yet, and he asked me to pack my little black dress and come with him on his next business trip. If only I were so carefree now… He said he could see himself living in the city. Now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to stay. I hadn’t exactly shared these thoughts with him yet. I wasn’t sure how he would feel about leaving San Myshuno.

Cathy and Lizzie chat

“Simterra to Lizzie!” Cathy said, shrilly. “Did you hear a word I said?”

“Oh…um…” I made a face, feeling sheepish.

“A spring wedding in Newcrest!” Cathy clasped her hands. “Isn’t it divine? I love destination weddings. We’ll get to ride a train there.”

“Yeah, sounds… nice…” I trailed off.

Train to Hidden Hollow

Last time I took a train, Joseph and I ended up in an unexpected place. Hidden Hollow was our first honeymoon, our first official vacation together as husband and wife. Of course, it wasn’t at all like we planned, not like we planned to be in a pyre hollow in the first place. Even so, I recall it was fun, in a weird way, and we bonded. We were just starting life together…

…only to be interrupted by a voracious vampire. I still couldn’t believe someone had wanted my husband so badly that he was willing to drive a wedge in our marriage. If it weren’t for the meddling obsession of an ancient vampire, I wouldn’t have lost our baby, Joseph and I wouldn’t have fought, I wouldn’t have…erm… passed on… and we probably wouldn’t have ended up where we were. We were stronger for it, but sometimes I found myself daydreaming of another life I could’ve had.

Cathy says earth to Lizzie

“Uh… Liz… you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Cathy interjected. “No mind… I’ve seen plenty in my day. So many generational stories…” she appeared to drift off into her own little thought world. “So many lives loved and lost. Passing to the beyond.”

“Lizzie?” I could hear Joseph calling me.

“Uh, I should go, Cathy,” I said, quickly. “It was great catching up.”

“Anytime. You say the time, the place. I’ll be there,” Cathy said, offering me a hug. “Now where did I leave my pen? I have some notes to compile. A new story idea… maybe about ghosts!” she made a spooky ooo sound and walked away with an odd wave.

meeting Cathy

I shook my head, and smirked. Cathy was a dear friend. Never dull. Always brimming with ideas. I recalled the day we met. I was totally a fan girl because… who hasn’t read Cathy Tea’s works? And she had on that lightbulb tee shirt.

It’s to remind me to have only one idea at a time!” Cathy had said.

She sometimes said the silliest things, but that was part of her charm.

“I prefer expressing my big ideas in little words. Like Wow! Every heard of Wow?”

Joseph reserves a karaoke room

“Are you ready, Liz?” Joseph inquired.

Joseph reserved a room at the Waterside Warbler in our old neighborhood. I wasn’t so sure how I felt about singing since my pipes were probably a smidge rusty, but Joseph encouraged me and said it would be fun. Still, I was filled with trepidation when I walked up to the karaoke machine to sing to the crowd. Thankfully, there were only three in the room- a woman I had never seen before, Marie Carter, dressed in a strange outfit, and of course, Joseph.

“I’m hiding from the paparazzi,” Marie claimed.

Recently, she had made some sort of major scientific breakthrough. Unfortunately, I was a little preoccupied with diapers and dinner plans for six to read the paper or watch the news lately.

singing in coffee shop

When I continued to hesitate, Joseph walked up to introduce me, with a big goofy grin on his face, selecting the very first song we ever danced to and sang. That day in the coffee shop, our first date, felt like ancient history. He had been reluctant but I persuaded him through a combination of teasing and bold flirtation. The memory gave me enough confidence to try in a shy, sweet soprano.

Lizzie sings

Some day, yeah
We’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done
Some day
When your head is much lighter
Some day, yeah
We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
Some day
When the world is much brighter

oh don't you dare

Joseph went next, because we’re partners, and he wanted to support me. Of course, he picked another song that incurred fond memories.

Oh don’t you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said you’re holding back… she said

Shut up and dance!
Shut up and dance with me

dancing on the balcony

I had assured him it would be fun, and we had lopped and swayed in the moonlight. We may have been close to broke then, recently spending everything we had to secure a deposit on our new place, but we knew how to enjoy ourselves.

Are your eyes on me?” I had asked.

Joseph belting his heart out
She took my arm
I don’t know how it happened
We took the floor and she saaaaaaaaaaid

Tonight proved that we could still have fun together. I mean, who wouldn’t chuckle or smile a little at Joseph’s warbly out-of-tune-heart-totally-into-it rendition of “Shut Up and Dance With Me?”

Lizzie falling asleep

“Come on Lizzie, you’re conking out on me,” Joseph teased.

“Hmm? What? Uh… sorry…” I murmured, nodding my head to the rhythm.

Joseph set down the microphone. “How about I take you home and we call it a night?”

“Yeah… sounds like… a good… idea…” I yawned.

Lizzie and Joseph at home

“You were pretty good tonight,” I remarked, nudging Joseph’s arm as I settled on the edge of our four poster bed.

“Aww… yeah…” Joseph puffed up his chest tonight with a smug smile before he relaxed into a softer one. “No really, you were better.”

“No, I thought your… efforts were…” I searched for a word. “…commendable.”

He grimaced. “At least you were in key.”

“But we both needed this… a night out…” I replied. “And…” I bobbed my head, my words trailing off.

Lizzie falling asleep

“Joseph Joe?”


“Staaaay…. right there…” I yawned, and closed my eyes, only about every other word slurred out. “…I…sleep…your shoulder. If you don’t…” I yawned, and closed my eyes.

Joseph smiled and finished my thought. “I don’t mind.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. Seemed like a good time for some nostalgia as I struggled to write this chapter. It wasn’t that the content wasn’t good because the characters are always great. I was just stuck in a rut creatively until I included the flashbacks. Hope you enjoyed. This chapter featured Cathy Tea’s Cathy Tea,  LegacySims2017‘s Joseph Simself, and TheYayToast‘s Marie Carter. 

Episode 3.3 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

bathtime with Joey
Bath time is always a challenge. The triplets have their own bathroom yet on the night we planned to have company over, of course, Joey climbed into his mom and dad’s Jacuzzi in his diaper and then splashed so much water out of the tub that Joseph was soaked by the time he finished bathing the kid.

Joey and Mamma

Joey was a complete angel for me. I arrived home from work and he kept saying, “Mama… mama… love you… love you…”

“Aww… I love you too, Joey,” I replied, snuggling him close.

Triplets eating dinner
While I got the kids settled with their dinners – pb&j for Parker, chicken nuggets for Nathan, and a plain tortilla for Joey…

carrie bath time
Carrie enjoyed a toddler-free, uninterrupted extended bath time…

Joseph gaming
…and Joseph grabbed a shower, and beat his high score on Blicblock.

Joseph tells the kids it's time for bed
“Bedtime,” Joseph announced.

“No!” Parker, my night owl, howled. “Eat! Eat!”

She’s also the world’s slowest eater, when she wants to be.

“Why?” Nathan, my inquisitive one, inquired.

He appeared anxious. Lately, he’d had a few nightmares at beddie-by time, and was scared of sleeping.

“Mommy and Daddy have a guest coming,” Joseph said. “So you all need to sleep.”

“Who?” Joey tilted his head.

Joseph asks Joey to guess

“Guess who?” Joseph picked up Joey.

“Santa!” Joey exclaimed.

“No!” Parker kicked her legs. “No Santa!”

“You’re not ready for Christmastide?” Joseph teased.

“Oof…” Joey pointed to his teeth. “Oof…” he repeated and flapped his arms.

“Tooth fairy?” Joseph deduced. “Nope.”

“No bed,” Nathan said, declining participation in the game. “See ‘end.”

“No, you can’t see Mommy and Daddy’s friend,” Joseph replied. “Not tonight.”

Joey sleeping

“Sleep tight,” Joseph planted a kiss on the toddler’s forehead.

Joey went down the easiest.


Nathan sleeping in Parker's bed


Nathan wanted endless hugs and wanted to sleep in his sister’s bed.

Parker wanted to eat. Then play. Then dance. She grumpily agreed to sleep.

washing hands

I was just finishing changing from my work outfit and washing my hands in the bathroom when the doorbell rang.

Ct talks to the bear

bear and dog

cathy and marshall

Carrie let the guest into the apartment. She wanted to show Miss Tea her room. Cathy took a particular interest in the giant stuffed bear Carrie won at a carnival last winter.

“Now, you…be good to my little Carebear. She deserves so much love. All the love you can give her, and if you don’t, I’ll come back and unstuff you,” Cathy threatened.

Marshall barked in agreement, eyeing the bear mischievously.

“I guess I’ll let you sniff my hand, but if you want to lick it, we can’t be friends,” Cathy said in mock-annoyance. “Oh okay… come here, boy!”

Lizzie makes dinner

I got started making dinner – fruit salad – as Cathy had turned vegetarian. She wanted to preserve Simterra, she said, and felt that abstaining from meat was a good way to do so. I pulled out the lettuce, mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and golden apples to wash and chop. I was happy so many fruits were in season this time of year.

Cathy and the trash

“Doesn’t anyone take out the trash around here?” Cathy grumbled.

“When you’re a mama of four, it’s hard to get to every household chore. I have to pick and choose,” I replied cheerily.

Joseph mopped the floor

Joseph brings in a plate

Joseph mopped the floor while waiting for the food, and carried in a plate from the bedroom.

“My cheese plate from earlier,” I winced. “I was watching a show in the bedroom.”

“It’s okay,” Joseph excused.

“Do you think she’s coming back?” I made a face.

We had waited almost twenty minutes for Cathy to return from the garbage chute.

Joseph digs in

“This looks delicious, beautiful!” Joseph smiled, digging into the fruit salad.

“Good for a hot summer night,” I remarked. “Ah…” I sighed. “It’s so nice.”

“What is?”

“Peace and quiet. All the kids are asleep.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Cathy excited

“Mangos! I love mangos!” Cathy remarked, suddenly appearing again, and taking a seat at the counter.

“Did you get lost?” I asked.

“Did you fall in?” Joseph giggled into his water.

“I was talking to Ali,” Cathy answered. “Apparently, she’s getting new glasses.”

“I didn’t know she wore glasses,” I remarked.

“She’s nervous it’s going to change her appearance,” Cathy informed.

“Nonsense, the nerdy look is in,” Joseph replied.

Joseph and Lizzie compliment

“And I know one person who can rock the sexy nerd glasses look,” I said, coyly.

Joseph made a sound that was a cross between a gasp of pleasant surprise and a slight choking on his dinner.

Carrie is awake

“Hello Miss Tea,” Carrie pitter-pattered into the kitchen in her bare feet. “I hope you enjoy Lizzie’s fruit salad.”

“It’s very good, honey…” Cathy said, and then stared off into space with excited inspiration. “Ooo… honey would be good drizzled over the salad. Got any?”

“In the left cupboard next to the sink,” Joseph said.

“Carrie, what are you doing up? It’s a school night,” I asked.

book request

“I was… wonder…wondering, Miss Tea? Would you read me one of your children’s books?”

“And then you’ll sleep?” I asked.

“Yes,” Carrie sighed, hopefully.

“Only if you want to,” Joseph said, looking at our guest.

“Hmm,” Cathy puzzled. “I might have just the story for you, Carrie.”

“The ones about puppies?” Carrie asked. “Marshall and I love that book.”

“Sure thing, kiddo!”

Carrie and Cathy return
When she returned, Cathy plopped down at the counter.

“I love telling kids stories. Remind me to host a sleepover at my house and Carrie can come sometime,” Cathy offered.

“Really?” Carrie’s eyes lit up. “You’re the best, Miss Tea.”

“Don’t mention it,” Cathy shrugged.

“That was very nice of you,” Joseph remarked.

“Carrie, did you brush your teeth?” I inquired.

“Yes… and…um…Lizzie?”


“Would you tuck me in?”

“I’d love to.”

Lizzie yawns
“Lizzie, why are you yawning? Don’t adults stay up late all the time?” Carrie asked.

“Oh…ah…uh…I’m…slee..py…” I said, between yawns.

“That’s conta…gious…” Carrie said, yawning herself. “I learned that word in school the other day. It means I catch what you have.”

“That’s a good word to know,” Lizzie said, shaking her head to try and rid herself of the cobwebs forming.

Lizzie tucks Carrie in

“Good night, sweetheart.”

“Good night.”

Lizzie offers to Cathy
“Thanks for that,” I said.

“She’s a good kid. Tough break. She said she misses her mom,” Cathy said.

“Yeah,” I winced.

I had heard Carrie call Joseph ‘dad’ a few times, which surprised me, since she was close with her father, my ex-boyfriend, Rob. However, she still didn’t want to refer to me as “mom” or anything other than Lizzie. The therapist said not to rush things. She may never, and we would just have to accept it.

“You two have been good for her,” Cathy reassured me.

“I hope so,” I sighed.

“Look I know when it’s time to leave. I’ll see myself out.”

“You don’t have to do that. We were going to watch something or talk about our novels or some-thing,” I yawned uncontrollably.


“Get some sleep,” Cathy said. “I will call you tomorrow.”

Carrie sleeping


Nathan changed


Lizzie and Joseph

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I was hoping Amy Cat, Cathy’s spouse, would come over for a visit, but she never arrived. I had to throw in a bit of humor from the forums as friendsfan is or was (as she might have them by the time I post this chapter) getting new glasses. This chapter featured Cathy Tea’s Cathy Tea,  LegacySims2017‘s Joseph Simself, and InfraGreen‘s Carrie Buckley. 

Seasons of Change in the LASL World (Updates)

After two months of silence… I have the new cover for the third season of Generation 1 of          Livin’ A Simmin’ Life. Ta da!

LASL Season 3 Cover

And there’s many more characters revealed over on my updated Part 3: Chapters & Characters page. For the record, I don’t have internet set up in my new house yet. If you don’t see your submitted Sims that’s because I haven’t been able to add them to my game yet. I’ll add them soon (no promises on exact timeline since I’m still trying to get settled in).

And don’t get your hopes up for a LASL chapter soon. Sorry folks. :/ I’m still plugging away on The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright, Second Edition, but I wanted to give you something for LASL.

In the meantime, enjoy the life updates and bios of the characters with completed profiles. Find out what your submitted Sims are up to in Livin’ A Simmin’ Life, Season Three: Parenthood. And if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to read Kass’s story, if you need a reading fix from me. 😛 

I’ve been playing the game for fun a bit. Here’s some of my initial thoughts on the game and my newly added, Seasons. (Apologies for the lack of pictures… I haven’t snapped screenshots obsessively like I do when I’m writing. I’m over at my old house writing this post without access to any of the photos I did snap on my desktop at the other house).

Family Life: Having triplets is tricky, and when I popped into a certain household with quintuplets, it was even crazier. I have a feeling the Simself-Greens will need a lot of extra help this season staying sane erm… properly raising four kiddos and keeping their romance alive.

This isn’t the first time I’ve managed a large family (Cora Mae and her quadruplets) and at least she had servants, and TS4 doesn’t make it easy. I suppose it’s trying to be realistic, but goodness! Lizzie and LegacySims2017‘s Joseph are exhausted all the time, stinky (I can’t remember the last time either one of them showered), struggling with bladder issues while they try and potty train their tots, starving and eating quick meals constantly, and stressed out. And the triplets absolutely hate thunderstorms. Poor Parker is probably the worst. She’s terrified.

Once the family decided to head to the park. It took 1 hour for the toddlers to show up, and three hours for Dulcie, and by that point, it started storming. Joseph went back and picked up Joey to speed things along, and Lizzie went to grab Parker. Poor Nathan toddled along for another hour in game.

I tried to send Carrie to help pick up Nathan, but she couldn’t. I didn’t realize kids can’t pick up toddlers so InfraGreen‘s Carrie hasn’t been much help, and poor dear… she’s still adjusting to a loud household because I swear the toddlers break down and throw tantrums once every few hours. Carrie has been hiding out in her room and playing with the giant dollhouse, especially after she walked in on her adopted parents in their bedroom during their one “peaceful” moment. Poor kid! I think she’s pretty scarred.

Pets: Unfortunately, the pets have been kind-of neglected… so much so that Dulcie ran away. Don’t worry. She came back after a day. Friendsfan367‘s Ali Morrison found her. Thank the Maker! Dulcie, then ended up, with some illness and Joseph dropped everything (and left work) to take her to the vet (which I forgot is in Newcrest). Not very realistic here, people! Haha. Newcrest is very far away in my Simworld from San Myshuno (in Simnadia!).

Lizzie was concerned, but she was struggling to feed the tots in their high chairs while a storm raged outside. Does it ever stop raining? Marshall always seems to be muddy, like he is rolling in a perpetual mud bath. Lizzie tries to walk him as often as she remembers. They had a cute moment on the plaza outside the Cabash Gallery where Marshall gave her a hug. I swear, the frazzled Lizzie looked about ready to burst into tears of joy. She needed that hug.

Television: Waltzing With Celebrities is a favorite new TV program to watch in the Simself-Green apartment. I catch Carrie dancing to music frequently in the living room when no one is around and at two or three in the morning (girl, you need to be in bed!). Maybe she’ll be a dancer someday.

Lizzie fell asleep watching Game of Llamas, trying to find new ideas for her novels. Parker napped next to her, and Dulcie curled up on the couch across from them. The “ladies” need to find something more exciting to keep them awake. Lol.

Joseph watched The Real Housewives of Windenburg (I promise, I won’t judge), and then proceeded to come curl up in bed with his wife. In the morning, he was extra attentive.

Activities: Carrie joined scouts as her after-school activity. She managed to earn one scout badge and unlocked “Scout Cookies.” Darn! She has to be a teen to bake. This incident was followed by another flour-and-chocolate-syrup-on-the-floor mess (because when you can’t bake, you might as well make a mess with the ingredients, right?).

Joseph corrected her and sent her to her room.Then he went out and bought a cupcake at a street vendor, put it in his inventory, and left it on the counter. He’s trying so hard to be a good dad to his adoptee.

I am pretty proud of Carrie gaining the “Social” badge. She made friends with simscognito‘s and Akira’s kids, Hamilton and Oliver, and invited them over to listen to music and dance. She was pretty in awe of Rikira’s penthouse when she visited there but sadly kids can’t use the karaoke machine. They would’ve made one sweet trio, I think.

Lizzie got asked to join the “Flower Arranging Club” by CathyTea‘s Sugar Maple Bough, and she turned it down. When would she have time? And then Lisabee2‘s Lisa Bee asked Lizzie about an hour later to join the same club. Do they get points for recruiting people? I’m not sure if Lizzie has the green thumb.

Seasons: Seriously, does it ever stop raining? I swear it storms every day in my game. Carrie is awfully cute when she plays in the rain. Lizzie was so exhausted and dirty one night that while walking Marshall, she took a nap on a park bench and *gasp* showered in the rain. Thankfully, she was in a secluded corner of Myshuno Meadows, but still! I didn’t think she was bold enough… then again, she and Joseph left their wedding reception to “get busy” in the flower bushes. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised with her comfort level with the au naturale approach.

I’m so excited that there’s finally a gifting option in game. Joseph has been gifting Lizzie things quite frequently. I think the tired, overworked mamma appreciates it. 🙂 I need to get out of spring/summer to really experience the other seasons. I can’t wait for autumn!

Food: New recipes always makes me excited. Nora came to visit and made honey cake. I’m going to assume she and MINEZ‘ Julian DeBateau are beekeepers now, but I don’t know for sure. Lizzie hasn’t visited them yet, settled into their new home in Newcrest. All I know is you need honey to make honey cake, but perhaps she purchased it.

Lizzie did visit CathyTea‘s Cathy Tea and Shadami’s Amy Cat in their renovated apartment and CT served bee tea. Lizzie approved.

Lizzie and Joseph’s only date, as of yet, has been to the food stalls (she got a chocolate parfait and he got a vanilla) before they were called home because the “sitter” disappeared? Lizzie also grabbed an iced coffee while walking Marshall one evening and chatted with Munterbacon‘s Munter Bacon, who was out walking Dash.

Harvestables: The money tree is back! Woot! I tried planting it in the living room but that was a bit weird so I removed it. Joseph and Lizzie don’t own property and this new apartment doesn’t have a balcony. Still, I want to work out some sort of story line where Joseph, whose lifetime wish is to be fabulously wealthy, plants a money tree in this story.

He did buy a lotto ticket, but didn’t win. Karleen did! As if she needs the moula with her new husband’s wealth! Ha! But she used her own income to start her own mascot costuming business and a food critic blog.

Calendar: Lizzie was invited to a Weenie Roast but she couldn’t make it because she had to go to work or lose her job after working from home, skipping work, and calling in “sick” for two weeks (because it’s hard raising toddler triplets).

When I switched to control Joseph to help with one of the tots, he received a notification about a Shopping Rebate. He headed over to the Flea Market and purchased a new decor item for his home office at a fraction of cost.

Lizzie and Joseph also received the “Night on the Town” notification, but I wasn’t able to send them because that’s where I stopped playing the game. They could sure use it though.

Gardening: Lisa Bee is a new Sim in town, and is employed in the gardener career. I rolled at random for career choices, and figured someone new should be a gardener. Because this is San Myshuno, I had to set up planter boxes beneath the windows in the kitchen for Lisa. I’ll be curious about indoor gardening. Maybe if it succeeds, I’ll let Joseph plant the “money tree” in their apartment. 😉

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll keep you posted with new chapters!