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Introducing Paramours in Paradise & Sweethearts in Sulani

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Welcome to the Isle of Sulani. Some come for the beach vibes. Others come for the colorful culture. Still others come hoping to catch a glimpse of the rumored merfolk. You come in hopes of meeting your life partner.

Soak up some sun on the shores of our acclaimed beaches. Grind your own kava, an island delicacy. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the ocean, and catch the white-capped waves and ride along with dolphins. Hike the lush green hillside below the island’s active volcano. Step right into an island paradise and experience the magic of falling in love.

Does it sound too good to be true? The catch is…you’ll be competing against other people for the chance of a lifetime – to meet your true love.

(As for the rest of us, pull up a chair and imagine yourself sipping your favorite beverage while lounging lazily beneath a palm tree as you travel alongside the adventures of our bachelor, bachelorette, and all the contestants on the Isle of Sulani).

Sul sul! Lizzie (or livinasimminlife) here and I’m debuting a brand new Bachelor & Bachelorette: Sulani Style challenge. I bet you’re wondering how Lizzie is here… in Sulani… when she’s got a family in San Myshuno. Okay, you caught me. I’m obsessed with interconnecting my Sims stories, and so for the sake of this story/challenge, I’m saying this is her third life, but I digress.  Scratch that! I realized timing wise, Liz is about in her late 40’s here.

Paramours in Paradise and Sweethearts in Sulani slots for candidates almost full, but I thought I’d share the challenge background for my regular readers. If you missed your chance to submit a Sim, you can do one of two things: 1) submit an alternate (yes, I have some twists up my sleeve), or 2) wait for me to debut the challenge again…another season, another world.

Do you have what it takes to tame a wild heart in paradise?
Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge Rules

XUrbanSimsX created the official Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge rules for The Sims 4. I will be tweaking for my own challenge/story.

  • Every 3 days, there will be an elimination. The contestant with the lowest relationship with the bachelor/bachelorette combined with the lowest amount of votes from the public [that’s you!] will be removed from the running.
  • Contestants will build a relationship through tasks and activities with the bachelor/bahcelorette (i.e. group activities, group outings, and one-on-one dates.) The bachelor/bachelorette will make a genuine effort to get to know each of the competitors better, but autonomy will be on full.
  • All romantic actions are allowed, except Woohoo and Try for a Baby.
  • All Sims will need to be without jobs (because this removes the annoyance of cancelling out going to work). However, you can definitely tell me what job a Sim has.
  • We will not be leaving the island. All activities/dates must be in Sulani. I also added all sorts of different lots to the island for more activities/date options.

Additional Notes 
  • Personally, I want the contestants to have as much fun as possible. We will try and explore all the island has to offer during this challenge.
  • I also want our bachelor/bachelorette to have an opportunity to have a conversation/interaction with each of the contestants before the elimination (so as to try and encourage actual connection beyond mere physical attraction). This is also the reason I picked every three days for elimination to give everyone an opportunity to get to know one another.
  • While I won’t discourage drama, I also want my bachelor/bachelorette to have a genuine connection to his true love. This is more than a meat market. I want to respect the autonomy of each Sim and I’m looking to include lighthearted fun.
  • Typically, in Bachelor/Bachelorette challenges, all other relationships with household members must remain platonic with maximum effort focused on the bachelor/bachelorette. That’s not my play style. If other romance(s) happen, I’ll roll with it. Might create some interesting challenges. 😉

Feel free to vote in the poll for what kinds of date activities you’d like to see. Original poll posted here. I want this story to be interactive, so there will be lots of opportunities to vote over the course of the 21 days on the island. Be sure to come back and visit often.

Can a brave and interesting partner tame his ways and get him to settle down? What wonderful man will woo the heart of our lovely bachelorette?
Casting Call

Here are the casting guidelines. If you’d like to submit an alternate, you can do so here.

General Rules for the Casting Calls:
  • To be fair, only 1 Sim per creator will be accepted to each individual challenge. However, you are welcome to submit a Sim for both challenges.
  • Aliens, mermaids, and vampires are allowed.
  • Traits and aspirations can be whatever you choose (if you want additional traits, I will accept up to 2 more as I have a mod that allows for additional traits).
  • Skills – I’d prefer at least 2-3 skills (or I can cheat and add these for you), but only 1 can be maxed.
  • Attire – Be as creative as you’d like with your outfits and include as many as you’d like.
The Technical Specs:

I have all the expansions, except Get Famous. I have all game packs. I have all the stuff packs, except My First Pet, Fitness Stuff, and Backyard Living. I do use CC, but I’d prefer no CC for ease of upload. Thanks.

Casting Call Submission Guidelines:

Is your Sim looking for love? Perhaps they can find a life partner in Levi or Breanna. The Submission guidelines are the same for each contest, with the exception of hashtags. Upload your Sim to the Gallery with hashtag #livinasimminlife and #paramoursinparadise for Levi or #sweetheartsinsulani for Breanna.

Please include the following info below with your submission:

  • Creator Name + Origin ID
  • Sim Name
  • Age (YA, A, or E)
  • Star Sign (I know it’s not included in TS4, but I like this option).
  • Hometown (TS4 World)
  • Occupation (or if none – no judging here)
  • Aspiration
  • Traits (Up to 5 + the aspiration bonus trait)
  • Skills (You can pre-set up to 3, with only 1 skill maxed)
  • Favorite Drink
  • 1 Turn-On and 1 Turn-Off (like in TS2:blush:
  • Bio (I’ll be using this information in my “Meet the Contestants” Interviews. Feel free to be as detailed and creative as you’d like. Optional things to include: 1-3 things your Sim is looking for in a partner, any family you’d like to mention, and a question for our bachelor and/or bachelorette).

Paramours in Paradise

Paramours in Paradise – the premise is simple – 7 ladies…or gents (Levi doesn’t discriminate) will compete for the hand of our bachelor, Levi Parrott. Over the course of 21 days, you will live in the lap of luxury on the beautiful island of Sulani. Throughout the competition, the contestants and bachelor will live under one roof and participate in various island activities.

Levi Parrott is already zipping around the island. You could soon be splashing in the waters of the Panthalassan Ocean right alongside him!

Sweethearts in Sulani – Does your Sim long for the perfect life partner? Perhaps they can find love with the beautiful Breanna Gaines. Be one of the 7 lucky lads to be chosen for this competition.

Here’s Breanna already lazing away. You could soon be soaking up some sun and fun right next to her!

Over the course of 21 days, you will live in the lap of luxury on the beautiful island of Sulani. Throughout the competition, the contestants and bachelor will live under one roof and participate in various island activities. Be an o:) to your roommates or a >:) to the other contestants! Anything goes… except woo-hoo and try for a baby during the competition, because of course, Breanna is a proper lady… and Levi, well, he is working to tame his wild ways!

Will your Sim be the one to receive a rose and go home with our lucky bachelor or bachelorette?  DeadlineAugust 2nd for cast and alternates!

Once chapters are up, readers will have an opportunity to vote for candidates to improve the chances of a certain Sim participant. You don’t need to submit a Sim to participate and vote. Follow along in the forums thread and on Tumblr for sneak peaks and previews all this upcoming week, and be sure to follow the blog to catch all the juicy drama and fabulous fun.

Sul, sul, everyone!