Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy (WIP)

Welcome to the Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy – a legacy challenge based on various harvestables found in the Sims 4 game.

This legacy challenge will take your Sims through every world available in Sims 4, focusing on berry Sims and harvestables. Each generation will complete a variety of gardening-related requirements and a build a specialized lot for the world in which they live. Skip the worlds/content you don’t have. This challenge is meant to be fun so feel free to tweak or ignore rules that will interfere with your style of gameplay. Read below for more descriptions and rules.

Click here to read my Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy story.

What are berry Sims?

Berry Sims are colorful Sims in your gameplay. Each generation will represent the selected color for their story/gameplay. Pick one of the options below for gameplay or mix and match.  Supernatural life states are acceptable and encouraged.

  • True berry (deep rich colors)
  • Pastel berry (pastel colors)
  • Banilla berry (regular skin tones with fun colored hair and/or eyes)
  • Vanilla (really don’t like berry Sims? That’s okay, you can just give your Sim colorful clothing and maybe a splash of hair dye, fun accessories, or makeup)

a harvestables legacy

General Rules

Custom Content (optional) – harvestables, food overhauls, and/or new food, garden, animal, or farm-themed gameplay items and features are allowed.

  1. Each generation will be assigned a specific harvestable to grow and a specific type of building to create. Of course, you can grow other things as well, and it may take you awhile to find the harvestable you need. Your Sim should master the gardening skill and the recommended additional skill for the generation. Most special building types require Get to Work or another expansion/pack. Build on your own lot (hybrid home/business) OR purchase another lot in world for your building.
  2. Each generation will have 2 job options for making money: a traditional career or a Register with Ministry of Labor option. Pick one or alternatively mix and match based on your generation.
  3. Each generation’s spouse/partner must be a different color than the current heir. You may create your spouse/partner or choose a Sim in-world. You may keep any money/items that your spouse/partner brings into the household when they move in (because I don’t think it’s realistic otherwise – however – you can’t use their money to complete a stage of an aspiration OR a step in a challenge, but you may use the money for everyday living needs).
  4. Money cheats aren’t allowed (unless otherwise specified). When you start, furnish your home with bare essentials and 1 fun activity (something that will impact your Sim’s fun meter). Then use the money cheat to reset your simoleons to 1000 (easy mode) or 500 (hard mode). Use the remaining money to decorate your home, get a jumpstart on gardening tools or seed packets, or save the money for later use.
  5. Each generation will start on a different lot in a different city (world).
    • Optional: Build a legacy lot for your Sims to “retire to” once the next generation begins. You pick the world where this will be. It can be your starting world OR another world.
  6. You cannot use pre-made lots excessively to your advantage to complete an aspiration or challenge. This means you can’t start each generation on a pre-made lot with a garden or travel to a pre-made lot to collect all the harvestables you need. If you require an exceptionally rare harvestable and have exhausted all other options (i.e. hunting through the worlds for days/weeks, and you are unable to find in-game store or order via computer or phone, etc.), you may “purchase” the harvestable from Build/Buy if you have the funds.
  7. Each generation is required to grow at least 1 example of the generation’s assigned perfect quality plant.
  8. You must have at least 1 heir and 1 spare child for each generation unless otherwise specified. Adoption is allowed.
  9. Travel (optional on easy/ required on hard): You cannot travel to other worlds unless otherwise specified. You must complete the challenge within your generation’s assigned world.
  10. Heirloom (optional): In every generation, except the first generation, you may “inherit” one item of your choosing from the former generation. You can keep this item the same through all the generations OR choose a different item every time. This “heirloom” item may be purchased (at no cost – you can cheat the funds back) at the start of the generation if you cannot transfer the item to your Sim’s inventory before leaving the former generation’s household.

You may skip around with these generations. There’s no set order. This is just a suggestion if you want to go in order of world release. Some generations’ rules are harder than others so feel free to go in the order that makes sense to you (starting easy with increasing challenge). I also included story prompts but feel free to use your own.

Mods are recommended, but not required (As always, back up your games before adding custom content/mods, and be sure to check back on the creator’s sites for updates).

I offer an easy mode and hard mode version of playing. You may take “odd jobs” to make money to tie you over between sales if you choose the Hard Mode option (registering with the Ministry of Labor). On easy mode, pick 1-2 of the generation challenge rules. On hard mode, follow all of the generation challenge rules.

Specific Rules per Generation

 Generation 1: Bluebell

You inherited a long lost family member’s plantation in Bluebell Estates. Your new home is a (huge) manor, largely empty, and the plantation fields have long lay dormant. You have always loved flowers, and hope to bring life back to the family garden and home. A kind heart, you believe in giving back and sharing beauty with the world. Since you live in the south, you believe in doing everything properly. Courtship comes before marriage, and marriage comes before woohoo and nooboos.

World: Bluebell Estates (a.k.a. Willow Creek) – start on any 40×30 lot or the 50×50 lot
Harvestable: Bluebells (must have 1 example of a perfect quality bluebell on your lot)
Color: Purple-blue
Building: Flower Shop
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Skill: Max flower arranging
Traits: Good, Creative, + You Choose
Suggested Career: Gardener (Requires Seasons) OR Register with the Ministry of Labor as a self-employed plantation owner (and make money selling harvestables).
Love and Relationships: “Bluebell berries” are known for their proper nature. Select a Sim to “court” (date). You must always ask on proper dates (no simple hang-outs). You must achieve a gold level date before proposing marriage. You must have a big wedding party. No living together, woohoo, or try for baby interactions before marriage.

Generation Challenge Rules:

  • Budding Philanthropist: Donate a portion of your funds to charity at the end of each week.
  • A Gift from the Glade: Travel to Sylvan Glade at least once and bring back a rare plant.
  • Garden Party: Host a gold-level fancy dinner party for your friends in your garden.

Recommended Mods: LittleMsSam’s Seasons DLC mods (specifically Flower Arrangements Require All Ingredients and Flower Arrangements Slower Decay).

Generation 2: Strawberry 

Your parents were traditionalists, but you want to blaze your own trail. Strawberry Springs provides the perfect backdrop for your creative juices. Your new home is a two-room shack with an outhouse, but the land is your own little slice of heaven. (Bonus: Tiny Living tiny home). Moving deep into the desert, you don’t really care to know many people, preferring to be self-sufficient. While you hope to grow your own food, you know that the desert heat will prevent you from gardening during the middle of the day. That leaves you plenty of time to focus on your passion for painting. You may start out as a struggling artist, but you hope to one day thrive on showcasing your masterpieces in your own gallery, and sell your works to galleries and collectors around the world.

World: Strawberry Springs (a.k.a. Oasis Springs) – start on any lot in the Bedrock Strait neighborhood
Harvestable: Strawberries (must have 1 example of perfect quality strawberries on your lot)
Color: Red pink
Building: Art Gallery (fill with your artwork or “commission” other artists to create works for you a.k.a. Build/Buy mode)
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Skill: Max painting
Traits: Art Lover, Loner, + You Choose
Suggested Career: Painter Career – Master of the Arts branch (and always choose work from home option unless it’s absolutely necessary to travel) OR Register with the Ministry of Labor as a self-employed artist.
Love and Relationships: Strawberries” are known for their passion. Have a passionate romance and become soul mates with your love interest. Marriage is optional, but your partner should move in once you’ve reached the sweethearts level. Big weddings aren’t your thing. You may choose to “elope” via a destination world of your choice.

Generation Challenge Rules:

  • Intense Sun: Desert heat is harsh. You may only garden in the early morning (between 5am-9am and early evening between 4:30pm and 9pm).
  • Artistic Interpretation: Using paint from reference, create a large, high-quality painting of your garden. Hang this in your home OR your art gallery.
  • Private Art Showing: Host a gold-level “art showing” party at your Gallery.

**Complete the metals collection (optional).

Recommended Mods: SrslySims’ Complete Cooking Overhaul for ordering your groceries way out in the desert. On easy mode, use LittleMsSam’s Higher/Longer Payments/Royalties, specifically doubled retail prices for paintings and lower crafting costs. On hard mode, use use Little MsSam’s Slower Painting mod. LittleMsSam’s Sell via Simbay for selling paintings. Scumbumbo’s Paint from Reference Anywhere (self-explanatory).

Generation 3: Cowberry

It’s a dream come true. You finally carved out your own a patch of dirt in Cowberry Creek. You’ve always been a little daring so the idea of raising cowplants is appealing. You aren’t afraid of a challenge. Starting a big family is another goal of yours – you believe your nurturing nature will help you raise your children to love and respect the world around them and the people in it. 

World:  Cowberry Creek (a.k.a. Newcrest) – start on any 40×30 lot
Harvestable: (must successfully “raise” and milk 10 cowplants)
Color: Black and white
Building: Farmer’s market (convert or build a park into a Farmer’s Market)
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Skill: Max gardening (to graft and create cowberries) and/or parenting
Traits: Brave, Family Oriented, + You Choose
Career: Freelancer (pick one of the options) OR Register with the Ministry of Labor as an independent farmer and make money selling cowplant milk (essence of life) and harvestables.
Love and Relationships: “Cowberries” are very giving partners – nurturing and fertile. Marry your high school sweetheart. Have at least 5 children.

Generation Challenge Rules:

  • Farm Fresh: Sell your cowplant milk (essence of life) and other harvestables via the Farmer’s Market. If you have City Living, you can also use the yard sale table at home or the park. If you have Seasons, you can create a custom “holiday” every Saturday for your Farmer’s Market event.
  • Honor Mother Earth: Let your land rest every winter. Save up enough simoleons and harvestables to survive through winter and let the ground lie fallow (a.k.a. no gardening outside allowed during winter months but you may care for your cowplants).
  • Happy Childhood: Host a birthday party for each of your children every time they age up.

Recommended ModsSrslySims’ Complete Cooking Overhaul improves cowplant milking. Icemumumn’s Chicken Coop for another farming experience. Jackboog21’s Children and Toddlers Can Harvest for the family gardening experience. MidniteTech has a custom Crop Farmer career.

Generation 4: Elderberry Falls

The backwoods of Elderberry Falls is calling you. As a child, you always loved the outdoors. Now you literally make the outdoors your passion and your career. You look forward to scouring the forests for everything you need to live off the land – fish, fruits and veggies, ingredients for potions (and/or elixirs), and unique collectibles. As a forest guide, it is your hope to build an educational summer camp to teach others about proper stewardship of the land. While love may be the furthest thing from your mind, you do hope to find a special someone who will share your love of the mountains (and pass this love onto the next generation). 

World:  Elderberry Falls (a.k.a. Granite Falls*) – any rental lot is acceptable
Harvestable: Elderberries (must have 1 example of a perfect elderberry plant on your lot)
Color: Purple
Building: Off-the-Grid Campsite
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Skill: Max herbalism (Bonus: Woodworking) 
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, + 2 of Your Choice
Suggested Career: YOUR CHOICE (I would recommend something like Freelance Writer or Author*** so you can work from your cozy cabin) OR register with the Ministry of Labor as a Forest Guide (make money selling collectibles, harvestables, and herbalism potions/elixirs).
Love and Relationships: “Elderberries” are wise. They take their time when it comes to love, putting their work first. They may be a bit shy and slow on the uptake at first, but they are loyal lovers once you crack the ice. Must be good friends or best friends with potential spouse. Must build a cabin home with four walls before they get married. May choose to never marry and may instead adopt a baby or toddler.

Generation Specific Rules: 

  • Summer Camp: Your off-the-grid summer camp for others can be on your homebase lot in Elderberry Falls or you can build up a separate campsite.
    • You may travel to other worlds or your home world (a.k.a. where you were raised) to “recruit” Sims (by befriending them) to come to your summer camp once it’s built. Make it a kids camp, teen camp, an interested adults group, OR a mix.
    • Set the vacation time to a 1 week time period. Do a variety of outdoor activities together (i.e. go on a hike everyday, mentor in a skill, go fishing, visit the hermit’s cabin, collect harvestables and items together, sit around the campfire each night, take a photo together, etc. If you have Get Together, the best way to do activities together is to form a club.)
  • Befriend the Hermit: this one is straightforward. You must be friends with the hermit before you can harvest or fish in the area.
  • Weenie Roast: Host a gold-level Weenie Roast party.

*Since Granite Falls is a vacation world, keep a residence in your parents’ generation’s world or “live at home” with your parents and travel to Granite Falls frequently. You can keep extending the length of your vacation. Bulldoze one of the lots in Granite Falls for your home base and build your cabin or campsite. Since this is your “homebase,” you may cheat and add the funds back every time you travel (excluding the first time) on Easy Mode or if you’re playing Hard Mode, this counts as your rental fees. 

***Complete the Insects collection (optional).

Recommended ModsLittleMsSam’s Sell via Simbay for selling herbalism potions and collectibles). SrslySims’ Complete Alchemy Overhaul (allows any Sim to craft elixirs, allows herbalism brewing in cauldron, more realistic pricing of herbalism potions/elixirs if you have all ingredients to craft, improves retail sale price, allows you to purchase ingredients on computer, etc.) Rex’s Custom Club Activities like roasting around campfire, going into tents, feeding birds,etc. and icemunmun’s Custom Club Activities like practicing herbalism, collecting, and stargazing, etc. to add more options to do things together during your “summer camp.” On easy mode, if you choose to make money with writing, use LittleMsSam’s Higher/Longer Payments/Royalties, specifically higher royalties for books. On hard mode, use Little MsSam’s Slower Writing mod. LittleMsSam’s Collectibles Rework for more of a challenge with collectibles.

Generation 5: Quillfruit Outpost

**This generation has 2 heirs: You and your twin have heard rumors of aliens worlds out there. Both of you are true believers. Ignore the naysayers and conspiracy theorists. Sign you both up for the first flight off the planet. One of you is a logical scientist, creating all sorts of fun and crazy inventions. You hope to have your breakthrough one day and build your wormhole generator to another world. The other is a happy-go-lucky astronaut. In your spare time, you’re tinkering in your backyard, building your own rocket ship. You can’t get off this rock fast enough. Together, you dream of a world where aliens and Sims can be friends, and share drinks during Happy Hour every Friday night. 

World: Quillfruit Outpost (a.k.a. Magnolia Promenade) any lot is acceptable
Harvestable: Quillfruit** and UFO fruit (must have 1 example of a perfect quillfruit and UFO fruit on your lot)
Color: Hot pink and orange (Quillfruit) / Rainbow assortment (UFO fruit)
Building: Alien bar
Aspiration: Master Mixologist (for the scientist crafting brews) AND Athletic Aspiration (for the astronaut)
Skill: Max mixology (scientist) OR logic (either) AND rocket science (astronaut)
Scientist: Geek (for collectibles), Genius (to help with inspired/focused), + Your Choice
Astronaut: Active, Genius (to help with inspired/focused), + Your Choice
Suggested CareerScientist AND Astronaut (once you have maxed your careers, retire and register with the Ministry of Labor as independent mixologists/joint bar owners)
Love and Relationships: Quillfruits are quirky and out there. You’re both romantic and sociable, and enjoy going out on dates (preferably to bars, night clubs, lounges, and karaoke bars). You both view potential partners equally and embrace all kinds of love. Partner up with or marry an alien and have at least one alien-Sim hybrid baby. You may roll at random to choose the heir/heiress for the next generation.

Generation Specific Rules: 

  • Party with the Aliens: Choose 1 or both (if you have twins/a spare/or you want to play the heir and spouse)
    • Option 1: Because the only way to attend the alien party on Sixam is through the Scientist career by building the wormhole, it’s recommended you start in the Scientist career and once you’ve completed the party, you can “retire” and open your own “bar,” registering with the Ministry of Labor as a mixologist/bar owner.
    • Option 2: If you choose Astronaut, the alternative is to invite 6 Sixam aliens to your bar and host a gold-level party.  If you choose the Astronaut route, learn to craft the Alien Juice and Space Energy Drink.
  • Befriend an Otherworlder: Become best friends with an alien.
  • Traveling Abroad… to an Alien World: This is kind-of a given, but visit Sixam at least once. You must answer ‘yes’ to any invite to go to Sixam. You can “visit” the GeekCon festival in San Myshuno and use the rocket ship to visit  Sixam as well.

*If you have difficulty finding/harvesting a quillfruit, you may substitute and harvest another alien plant or download a custom alien plant. You may find UFO fruit at the Spice Festival, or you may use a cheat (again if you’re really struggling). 

**Happy Hour (Optional): If you have Get Together, host a club gathering with your friends at a different bar at least one Friday a month OR once you have your bar, you can host at your own place.

***Complete the Geodes or Space Rocks Collection (optional). 

Recommended Mods: Finding alien fruits is tricky. If you have exhausted multiple trips to Sixam without luck, try the U.F.O. fruit, use Oloriell’s Buyable Functional Maxis Rare Plants mod. I haven’t found a quillfruit option. King Zace has a pretty alien plant mod.

Generation 6: Blackberry Borough

The hills are alive with the sound of music in Blackberry Borough. You moved to the peaceful countryside to compose your songs and share your music with the world. You have a fondness for berries, particularly blackberries, inspiring your look – a bit gothic black and dashes of purple (it always annoyed your parents, but it works for you). You’re delighted to discover your favorite fruit growing wild in your neighborhood, and hope to cultivate the vines in your own personal garden. Someday you will open a café for other musicians to come and play, and you hope your delicious berry treats will inspire other singer-songwriters out there. You are good at protecting your heart, but that may keep you from experiencing lasting love. You have always felt like you’re a bit of bad luck, perhaps sacrificing too much for your art. 

World: Blackberry Borough (a.k.a. Windenburg) – any 20 x 20 or 30×20 lot
Harvestable: Blackberries (must have 1 example of perfect quality blackberries on your lot)
Color: Black with hints of dark purple
Building: Grocer/Café
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Skills: Max one of the musical skills – Piano, Guitar, Singing, or Violin
Traits: Music Lover, Insider, + 1 negative trait of your choice
Suggested Career: Entertainer OR Register with the Ministry of Labor (and make money selling harvestables, playing music for tips, and writing songs)
Love and Relationships: Blackberries have difficulty keeping relationships. Fall in love, but lose your partner/spouse to divorce or death. You should be at least pregnant with their child (female) OR have at least 1 child already.

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Artist Café: Build a little fruits/veggies shop (with an emphasis on berries) and a little attached café with a performance stage for other musicians to come and play. If you have Seasons, you can set up a standing Open Mic Night on your calendar every week as a “holiday.”
  • Music Appreciation Club: Create a club to enjoy music with your friends. Unlock all the perks.
  • Attend the party at the bluffs and/or the party at the Von Haunt estate at least once.

**Berries, Berries, Lots of Berries (Optional): If you aren’t opposed to adding mods, I recommend using icemummun’s spectacular Canning Station mod. You can make money selling jars of items you can using your harvestables at your café and/or on the yard sale table. If you choose this option, I recommend maxing the canning skill as an additional challenge.

Recommended Mods:  LittleMsSam’s Carryable Performance Stage + Sing Songs allows you to perform anywhere and to sing at the performance stage. LittleMsSam’s Random Holiday Traditions allows you to set “Play Instruments” as a holiday tradition. Icemunmun has some great berry food recipes if you’re open to custom fruits (pies, tarts, cupcakes, cheesecake, muffins, panna cotta, wafers, and fruit salad) you could sell in the café. You’ll need the custom harvestables plus Custom Food Interactions on MTS by TheFoodGroup. MidniteTech has a custom Grocer career.

Generation 7: Spice City

Spice is your way of life. It informs your personality, your passions, and your interests. You aren’t one to stay tied to any one particular person and prefer to explore your options. You’ll cook for an army, but you prefer to spend your evenings alone. That’s not to say you aren’t a passionate lover when you’re in a relationship. You have a bit of a temper, and a bold personality. You don’t hold back when people ask for your honest opinion. You hope to one day open a restaurant to share you love of spicy food and passion for the city.

World: Spice City (a.k.a. San Myshuno)
Harvestable: Basil, Parsley, Sage (must have 1 perfect example of each herb)
Color: Dark Green
Building: Restaurant
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Skills: Cooking (Bonus: Charisma – you’ll need it to romance 10 Sims)
Traits: Hot-headed, Noncommittal, + You Choose
Suggested Career: Chef OR Register with the Ministry of Labor (and earn a living selling your herbs, playing for tips on the street if you choose to play an instrument, making money at the hackathon/Geek Con, fishing, and selling collectibles you find in the city). You may also register as a restaurant owner once you have built your lot.
Love and Relationships: “Spice” berries don’t like commitment. Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration. Never marry (or you may choose to marry after the next generation begins).

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Spice! Spice! Spice!: Try all the activities at the Spice Festival at least once. Win the spicy food eating contest. Achieve the Spice Hound reward.
  • City Gardening: Create an indoor garden with an example of each herb. You may use mods if you like for additional CC herbs, but you aren’t required to achieve perfect quality unless you want. Sell your herbs at the Flea Market.
  • Restaurateur: Unlock all City Living recipes. Open a restaurant (you may bulldoze or replace any of the community lots in the city, except the park) and achieve a 5-star restaurant.

*Complete the Experimental Food Photos Collection (optional). 

Recommended Mods: On easy mode, use LittleMsSam’s Flea Market Appears Every Sunday mod. Use LittleMsSam’s Dine Out mod – Faster Cooking – so you can modify eating times at restaurants (especially if you dislike staying at a restaurant all day for your meal).

Generation 8: Plasmafruit Hollow

Not every berry wants to play by the rules. You are out to bend and push your way to the top. You aren’t here to make friends. You’re here to build the greatest nightclub in history. Cultivate your plasma fruit by day and build your club and vampire influence by night. Perhaps they leech a little bit off their loved ones, but they don’t intend to suck the life “outta” them. They have some standards, thank you very much. 

World: Plasmafruit Hollow (a.k.a. Forgotten Hollow) – any lot but the 40×30 lot
Harvestable: Plasmafruit (you must have 1 example of a perfect plasmafruit on your lot)
Color: Pink
Building: Vampire nightclub
Aspiration: Public Enemy OR Chief of Mischief
Skills: Vampirism (Bonus: Mischief OR Pipe Organ)
Traits: Ambitious, Self-Absorbed OR Materialistic, and + Your Choice
Suggested Career: Either branch of the Criminal Career OR Register with the Ministry of Labor
Love and Relationships: “Plasmaberries” are a little self-absorbed when it comes to love. They take and take, but don’t give much. Marry a non-vampire. Neglect your family a bit. Your spouse will ask for a divorce at some point and take the kids (you can creatively choose how this will happen and you may choose to make up once you’ve achieved your goals for this generation). Give your home the “on the dark ley line” trait. Give your business the “registered vampire lair” and “vampire nexus” trait.

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Plasma fruit Farm: Before you can open your nightclub, you must have a thriving plasma fruit farm. Plant a small orchard of plasma fruit trees.
  • Creature of the Night: Build a nightclub for other vampires to attend.
  • Black and White Bash: Host a gold-level Black and White Bash at your new nightclub.
  • All Hail the Grandmaster: Become a grandmaster vampire.

Recommended Mods: Some of my favorite vampire mods include No Burning Sun in Forgotten Hollow by LittleMsSam, icemumunmun’s vampire-themed foods, and vampire mods by Zero. I also recommend LittleMsSam’s Gender & More Custom Lot trait so you can make your nightclub exclusive access for vampires. On easy mode, I might recommend LittleMsSam’s Vampire Powers mod to give your vampire a bit more humanized side to them. If you want to help your “bad” marriage along, you can use PolarBearSims’ Autonomous Breakups mod.

Generation 9: Catnip Cove

Ever since you can remember, you’ve always loved animals. You want to share your home with your pets, who are really not pets; they are members of your family. As a catnip berry, you have cat-like traits – a bit mischievous, lazy, a loner, but definitely affectionate. You enjoy cat naps in the sunshine and “prowling” at night. Perhaps a bit restless, you want to see everything your town has to offer. Your dream is to open a successful vet clinic to treat all the Watcher’s furry creatures. 

World: Catnip Cove (a.k.a. Brindleton Bay) – start on any 20×20, 30×20, or 30×30 lot
Harvestable: Catnip (must have 1 perfect example of each type of catnip growing on your lot)
Color: Green with bits of purple-blue
Building: Vet Clinic
Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Skills: Pet Training + Veterinarian
Traits: Cat Lover, Lazy, +  Your Choice
Suggested Career: Register with the Ministry of Labor as a Veterinarian (you may also make money selling pet treats, toys, supplies, and harvestables from your garden, fishing, and/or collectibles)
Love and Relationships: Your cats are your babies. Your future partner must also share your love of cats. Only have 1 child (After all, gotta leave room for all those kitties).

Generation Specific Rules:

  • The Vet: Build a thriving vet clinic to support yourself. Grow each type of catnip on your home lot.
  •  Cat Lady (or Guy): Adopt 5 or more cats (1 must be a stray).
  • Kitty Kitty: You have a cat-like persona. You enjoy taking naps every day, and you go out on the town “to prowl” each night. Head to a community lot during nighttime hours (can be anyone you choose). Explore every inch of Catnip Cove to “leave your mark.” Give your business the “Cat Hangout” lot trait.

*Complete the Feather Collection (optional). 

Recommended Mods: LittleMsSam has a bunch of Cats & Dogs mods that might be useful for this challenge. MidniteTech has a custom Cat Lover Career if you want something a little different.

Generation 10: Ciudad de Gutsberrie

You’re finally here. The jungle. What adventures await? You can’t wait to get started, meet the locals, fall in love, and build your life. As a gutsberry, you know what you want and you aren’t afraid to go for it. With what little money you can scrape together, you hope to discover great archeological finds and open your own museum someday to share a bit of the jungle with the greater world. 

World: Ciudad de Gutsberrie* (a.k.a. Selvadorada) – any starting rental lot (you can bulldoze and build your own)
Harvestable: Gutsberries (Must have 1 example of a perfect gutsberry on your lot)
Color: Bright blue
Building: Museum
Aspiration: Archeology Scholar OR Jungle Explorer
Skills: Archeology Skill (Bonus: Photography Skill)
Traits: Self-Assured,
Suggested Career: You Choose (I recommend a freelancer career OR make money selling artifacts, harvestables, fish, and collectibles. It’ll be hard to hold down a job when you travel to the jungle so frequently.)
Love and Relationships: Gutsberries are incredibly confident when it comes to love, and they know what they want. They will take the lead in any relationship, and they don’t waste time. Have a whirlwind romance – date, get engaged, and marry all within a short-amount of time. Gutsberries don’t get embarrassed easily. Purchase the Shameless reward.

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Jungle Berries: Must collect and plant one of each of the Jungle Adventures berry trees in your home lot: Merryberries, Gutsberries, Vimberries, Flutterberries, Cereberries, Museberries, and Razzleberries.
  • Museum of Archeology: Build a museum in your home world (or rebuild the museum in Selvadorada) and fill with relics, crystals, and other collectibles you find.
  • Jungle Adventurer: Successfully explore all of the jungle.

*Since Selvadorada is a vacation world, keep a residence in your parents’ generation’s world or “live at home” with your parents and travel to Selvadorada frequently. You can keep extending the length of your vacation. Bulldoze one of the lots in Selvadorada for your base camp. Since this is your “homebase,” you may cheat and add the funds back every time you travel (excluding the first time) on Easy Mode or if you’re playing Hard Mode, this counts as your rental fees. 

**Complete the Crystals Collection (optional) 

Recommended Mods: MidniteTech has a custom Archeology Career. LittleMsSam has a little Archeology Overhaul that’s useful and an option to extract fossils at the archeology table.  Icemumun has a mod that breaks up the 7 different emotion berries into 7 different trees + some other small JA mods.

  Generation 11: Citrus Heights 

Tart, but sweet, this citrus berry is ready to claim their star on the boulevard. How? By making a ton of money through rising as a Simstagram influencer. You hope to promote the health benefits of citrus and entice people to buy from your orchard. Through Simstagram-worthy moments in the garden and showstopping self-produced videos, you just know people are going to love your oranges. Maybe even someday you’ll be more well known than even that Chiquita banana lady with the headdress of fruit. 

World: Citrus Heights (a.k.a. Del Sol Valley)
Harvestable: Lemons (vanilla game) | Custom orange harvestable by icemumun OR custom orange harvestable by pbox (modded game) (must have 1 example of a perfect quality citrus tree on your property) 
Color: orange (or if you use lemons, yellow)
Building: movie theater
Aspiration: World Famous Celebrity
Skills: Media production
Traits: Outgoing, Self-absorbed, + YOUR Choice
Suggested Career: Actor OR Register with the Ministry of Labor (and make money through selling your citrus fruit, citrus-themed foods, and videos)
Love and Relationships:  You’re a bundle of energy and excitement. You can be warm and cheery on the one hand and loud and brash on the other. However, deep down, you do mean well. Health and wellness is very important to you and will be for any future partner you choose. If anything, people can say you seriously do know how to have fun together.

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Citrus Orchard: Grow a high quality orange (or lemons) orchard from scratch.
  • Raking in the Simoleons: You’ll sell produce from your garden to make money in addition to creating Simstagram-worthy moments so work on your photography. Also you can craft high quality videos about your products and citrus-healthy lifestyle to make additional money.
  • Famous Influencer: Achieve level 5 in fame – Global Superstar. You can choose which path you take, but achieve either a Pristine Reputation or an Atrocious Reputation. Host the party affiliated with your reputation (Pristine – Charity Benefit; Atrocious – Lampoon Party).

Recommended Mods: lenaid has some custom recipes that require oranges – herehereherehereherehere, and here. These recipes do require Custom Food Interactions on MTS by TheFoodGroup AND custom harvestable by pbox PLUS a few other mods so be sure to read very carefully before you download/install. Icemunmun has several orange recipes here and here. Both require the Custom Food Interactions mod (linked above) and icemunmun’s custom oranges. For additional citrus, try icemunmun’s harvestable limes.

Generations 12-16 coming soon!! 

Generation 17: Kamomīru

You are a gloomy snowberry. Winter makes you blue, but getting out and staying active helps keep you feeling better. You left behind your vanilla world and hope for a little more color and excitement. Perhaps your parents were overbearing or you wanted to distinguish yourself from your siblings. Either way, you look forward to exploring all that your new city has to offer. Your dream is to create a beautiful tea garden for others to visit and enjoy the fruits of your labor (and perhaps a cup of hot tea). You’re a bit naïve and proper when it comes to love, but your intentions are pure. While you may prefer plain and simple things, you still hope someone will love you for who you are. 

World: Kamomīru (a.k.a. Mt. Komorebi)
Harvestable: Chamomile (you may also use custom tea harvestables)
Color: Snowy white with hints of color and florals
Building: Tea garden
Aspiration: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer (ahem! Mt. Kamomīru Sightseer) OR Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Skills: Rock climbing, skiing, OR snowboarding (you pick)
Traits: Proper, Gloomy, + Your Choice
Suggested Career: Salaryperson OR Freelancer OR Register with the Ministry of Labor (make money selling harvestables, honey, wax, candles, etc. You may also make money at the snow sports.)
Love and Relationships: You are a bit old-fashioned and traditional when it comes to relationships. Purity is important to you, but sometimes people misinterpret your emotions as cool and distanced. No woohoo or babies until marriage.

Generation Specific Rules:

  • Tea Garden: Build a (Japanese-style) tea garden park, complete with a little tea café. You must have an example of each different bonsai shape.
  • Tea Lover: Grow a perfect example of chamomile on your home lot. Purchase the Magic Tea Brewer and make one of each kind of tea.
  • Explore your world: Explore everything your world has to offer. Max at least one of the Snowy Escape skills.

Recommended Mods: KingZace has a Polar Berry mod (it’s the closest to a snowberry I can find) and I also recommend the tea leaves tree modSrslySims’ Complete Cooking Overhaul for additional tea recipes and makes crafting tea more challenging. If you wait forever in Sims 4, you still won’t have another Sim pop the question most likely so I recommend PolarBearSims’ Autonomous Proposals mod (for the traditionalist). Scarlet’s All Year Plants so you can grow plants in winter outside OR icemumun’s Plant in Freezing Temps override.

Beekeeping a.k.a. another way to make money this generation: LittleMsSam Calm Bees interaction to help with beekeeping and honey production. Icemumun has Functional Beekeeper Box that I highly recommend to overhauls and will allow you to make and sell honey and wax. Icemumun also offers a much more immersive candlemaking experience.