‘Young Again’ Wishacy

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The Official Rules:

Disclaimer: I added extra parameters for my personal challenge, given the nature of the planet (Kr’v) and the nature of the characters (Anamika and Daniel). These rules are not required and don’t need to be followed in your own attempt at a Young Again Wishacy Challenge.

Premise: Life partners attempt to unveil the secrets of reliving their youthful days.

Challenge: Be the first Sim to achieve enough Lifetime Happiness points (70,000 points) to acquire the “Young Again” Lifetime Reward. This is a Wishacy challenge with a twist. The original Wishacy Challenge was created by buckeygirl80.


  • Create two Sims (must be Adult or Elder) or use pre-mades (with a few caveats). Gender, appearance, personality traits, favorites, etc. are all up to your personal preference. No limitations. Go wild!
  • For the duration of the challenge, these 2 Sims must live together under the same roof. If they ever roll a wish to move out and the other Sim does not, you have to dismiss the wish. Your Sims cannot live at separate residences.
  • Select your primary residence. It can be a pre-made or you can build your own home.
  • Go ahead and use the “familyfunds” cheat to reset your Sims funds to 1800. Each Sim has 900 Simoleons to start (and you must keep track of these individual funds at all times).
  • If you’re using pre-made Sims…
    • Delete everything in their inventory, except for a high school diploma (if they have one).
    • Use NRAAS Master Controller to reset their skills to 0. Any skill at -1 is allowed. Your Sims must start without skills.
    • Remove any careers they may have previously had. Your Sims must start unemployed.
    • You don’t need to reset any pre-established relationships.
    • Remove any celebrity status (if it applies).
    • Remove any existing Lifetime Happiness Points by using NRAAS Master Controller >> Intermediate >> Lifetime Happiness and adding a minus (-) in front of the points your Sim would lose.
  • No lifespan or supernatural restrictions.
  • Aging must be turned on.
  • High free will must be turned on.
  • You can play with a rotating or fixed lunar cycle.

Gameplay Rules:

  • You must complete all Sim-rolled wishes and opportunities.
  • You may only intervene if a Sim has a negative moodlet related to their needs (i.e. bladder, hunger, sleep, etc.). You can click on the moodlet to randomize their solution. (Sometimes, the moodlet click only work on the home lot. In that case, you may direct your Sim to go home and then fulfill the need).
  • You can’t decide whom Sims will marry, if/when they have kids or even how they have kids, what career they choose or if they choose to remain unemployed, etc. Sims must roll a wish for these things.
  • Your two controlled Sims must travel together out of world. If one of your Sims rolls a “travel” wish (i.e. future, Uni, or other world), and the other Sim does not, you must cancel the wish or dismiss it. You can however, promise a wish to a Sim and hope the other Sim rolls the same wish or a corresponding wish that would allow you to achieve travel together (but you run the risk of losing 200 points – see below).
  • The only other time you can cancel a wish is if you’ve already promised 4 wishes, and the newly rolled wish is worth more lifetime happiness points than the former promised wish (i.e. Your Sim’s former promised wish is worth 250 points, but the newly rolled wish is worth 500. You can cancel the 250 point wish in favor of pursuing the 500 point wish).
  • You may only deny 2 opportunities in a row. You must fulfill the 3rd opportunity rolled. Accepted opportunities are like wishes. You can take the steps to fulfill the opportunity.
  • For selling items, a Sim may only sell the item if they wish to visit a lot where they can do so. (i.e. a Sim rolls a wish to purchase an apple at the grocery store, and they may also sell produce to the store; a Sim rolls a wish to go shopping, they can sell an item to the consignment shop, etc.).
  • For collecting owned business income, you will have to come up with a creative loophole. (i.e. if a Sim wishes for a night on the town, you could direct your Sim to collect their nightclub income OR if a Sim wishes to read a book, you could send them to the bookstore to read and collect bookstore income).

Off-Limits Cheats, Rewards, and Opportunities 

  • Cheats in general are off limits, except for the initial money cheats and if a Sim needs to be reset because they are stuck.
  • Cheats or other rewards that would help you to achieve the “Young Again” reward are off-limits. You must achieve the old-fashioned way, working to obtain the points needed to purchase the reward.
  • If your Sim is stuck, you can use a cheat to reset them.
  • Immortal Reward and Age Freeze is off-limits.
  • The free vacation opportunity is off-limits.
  • Any opportunity that requires travel outside the home world is off-limits.
  • If your Sim rolls a wish to purchase a different reward than ‘Young Again,’ you must purchase the reward and start counting points again to earn ‘Young Again.’

Free Actions

  • Autonomous actions are always free.
  • Decorating your household and/or changing your house by adding or removing rooms or items are free actions.
  • You may direct social conversation interactions based on personality traits up to 3 times a day per Sim.
  • All wardrobe changes and basic appearance changes (i.e. makeup, hairstyle, eye color – hey you can make the case that they are color contacts) are free actions. Changing physical traits like body weight or face shape are off-limits, unless you really want to argue that your Sim needs that nose job.
  • If a store menu pops up, your Sim is free to purchase anything on the store menu (even if they merely rolled a wish to purchase an apple). Same with festival carts, food carts, and ice cream trucks.
  • If your Sim collects an item, they are allowed to modify the item as once per week. (i.e. they collect a gemstone on Monday, they can use cut the gem using the gemcutter, but if they collect another gemstone on Tuesday, they have to wait until Sunday).
  • You can direct a Sim to attend work or school for a free action, but only when it is time to do so. You may select any “tone.” You can also direct your Sims to do tasks needed for work/school (i.e. Performer may take a singing gram job, a student may need to complete homework to maintain grades, etc.) If your Sim rolls an opportunity while at work/receive instructions to do a certain task, you may direct them to complete it. Social interaction is off-limits unless your Sim wishes for it.
  • Using the mailbox to pay bills, get mail, self-publish (if it is relevant to the career or Lifetime Wish) or send items is a free action. Mailbox cheats are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to direct a Sim creatively to fulfill a wish. (i.e. a Sim may roll a wish to read a book. They have the ‘Loves Outdoors’ trait. You can use a free action to direct them to sit on a bench at the park while reading.)

Optional Free Play Actions for Easier Gameplay:

  • If your Sim hasn’t rolled wishes in awhile, they have nothing else to do, and you would like them to be more active (because yeah, it’s a bit boring otherwise), you can send your Sim to skills train once per day (but you are limited to skills related to their career or lifetime wish only) OR you can direct them to do 2 max actions on their phone.
  • You can replace a broken object if the Sim who broke the household object has the funds to do so.
  • Baby/toddler care is okay if the baby/toddler in question has a negative moodlet. You may direct your Sim to fulfill that need (with the associated negative moodlet) only.
  • Pet care is okay if the pet has a negative moodlet. You may direct your Sim to fulfill that need (with the associated negative moodlet) only.
  • Scold/praise pet are free actions for unruly pets (otherwise, they can wreak havoc!)
  • Dragging and dropping items into the inventory is a free action if necessary for completing a wish (i.e. announce a protest is a wish your Sim rolled, so you can drag and drop the megaphone into the inventory). Same with dragging and dropping into a backpack. Dragging and dropping pets into cages is also a free action. You cannot drag and drop dirty clothes or dishes. However, if you have spoiled food in your Sim’s inventory, you can spend a free action and get rid of it.
  • Other Sims can only join your household if one of your controlled Sim rolls a wish for it. However, any new Sim to join the household will not be burdened by the same restrictions. Essentially, play any new Sim however you like. They are not bound by challenge rules.
  • World Adventures Specific Rules: If both Sims wish to travel, you can take the necessary steps to travel if you have the funds.
  • University Life Specific Rules: If both Sims wish to travel to Uni, you can take the aptitude test for a free action and take the necessary steps to travel to Uni if you have the funds.
  • Into the Future Specific Rules: If both Sims wish to travel to the future, you can take the necessary steps to travel to the future if you have the portal on your lot. You can select what type of future you want to play. You can’t check lottery records unless you roll a wish and even if you do, you can’t purchase a lotto ticket in the past unless you roll a wish.
  • When you reach 50,000 points, you win 1 free day to do whatever you want for a day with that Sim.

How Challenge Points Work

  • Keep track of each Sims’ lifetime happiness points. (I’m using an Excel doc). These count as the challenge points.
  • If your Sim is able to achieve their Lifetime Wish in addition to achieving enough points to purchase the “Young Again” reward, then you can add an additional +500 points to your end game score.

A few thoughts:

  • Your life partners can be spouses, dating partners, siblings, parent-adult child, friends, partners in crime, neighbors or really any relationship you can think of.
  • There’s no limit to the number of Sims working toward this reward. I would suggest 2 is a good number because it’s manageable, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating 3 Sims or more.
  • To make it as evenly matched as possible, pausing frequently is not only recommended, but allowed. When a Sim rolls a wish, pause the game and check with your other Sim(s) to see if they rolled a wish. Initiate steps to achieve a wish with one Sim and then the other, then press play. However, if one Sim rolls a whim and the other does not, initiate steps to achieve the wish for the one Sim, press play, and you’ll have to wait for the other Sim to roll a wish or receive an opportunity.
  • Certain wishes require multi-step actions and/or higher skill levels that your Sim doesn’t have yet or items your Sim doesn’t have. You can pause to make a multi-step plan for your Sim. If your Sim has the funds, you can send them to purchase/locate necessary items.
  • I’m playing this challenge as a single generation (for the moment… I reserve the right to change my mind xD). If you decide you want to play a multi-generational legacy with each generation’s goal to achieve “Young Again” once they become adults or elders, then you…
    • may choose to adopt buckeygirl80’s “try for a baby” substitute ruleYour sim may need a little help starting the next generation. Thus, the ‘try for baby’ substitute rule was born. Substitute the ‘try for baby’ woohoo for regular ‘woohoo’ if your sim has already woo-hooed with that Sim before, and they’ve rolled another wish to woohoo with that Sim.
    • can choose your heir in any way you like. No succession rule restrictions.

Enjoy! Please leave me constructive feedback and/or link back to my blog if you choose to do this challenge, give me credit, and let me know so I can follow along.