SimWorld Fast Facts

SimWorld Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • SimWorld Location: Simterra
  • SimWorld People: Simterran
  • SimWorld Race: diverse skin colors and cultures, but all are called Sims. Sims living in the Sim Nation are called Simmians.
  • SimWorld Language: Simlish
  • Military: Voluntary
  • War: 2 prominent wars known as the First and Second Xeno Wars with an alien race known as Xenosi; currently a cold war between the Xenosi and Simterrans
  • Education: Compulsory K-12; generous government grants for higher education

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Sim Nation (based on America, Mexico, and Canada)

  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: English, Mexsimican, Simcois, and others
  • Race: Simmian, Simnadian, Mexsimican

Championne (based on France)

  • Official Language: Simcois
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simvarian
  • Race: Championite

Deutchsimland (based on Germany)

  • Official Language: Simvarian
  • Other Languages: Simlish, Simcois, Deutch
  • Race: Simvarian, Deutchsim

Helsimi (based on Greece)

  • Official Language: Helsimi
  • Other Languages: Simlish 
  • Race: Helsimic 

Hibernia (based on Ireland)

  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Bernish
  • Race: Simirish, Bernish

Lunula/Luna (Moon Colony)

  • Official Language: Simlish
  • Other Languages: Simvarian, Simshuan, Simadrin, Simpanese, Simcois
  • Race: (varies) Sims officially born on Luna are called Lunites 

Mexsimco (based on Mexico)

  • Official Language: Mexsimican
  • Other Languages: Simspani, Simlish
  • Race: Mexsimi

Sao Paten (based on Venezuala)

  • Official Language: Paten 
  • Other Languages: Mexsimican 
  • Race: Patenese 

Simina (based on China)

  • Official Language: Simadarin 
  • Other Languages: Simanese, Simasi, Simlish 
  • Race: Siman, Simasin

Simpan (based on Japan)

  • Official Language: Simpanese 
  • Other Languages: Simlish 
  • Race: Simpanese 

Simtalia (based on Italy)

  • Official Language: Simtalian
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simtalian

Simtannica (based on Great Britain)

  • Official Language: Simlish 
  • Other Languages: Bernish
  • Race: Simtannican 

Simspania (based on Spain)

  • Official Language: Simspani
  • Other Languages: Simlish
  • Race: Simspanian

Simshua (based on Russia)

  • Official Language: Simshuan 
  • Other Languages: Simkranya
  • Race: Simshuan 


  • Amazóne (descendants of Old World or Earth Amazons who traveled from their destroyed home on Venus to Simterra and settled approximately 1000 years before the arrival of the Sims. SimNatives are descendants of the Amazóne.
  • Ṭirākaṉ (these “aliens” are descendants of the Venusian and Earth dragons, and are supposedly dragon-human hybrids with strange scales on their skin and hulking tattooed bodies, though they can take human form.)
  • Kr’viot (a vampiric alien race banished to their home planet, Kr’v, by a curse and a lost war; they live for thousands of years and are ruled by the Grim Reaper; they are the parent race of vampires)
  • Orbix (a blue-skinned alien race with a militaristic society, but generally peaceful with most other races, lives for 150-200 years; they are the parent race of genies, the jinn).
  • Atlântidans (The Atlântidans originated on ancient Earth, and were known by their country, Atazan (or Atlantis). The technologically advanced Atlântidans left Earth after their land was destroyed in a flood.
  • Xenosi (a hostile, xenophobic, war-mongering, green-skinned alien race that often interferes with the races in the region, nearly immortal; they are the reason for supernatural-Sim hybrids in the system)

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