Kassiopeia Fullbright Story Series (KFSS)


A lot can change in six weeks. Kassiopeia Fullbright knows this full well as she tries to navigate through life and love post high school graduation. When her father returns years after he left the family, Kass isn’t sure what to think, especially when he reveals a “crazy bomb” of a secret. That isn’t the only change Kass has to cope with as she soon learns her mother is dating again, and the man may not be who he says he is. The summer is further compounded with two potential love interests, each offering intriguing possibilities. In the craziness and confusion, Kass finds herself questioning everything and what it all really means – life, love, family, friendship, romance, religion, health, and happiness – as she attempts to prepare for the future. This is a story of a young woman on a journey to discovering who she is and what she can become. This is a story about coming-of-age, of coming into oneself, of owning one’s decisions, of making mistakes, and learning from them, and making mistakes again. This is a story about figuring out what life is all about and finding one’s place among the stars. This is the story of the krazy crazy life of Kassiopeia Fullbright… an adventure awaits. 

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