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This page is dedicated to short stories and half-finished musings written in the realm of the Sims. Sometimes data loss and corruption and life plans leads to stories disappearing into the ether. Their spirit continues on this page.

the story of an introvert and her unique view of the world (Status: Discontinued)

(formerly Introvert’s Guide to the World) 

March 26, 2021 Update: Another story that has been lost along the way is Introvert’s Guide to the World (chapters are still available on my Sim Shorts page as The Continuing Adventures of Aspen Beckett). I’m sorry.  I just don’t feel like recreating the sets and characters for her story/legacy. Maybe someday I’ll do a revamp/rewrite, but not now.

…a life composed of dreams, weaving the unconscious beauty of the soul into the everyday joys of the mundane.

“In a gentle way, you shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

my very first public TS4 story (Status: Discontinued)

November 11, 2017 Update: Unfortunately, I lost this game. I’m sad, but I’m thinking of continuing the concept of a ISBI challenge with my Simself instead so ALOW will have a whole new feel, but I’m abandoning Jenara’s tale. Sorry for the bad news! 

The journey begins with Jenara Yearling (January). Raised by her elderly great aunt, Nova Yearling, Jenara has been independent and self-sufficient since the tragic death of her parents when she was seven. Now with the passing of her great aunt, Jenara has inherited the family home in Oasis Springs, Simvada. Jenara wants to start a family because she has never really had one of her own. She hopes to find love, life, and happiness in her new hometown. Will she find the partner of her dreams and have a houseful of children, providing for future generations to survive and thrive? 

Welcome to Hollidaysburg, where the spirit of Christmas lasts year-round. May your days here be festive and bright!

Hollidaysburg is a festive place to live. It’s Christmas 24/7 – and the beautiful snow-covered city could not be a more perfect place to be for showcasing your holiday spirit. The town is now recruiting shopkeepers for its storefronts. Each position comes with a modest salary and living accommodations available for rent or purchase, typically above the store. There will also be other businesses around town for other Sims to own, rent, or patronize.

Author Note (12/7/2020): (I’ve made a few updates since last I worked on this story. I modified the story. The story features a younger version of Lizzie instead of a different person. It makes more sense. Also I updated places to reflect my current world lore and maintain continuity). 

Author Note 1/27/2022: Sadly, I think this story is for the archives. I just don’t feel inspired to write it anymore. I love the concept and the idea, but I really want to focus on other stories of mine. Home for the Holidays will live on via this Shorts page.

The First Day (Sugar)

Sugar Maple Bough. | Occupation: Produce Specialist at The Corner Market | Residence: Corner Market Studio | Submitted by: CathyTea

 Let’s just say, if it’s an aspiration or a skill, chances are, I’ve completed it. But my real goal is LIFE: to experience living in a variety of situations with a variety of people. What can I contribute to a shop? I’m organized, friendly, outgoing, and assertive. I love to make people feel welcome and appreciated, and, at the same time, I’m not afraid to plum mean behavior in the bud. This makes me an ideal candidate for a position dealing with customers, staff, and suppliers. My philosophy? There’s no such thing as a “bad day,” for every day offers a chance to breathe, learn, and explore together what it means to be alive.

The Second Day, Part 1 (Page)

The Second Day, Part 2 (Page)

Page Turner | Occupation: Librarian at Llama Memorial Library | Residence: Old Fashioned Christmas Home | Submitted by: divanthesimmer

Page loves reading, writing and dreams of becoming a bestselling author one day. She isn’t so young anymore, though, and needs to get those unpublished books out there already! She is an expert on vampire lore and could just be the one to help cure Spencer Goode! Though she doesn’t look or act like it, she’s currently having money problems and doesn’t want to risk getting her books out there and having nobody who wants to read them, so she settles for being a librarian first. It still gives her the chance to be around everything she loves!

The Third Day (Jasper)

Jasper McCumber | Occupation: Professor at University of Hollidaysburg | Residence: A Little Christmas Cottage | Submitted by: Cathy Tea

The Fourth Day, Pt. 1 (Lizzie)

The Fourth Day, Pt. 2 (Lizzie)

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Green | Occupation: Student at University of Hollidaysburg | Residence: Partridge in a Pear Tree Pub in Tea House | Submitted by: Adamseve1231

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Green is stuck in Bayview for winter break, desperately trying to take a credit or two to ensure she is a sophomore next year. She needs to maintain her scholarship. Student housing fell through and she needs a place to stay. Thankfully, a professor from the University of Hollidaysburg graciously opened up her home. Now Lizzie lives above a bar with an eccentric, but kind professor, but what’s up with the goth barkeep in the Partridge in Pear Tree Pub downstairs?

The Fifth Day, Pt. 1 (Merry Bright)

The Fifth Day, Pt. 2 (Merrry Bright)

Merry Melinda Bright | Occupation: Baker at All Things Bright and Beautiful Bakery | Residence: Cottage (whose name I can’t remember and I’ll have to look up XD) | Submitted by: Adamseve1231/livinasimminlife (you can find the Bright Sisters on the Gallery)

Merry Bright is the elder of the Bright twins. A single gal, she took over the family business, All Things Bright and Beautiful Bakery. She’s never really traveled, living her whole life in Hollidaysburg.  It’s been a little lonely. Her twenties have come and gone, and many of her friends have married and have kids or have moved away. She stays focused on her work, enjoying baking sweets, eating a good meal, and watching cooking shows. She’s cheerful by nature, and loves to spread joy and happiness when she can. Her clumsiness occasionally leads to a kitchen mishap or a slip in the snow on her way to work, but she manages. Merry hopes to be a master the culinary arts and try her hand at other kinds of cooking. Maybe her sister’s return will free up some time to take cooking classes or find love.

(Status: Discontinued)

Update: August 19, 2017: I have decided to discontinue this series. I have many other stories I would like to give time to, and frankly, I’ve lost momentum and inspiration for this story. However, I do plan to write something about my Simself adventures again in the future. 

When Lizzie receives an assignment from her teacher to write to a pen pal, she would’ve never guessed her writing buddy was an alien in disguise. While the assignment was only supposed to last a year, Lizzie and ARP-0107X, whom she nicknames Arpeggio, develop and friendship throughout elementary school into their teenage years and adulthood. Arp inserts himself into a family and tries to act like a Sim. The only soul who knows the truth is Lizzie, whom he has never met face to face. Will their alien-Sim friendship stand the test of time? 

…just a blue-eyed smalltown girl by the sea (Status: Discontinued)

Little Miss Deja Blue

January 2, 2020 Update: Sadly my ANDY did not update properly and I lost this game on my phone. Then with the Sims 4 problems I’ve had recently, I’ve also lost the family. 😢 I’ll start again with a new family, but for now, this is going to the Half-Finished Musings section. 

Year 1 

Year 2

Seven strangers come together to survive in the snowy wilderness of Granite Falls during the Christmas holiday.

This story was written for LegacySims2017 as part of a Secret Santa Exchange (December 2018) hosted by Karilan.

The Lost Christmas

stories from San Myshuno

a baby drenched in blood. a tragic loss of life. the choices we make. a dance in a field of flowers. a song without words. (Status: Discontinued)

tales and myths from the Kr’v (Status: On Hiatus)

my submissions for the Sims community’s short story challenges (Status: Complete)