Hi, my livin’a’simmin’life online persona is Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzie. I’m happily married and I’m a cat mama of three. I completed a master’s degree in 2017 and work in the nonprofit field.

TS4 TraitsCreative. Clumsy. Cheerful.

Additional TS4 Traits with Mod: Bookworm. Loves the Outdoors. Perfectionist. 

You can download my Simself here. All I ask is if you feature her in a story of yours that you’d link back to my stuff – Tumblr, WordPress, and/or forums.

Learn more about my TS3 Simself.

What is this blog

This is the home of my collection of ramblings, stories, ideas, challenges, and musings about all things The Sims.

I don't play the sims

 If you don’t play the Sims, you are still welcome to read the stories. While I use the Sims 3/Sims 4 as a tool to tell my stories, if you enjoy reading fiction, you might like it here.

What if I have a question

Oh please, ask away. Leave me a comment below, or connect with me on my other platforms.

What is my SimWorld

From time to time, I’ll mention my Simworld. If you’ve already been following me with Kass’s story, you’ll already be aware of this. If you’re new to this blog or that one, check out details under My Simworld” tab on my other blog including a map, history, religion, politics, military and war, aliens and supernaturals.

what awards have you received

See my awards and honors page on KCLKF. 

personal musings

For non-Sims commentary, other writings, and updates, visit my Personal Musings page.

where else can you find me

Find me on Kass’s story blogon Tumblr under livinasimminlife, and on the forums under Adamseve1231. Download my TS4 Simself

if i could be an animal

If I could be any animal, I would be a cat…

I like my sleep.

I am independent and enjoy my alone time. I am comfortable with spending time with just myself and need time to recharge after being around people.

I still recognize my need for others on occasion – for sustenance and companionship.

I am curious about life in general, and sometimes this gets me into trouble.

I am drawn to the darkness. I like sitting alone in the dark to think. I enjoy the beauty of the night. I enjoy uncovering what is hidden and unknown.