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The Introverts Challenge

Explore the 8 Introverted Personality types in a Sims Legacy Challenge designed by me – livinasimminlife. This challenge is designed for The Sims 4, but could be modified for other Sims games. My rules are based on research from

Disclaimer 1: This challenge includes generalized rules and my interpretation of a personality type. I do not expect all introverts to have these experiences nor do I want to box anyone into a certain role. Feel free to tweak or edit to make your own. All I ask is that you credit me if you decide to take on this challenge by linking back to my blog and letting me know.

Disclaimer 2: I realize the (potential) controversial nature of Myers-Briggs personality types, and how many people view this study as a pseudoscience. You’re entitled to your opinion. This is just for a fun story and challenge.

Recommended Resources:; Introvert, Dear

My Stories: Introvert’s Guide to the World

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The Traitacy Challenge

Create a legacy using all the “traits” in TS3 (epic length) or TS4 (moderate length). Each generation features a different highlighted trait. This is not an original challenge by me, but I’ve tweaked the rules for my game/story.

Original Challenge Rules: The Official Traitacy Site (TS3)

My Stories: Colt Family Traitacy