Letter #2: Baked with Love (LFL)

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To: sully.s@gselementaryletterexchange.edu

From: elizabeth.s@mselementaryletterexchange.edu 

Subject: Baked With Love 


Dear Arpeggio,

Your teacher, Mr. Royce, said your name is Sully, but I prefer to call you Arpeggio. It is most fitting for you, I think. I don’t care for Mr. Royce’s stern correction of me. We’re kids. We can have nicknames.

Sometimes I give myself a secret nickname. I imagine myself a Mary. Isn’t Mary a beautiful name?

Since this is the email copy of your letter, Mr. Royce won’t see this. And Mr. Belt, my teacher, won’t either. It can be our secret. I don’t even have to write in compelteplete sentences. I could write gibberish. xymnksldnalknfdlkhnlofeihaoiuwyrlkncvf,amn  sldkjaldkjs. 🙂

I have not heard from you yet. I hope you got my last letter. I enjoyed our chat on Sim-ype. I hope you are doing good. I hope you haven’t change d your mind about a girl pen-pal. I haven’t. I think you’re cool.


Today somerthing sad happened. Today my mommy came home. Most little girls would be happy to see their mommy, but I’m not.


My sister, Lilee stomped upstairs so loud we could hear her boots through the floor. Daddy said she sounded like a herd of elephants. I’m proud of myslef. I can spell e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t. I got the word right on my spelling test. Then she turned on her music and danced. She dances a lot. She says it makes her feel better.


My sister, Lexie went upstairs too, but she was quiet. She shut her door and I’m pretty sure I ocould hear her crying. Sorry for the typos. I’m bad at them sometimes.


My mommy came home. We haven’t seen her in a long time. Daddy said she had to go away to a place to get better. A place away from us. Then she came back a year ago in Simpril. I remembner. It was around my birthday. She came all back and took my little brother. Today she came all back and brought my little brother home. His name is Logan. I think I told you that.

She and Daddy argued in the rain in the backyard. Do your mommy and daddy argue? Mine do. I thought it was silly since it was raining, but they didn’t seem to care. Daddy seemed mad at Mommy. I would be too. I don’t know why. I just would.

My little brother, Logan was swinging on the swings in the rain. Daddy and Mommy let him. I never get to swing in the rain. It sounds like fun. I like rain. Do you?

I am surprised Daddy let him. Our backyard fence isn’t done yet and Daddy said it needs to be put up before we can really swing.


After a long time, Logan came inside and sat on the couch in our living room in the dark. He didn’t turn on a light. Not one lamp. He just sat in the dark and stared. I think he’s sad. He’s sad about Mommy. She’s leaving again. I heard her tell Daddy that. She takes pictures all over the world for a job. I don’t understand. If Daddy has a job, why does she need one?

Lexie tells me I’m silly. Lilee laughs at me. Mommies have jobs, they say. Mommies make money. gROWN-up Ladies like having work. 

I wonder what kind of work Lexie will do or Lilee when they are grownups. I know what I’ll do. I will be a writer. I like writing. Mr. Belt tells me I’m good. So does Daddy. I tell good stories. I hope you like my stories, Arpeggio.


I talked to Logan. He is sad. He tells me he doesn’t like it when mommy and daddy shout. I don’t eitehr. It’s hard. I gave him a hug. Hugs make lots of things better and pain go away. That’s what Daddy says. I hope you get lots of hugs, Arpeggio. Hugs are good.


You know what else makes you feel better? Cookies. Homemade cookies. I like to bake chocolate chip cookies. I told Logan I would bake with him. He thought it sounded like a good idea. I told him to get the eggs out of the fridge. Sorry I can’t spell refrigejeraytur… wow… that looks like a foriegn word or something.


We get sugar. Two kinds. The brown and the white. And a mixing bowl. And eggs and butter. And honey. Mmm… honey. Do you like Simmie the Pooh? I love those stories about the bear and his friends in the 100 Aker Wood. Simmie the Pooh loves his honey pots. 🙂

We get chocolate. Daddy keeps the chocolate in a special box that’s chocolate brown and wrapped in abow. We can only use it for special occations. I think this is special enough. Logan agrees. We mix everything up, and I almost forgot the important stuff. The stuff that makes the cookies rise when they bake in the oven. Logan stood on a chair and turned the oven on for me. We got those special mitts that you put over your hands, like gloves in the winter at Christmastime when it’s snowing. Do you have snow there?


When we are done, Logan asked me if we could play dress-up. I said, of course. It is fun to dress up. I go to my room and get all my dress up clothes from the box. I pulled my hair up and wear a flower crown. It is pretty with pink buds.

Logan makes me a paper necklace with all the colored paper he can find. He makes himself a paper crown out of orange paper like Royal Burger gives out, and then he makes himself a paper necklace. He glued a catsup cup to the end from Royal Burger.

He decided orange is a royal color so I put on a orange shirt and my funny skirt that my sister Lilee made for me once. She patched a bunch of pieces of fabric all over it. I put on a brown cape. Really it’s my teddy bears blanket, but no one needs to know. 🙂

I wore my purple butterfly socks since my feet were cold, but I put on my brown dressup high heels. They make me feel grown up.

Logan put on his orange shirt and tied some kind of cardboard to his chest. He says it’s to protect him from arrows. We stood on the chairs in the dining room and set our cookies on the table.


I accidentally poked myself in the eye with my magic wand. Or septer. It kinda hurt, but a cookie made me feel better.


Logan was happy I played with him. He enjoyed my storytelling. I hope you did too.


Well, this is the storyof my life so I don’t know if it’s all that ineresting, but I hope it is to you. You know what? Cookies and dressup was fun. It made Logan happy. It made him forget all about our mommy being mean. And Daddy liked the cookies too. It made him smile. But he was upset we didn’t have my sisters sup-sup-sup- watch us. I can’t say that big word. I don’t know how to spell it. Lexie ate a cookie. She stopped crying. Lilee didn’t want one. She said they would make her fat. Daddy corrected her and told her that was silly. She ate the cookie.

I wish I could send you a cookie in the email, but I can’t. What’s your favorite kind? Hope to hear from you soon.

❤ Lizzie

Author’s Note: Sorry it’s been so long since an update. I finally got around to loading my Simself family on this version of my TS3 game. I left in the typos and spelling errors for authenticity. After all, Lizzie is only 9. I switched the letter to the e-version of it since that gives me a little more freedom in writing. I hope you enjoyed.

All names and many of the details have been changed to protect the “real” people in my life.

P.S. Here’s an additional funny #simsgonewrong pic. After “Mommy” dropped off Logan, she went to protest at City Hall and somehow ended up here on the water.


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    cathytea said:
    October 21, 2016 at 10:03 am

    I really love this ! This is such a great series !

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