How the Berries Came to Be

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Hello everyone, I decided to do a berrie lore post (and yes, I spell it with an ‘e’ since it looks awesome that way). I should’ve known better than to say maybe someday… haha! I spent the past week working on this post. It was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy!

Berries have been around in the Simming community for a long while. I drew inspiration for lore and concepts from the following sources: Beginner’s Guide to Berry Simming, Sweet or Sour Berry Legacy Challenge, Tainnoodles’ Fairy Floss Universe, Berry Sweet Boutique, and the TS3 story Colourcaste.

Recently, I had a really fun (for us) conversation with my spouse about time zones, polar ice caps, and longitude and latitude and the differences between Simterra and Earth (or Old Eorthe as Sims would say). Like for example, SimNation (modeled on the US and Canada) is actually where Asia is on our map, and the Sim Union (Europe) is where the U.S. and Canada would be. Also our Northern Pole has no landmass beneath it, and the South Pole does. On Simterra, the reverse is true. The South Pole is a huge ocean and the north is comprised of ocean and continent.

That’s how the worldbuilding works for me. It happens in spurts and random conversations. I’ve slowly been building out Fae culture with a friend of mine offline, but I was missing one critical piece. How they are uniquely different from the other races and species.

Typically, worldbuilding happens organically for me. I begin crafting the world and the lore with stories… like Nilla’s story sparked this idea of berries defining the culture for my race/species of (supernatural) fairies. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to skip these kinds of posts. My head canon and info dump needs to go somewhere. Haha. I’m not expecting you all the geek out/nerd out over stats/details as much as me.

Brightly colored Sims in my games/stories (up to this point) are few and far between. The Kr’v, a vampiric alien species, who live in my SimVerse have a reddish-orange skin tone and a greyish-black skintone, depending on their race. The Xekzoi, a xenophobic matriarchal alien species, are naturally green-skinned, and their cousin race, the Orbix, are blue-skinned. The sim’jinn descendants of the Orbix, are also bluish. The Plantae (PlantSims) are green by nature of being plant-technology/plant-sim hybrids. Okay so I actually do have more colorful Sims than I thought. 😅

Since I recently launched my Berry Harvestables Legacy challenge, I am excited to start featuring berry/berrie Sims. That got me thinking about berry/berrie lore or “color” lore. I have read rainbowcy and berry stories before, and I like a lot of the established lore. Now I’m putting my own spin on it – bringing berries to Simterra and the Daleth System. 🙂

In my SimVerse, berries/fairies are related to an alien species, The Saturs. These aliens are inspired by the creative and colorful world Saturenorn created by a talented group of Simmers, living on their homeworld of Saturenorn.  Saturs are a nature-loving faerie species with a powerful connection to the nine elements. They primarily live on the icy world of Saturenorn, shared with the Norns, the parent race of enchanters/mages (a.k.a. witches and warlocks) and other alien species. The Saturs currently have the most active relationship with their “child race” or human-alien hybrid race, the Fae. (I’ll do a post on Saturs and Norns someday soon too). 

One last thing – how to describe the Fae quickly?? Taken directly from my handwritten notes:

The Fae are a brightly colored, diverse species living in breathtakingly beautiful plains, valleys, and mountains, with advanced manufactured and divine technology and steampunk/Victorian cultural ideals, a fierce desire to protect nature and people, and semi-zealous beliefs in their superiority.

Head on over to my Simterra Tales blog to continue reading about these berries – where they come from, how their societies work, their “technical” names based on their clans, and my real-world language inspiration for the terms. Also I recommend reading the companion piecean overview of fae terminology – just so you don’t get lost.

An Intro to Berries Lore

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