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Here I am again starting yet another story. I have a disease… a curse??… an addiction to starting new Sims stories. This is the perfect challenge for me because I consistently follow my “whims” and play what I want and write when I feel like it.

The very first Sims story/challenge I ever did was “whims based.” It was sadly abandoned shortly after starting because I lost my game to corruption. Now in 2021, I’m older, wiser…maybe?, more tech savvy, and know way too much about modding and fixing my Sims’ games. Plus I’m more adept at BACKING UP MY SAVES.

I’ve been wanting to do a “holiday” or “yearly” style generational challenge. Every generation will follow a different month of the year. I also did this with the very first Sim I ever played in TS4 – Jenara. This time I’m starting with a the daughter of Summer Holliday (with two L’s because it’s cool). Everyone has their own way of handling whims and directing Sims. Here’s what I plan to do a.k.a. THE RULES. I’m looking forward to the random elements so I don’t play the Sims the way I always do, and I allow my Sims to fail… like IRL.

In order to do a whims-based gameplay challenge, I will be using a million mods. For some reason EA stopped updating whims, which makes me sad, because I love the whims-system. One mod I absolutely do NOT play without that’s related to whims is bienchen’s Whims Overhaul (you have to scroll to get to the mod link and/or do a page search to find it). I highly recommend any of bienchen’s mods – these mods enhance gameplay and expand Sims’ personalities dramatically so they all feel different and unique. Whims Overhaul specifically adds whims for all the expansions, game, and stuff packs that EA abandoned in 2018 (*side-eying you EA*). This mod also increases the likelihood of “family-based” whims, which is useful for this type of gameplay challenge so we actually move beyond one generation. Bienchen also puts all mods into one convenient download every time there’s an update!! Click here for my mod suggestions based on gameplay or in general.

The game generated such a unique and beautiful looking Sim. I love her! She’s a beautiful blend of her parents. I only added eyelashes and a skin detail and I edited the shade of eyeshadow (because EA does makeup so bold and over-the-top)

Let’s meet Azure Holliday…

Age: 21
I play with aging off and decide when it feels right to ‘age up’ my Sims. However, I do add a ‘birthday’ to the calendar for them with the ‘Party Spirit’ tradition.

Birthday: May 26
Since this is the first generation, I am picking her birthday. In future generations, they will follow the calendar year. Also I went in and set up the calendar as I always do based on where my Sims live. Sulani is located in the Southern isles off the coast of Ur-Nena in my Simworld. I gave the world a series of holidays similar to the U.S. with Pacific Islander vibes and did some research on Samoan and Tongan holidays also for added realism/flavor.

Star Sign: Cancer
Based on snowii95’s traits mod. I’ve tried multiple star sign mods, and I like snowii95’s the best!

Pronouns: She/her

Traits (rolled at random either in CAS or with a set of dice)

Aspiration: Beach Life (determined by location)

Career: None (must whim to receive a career)

Uni Degree: Biology Degree with Honors (rolled at random)

Skills: None (must whim to raise skills)

Relationships: Azure’s parents never married. Summer Holliday (yes, the Summer) didn’t feel like she needed a piece of paper to prove they were in love. She’s remained with the same partner for over 23 years. Her interests are wellness (yoga specifically), swimming, and working out in the gym. Azure’s dad, Lee Ward is a laid-back kind-of guy with a love of cooking, eating, hanging in the hot tub, and movies. Summer and Lee currently reside in Mt. Komorebi, where Summer owns a gym and Lee reviews restaurants for a living. Azure also has a maternal aunt, Crystal (Summer’s adopted sister), who resides in Forgotten Hollow and is a gothic romance novelist.

She is stunning! So different from what I usually do in CAS.

Likes/Dislikes (Preferences): rolled at random to get these preferences, and then picked a few that made sense based on her choices

  • Likes Blue and Green / Dislikes Brown
  • Likes Black Hair / Dislikes Green/Red Hair
  • Likes Alternative and Island Music / Dislikes Pop and Winter Holiday Music
  • Likes Freckles and Hats / Dislikes Makeup on Potential Partners
  • Likes Hipster style (okay, let’s see who’s hip on the island) / Dislikes Goth, Rock, and Punk style
  • Likes heavy set / Dislikes light weight
  • Likes brown eyes / Dislikes green eyes
  • Likes clear masculine voices / Dislikes sweet feminine voices
  • Likes Hawaiian pizza / Dislikes cheese pizza
  • Likes Swim Wear / Dislikes Cold Weather Wear
  • Likes Fitness, and Nature / Dislikes Science, Film, and Literature
  • Prefers Showers (waterfall here we come) / Dislikes Baths
  • Her hobbies are swimming, photography, and guitar (I’m thinking underwater photography might be interesting to pursue).
  • She dislikes computers, phones, and TV (based on technophobe trait).
  • Attracted to long hair / Dislikes bald look
  • Interested in Nature and Survivalism / Not interested in Technology or News
  • Loves to hang out at the beach / Dislikes hanging out at retail outlets
  • Likes Island Décor / Dislikes Contemporary Décor
Arnie’s Better Maps mod is stunning! 😘

For this challenge, I’m playing in isleroux’s save file. It’s a gorgeous world with custom clubs and backstories and the world feels so rich and alive. Perfect! Just the way I like to play. This also saves me time going through and creating all these pieces myself.

I did make some major changes to Sulani just for the sake of this story. There weren’t enough ‘community’ lots. I like to play where my Sims don’t travel between worlds easily so I prefer to try and play within a single world completely for full immersion. I might run into some issues down the line or occasionally travel elsewhere, but it’ll be based on whims and story direction.

I’ve also gone through and added CC eyelashes (a huge pet peeve of mine) and skin details to the Sims, and maybe tweaked their outfits a smidge and added body hair for the males. I’ve also edited a few of the homes to add more clutter (and on a few occasions, I redid coloring and design inside).

I love this little home!!

Here is Azure’s new home. I basically gutted and redid Scheinheilig1603’s Sulani Pineapple Plantation for this game. The original lot is on the Gallery and is lovely by itself. I added plenty of clutter to make it feel more homey and “lived in” and authentic, and added some content to the outside of the home. I’ll start by playing “off the grid.” Azure is a technophobe and a green thumb so a little off-the-grid pineapple farm will be a good fit for her. Recently I was playing in the world and realized how much I loved it. I am looking forward to playing out the challenge in the beautiful world of Sulani. I’m already multiple days in and it’s already so unexpected and different from my usual gameplay. Hahah!

And there you have it. Azure Holliday – Gen 1 – Throw Caution to the Whim. In the next chapter, I’ll do some set-up and start playing. Let’s hear from you. What do you think of Azure? Have you tried a whims challenge before?

5 thoughts on “Throw Caution to the Whim…

    Shadami said:
    March 13, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    I’d been looking at that whims mod but hadn’t decided if it was good or not because I don’t know enough about mods. With your advice/enjoyment of it; I am definitely going to add it after all!


      livinasimminlife responded:
      March 13, 2022 at 6:25 pm

      Good luck. Yes, it’s a really fun set of mods. I’ve been enjoying how much more personality my Sims seem to have. Thanks for reading.


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    January 27, 2022 at 12:07 am

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    cathytea said:
    January 26, 2022 at 9:56 am

    Neat! This looks so fun! I’ll enjoy seeing how it develops.

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